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  • rashenree 14w

    Inside the male
    Inside the female

    Both male and female
    And yet none

    Inside the white
    Inside the black

    Both black and white
    And yet none

    Inside tangible form
    Inside subtle form

    Both tangible and subtle
    And yet none

    Inside it all

    Inside both sides of opposites
    Inside all sides of everything

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  • rashenree 20w

    In moments of most allowance
    The Silent Light beams itself forth,
    Sweeping through its conduits

    And even beyond conscious knowledge
    Actions are orchestrated

    Messages delivered
    And Presence witnessed

    So that, in those moments,
    The conduit be's not
    But The Light


  • rashenree 23w

    The world would not understand
    That real Lovers don't go looking for Love

    They know that they are Love
    They know that Love can't be given, or taken
    Only experienced

    They know that they can't fall in Love
    Because being in Love to them means rising,

    Rising from the ashes of not being Love
    Of hate, and war, and the illusions of Separation from all that is

    Real Lovers know that Love is the essence of the entire Universe
    They know that Love is the core of their fvcking being

    And so they look for it inside themselves
    Where it truly lies

    They confront the scars that many others would rather blind themselves to
    They tenderly heal the wounds inflicted by the unconscious world
    And they once and for all tear the veil of falsehood

    And this way
    They travel inside themselves,
    Journeying and journeying

    Until they reach the Eternal Ocean
    The Eternal Ocean of Unconditional Love
    that dwells within all

    And once they swim inside

    Love surely surrounds them all over
    Here, there, and everywhere

    For it is law,
    that we attract what we are
    Never what we seek outside

    Once we are real Love
    Real Love is what we get

    The world would really not understand

    #pod #oceanofLove #love #selflove #spirituality
    #wod #first

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    We are Love


  • rashenree 24w

    We are
    But Pieces of Peace
    Peacefully pieced together

    May our
    Not be
    In pieces



  • rashenree 27w

    I sit into my rocking chair
    And look out to the mountains

    The fog in the air is dense
    But I can see the mountain peaks
    appearing above the clouds of white

    The coffee mug in my hands is warm
    And the wind is freezing,
    howling over the view

    My chair begins rocking
    And I feel easy
    But I'm scared

    Not terrified
    Just... Troubled

    What if it all goes wrong

    I mean, I know what I know
    What I don't know
    How could I know

    How could I trust
    What I don't know

    The unknown is dangerous
    It must be

    Uncertainty is poison

    That's strength,
    And confidence

    So how could I step
    Where I can't see

    How could I sail
    Waters unchartered

    to be fair
    The Wise One did say

    That to be wise
    Is to be foolish

    It is to know
    that you know not

    So it could be
    That I am all wrong

    That it's all wrong
    This fear

    That the unknown
    Is where growth awaits

    That unchartered waters
    Is where fish abound

    Could I trust
    That the unknown is welcoming?

    Could I have faith
    And step where there is no step?
    While trusting
    The step to show up?

    That's the real question

    I sip my coffee.

    #pod #poetry #wod @miraquill

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    Could I Trust


  • rashenree 29w

    Diversity of race, faith, culture and orientation, is all meant to teach Unconditional Love
    to Free Spirits


  • rashenree 33w

    A thing has no face

    It has no name

    It has no body

    And yet all bodies are its own

    It has no being

    And yet all being is its own

    It cannot be seen

    And yet It sees

    It is but a Subtle Presence

    There, but...

    Always hidden

    Always Veiled

    A thing this thing
    Is not even a thing

    For to call it a thing would be to name it
    And it has no name

    #pod #philosophy

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    No Name


  • rashenree 33w

    The best and only way to change the world is to let it change itself
    Because it's already doing that
    Because it's always doing that


  • rashenree 35w

    The observable Universe is but a tip of the iceberg
    Energy and matter are but a fraction of the Whole
    Diverse Beingness is but an expression of the Divine.

    A window to see through,
    And a platform to landmark a journey

    A journey of eternal expansion


  • rashenree 35w

    It's about me
    And always how I feel

    Not what he says
    What she says

    Not what's outside
    What's in here

    Not what they believe
    What I know

    Never all energies
    What's my energy

    Never their guidance
    What's my guidance

    Never a responder
    I'm a Transponder

    Because always,
    It's about me
    And how I feel

    And I wanna feel good
    I sure wanna feel great

    So towards my bliss,
    I'm Gravitating

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