it's ok, not to be ok

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  • ratha_virus 78w

    Thank you for all ur appriciations
    And time!!!!
    Hopefully I'll be back!
    Cz for me, mirakee is not just an app
    But an emotion( can't get rid of)
    8 or 9 months.. too much!! ������

    If I come back... that'll be a feast for me!!!
    I'll have a lot to read! ����

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    It's just one month and few more days
    I spent here, still a newbie
    But I thought to leave,
    As my dream needs me urgently!

    Love u mirakeans! ❤


  • ratha_virus 78w


    Why am I to write a poem?
    A shrill voice heard inside me.
    I never share my writings with others
    Cause there was no appreciation

    "Is it my fault?
    To be born in a conventional society
    I'm a girl,
    Had only two choices
    Study or marry,
    I'm oppressed by the society,
    And suppressed from the inside "

    Only mom, saw my poem once
    What she said?
    Just "mmm"
    Approved? I don't know!
    But that was all the solace I could muster.

    Just an avid feeling,
    I took a deep breath,
    And asked my self,
    Am I a POETESS ?
    well... no, but,
    I WILL BE !


    PS: I wrote this on behalf of my frd

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    Perhaps I'm stronger
    Than I think

  • ratha_virus 78w

    #BP #you never know ����
    #black pink #BTS
    #big bang #exo

    The spot light is really hot
    To stand alone with a fake smile
    The brighter the light gets
    The longer my shadows go

    Drawning in isolation every single minute,
    Someone stole my sleep and ran away.
    Diving into deep water of loneliness
    I hear someone calling,
    may be the god of death

    Rather than people
    My pillow knows all my stories
    Rather than camera, people
    Capture the weirdness in me

    All those strangers saying they know
    What it feels like to be this type of person
    Stop saying it already, I bet
    You have no idea what I'm going through

    Cz, you'll never know
    Unless you walk in my shoes
    You'll never know all
    About my tangled strings
    Cz everybody sees what they wanna see
    And it's easier to judge me than to believe

    It makes no sense earning alot
    It makes no sense being highly secured
    I've heard enough of the things I'm not
    And wonder....
    For what I'm now.. !


    Ps: 5th para... copy rights belongs to
    YG entertainment, South Korea

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  • ratha_virus 78w

    Growing cells in my head
    Counting the days for death
    Thoughts are blowing
    Words are flowing.
    Can't speak!
    Under ventilation
    Inside a burning sensation
    Eyes wide awake, tears full.
    Can't wipe
    Rather the pain of the tumor
    Pressing down my nerve
    Rather the pain of tumor
    Hurting on my bone
    I feel numb, heart's aching
    I look around
    There's no shoulder to lean on
    No hands to wipe off
    My endless tears!
    they no longer need me
    No colours I can give on their paintings
    I'm with my self, simply a waste!

    one life, all I Realized !
    All I dreamt, lost in front of my eyes
    Dear death, soon take me,
    the last hope is only thee!

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    Dear CANCER,
    I hope one day you
    Are just a zodiac sign


  • ratha_virus 79w

    Six series of hate...
    Last but not least, he bursts
    How, one can be this much heroic?
    Literally no one but one and only
    SNAPE ��

    My favourite scene and lines from HP movie!

    Đūmbłēđorè -- after all this time, Severus?
    Śnãpè--- always!

    Even if it's a 100th watch
    Literally I cry! In Snape's memory recalling scene

    Snape ---- you got ur mother's eyes ����❤

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  • ratha_virus 79w

    Wishes from a sister, to all my siblings
    I don't know how many of u celebrate it
    But, for the ppl who are celebrating it...
    Put the phone away for just one day, talk to ur family.. frz.. ur loved ones... make them smile!
    And see in the end of the day, will technology pay them to u???

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    In a busy world we move on,
    Just take a second and look,
    How much we are losing every second
    The love, care, friendship!
    Spend time with ur beloved one
    Atleast on a festival day


  • ratha_virus 79w

    #heartsaysc #creativearena
    #witersbay #heart
    #women , #genuine_readers


    Core in the chest
    Lie a small heart
    Numerous detained veins of love
    Of her with him, torn apart
    With his demise on the battlefield

    Paused! Predicament,
    Empress,wanted to be hailed,
    Veiled her face with fake feelings
    The war, tormented her,
    To hear the mewling of the one in the womb

    Unnoticed! Hideous look,
    Grostesque clothes, covering
    The bleeding ground, her belly.
    Heart's already wounded so hard!
    Hard to face the plethora of mortals.
    Unknown malisons spat on her face
    Heart's aching with the dilemma,
    Whether the child? Or die?

    One man army, the mother!
    Most difficult battlefield, her womb
    Opponents are ruthless,
    Poking her stained heart,
    Coronary arteries torn apart,
    Blood sheds without a clot
    Gash, chiseled
    It's the most painful aciurgy!

    No knives that shred. But the
    Society's poker cards piercing,
    And tasting the blood of helpless!
    Lesions are about to tear
    Veins are the hawsers that grasp it

    Infront of the ordnance of mouths of society
    Don't know, to whom she should whine
    Feelings bottled up flowing
    All over the cold body with blood
    Mouth, sealed. Eyes, closed!
    The truth is unknown,
    Until the maimed heart speaks!

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    Maimed heart


  • ratha_virus 80w


    Voice into alphabets

    Prison gates are opened, I wondered.
    My eyes, used to be in dark, snubs when seeing the light!
    Fresh air of freedom all I breath

    I don't know the exact day or time.
    While walking, someone shouted "can I come with you?", but I rebuffed for my own goodness.
    Bare legs on the grass, chill land and the chill ness passed through my nerves bones and veins and ceased at my heart. An avid freshness, I felt.

    I'm able to move my hand freely out of my nerve problem. Loosen hair. No more people to comment on me, about my attire, my hair, my decisions or anything about me, as I have walked a very long distance from my past. I'm alone, but I felt happy,
    For no more ordinances of the crucial society I should follow, no more cast differentiation, colour discrimination, no more deathly rules

    I remembered saying about me to people, some laughed, some shocked, "you are just a little girl."
    Of course I'm little but the most bitter truth is I'm a girl, right?
    A girl who is oppressed by the society.
    A society which has no logic, on teaching one to become what they like apart from her dreams, desires and talents.
    But I'm lucky, as I'm saved from being a wife to some unknown stupid consort, as I'm now on my own

    Long away from past, This is a new world, I met.
    Unknown people, unknown language, unknown culture. Infront, I'm just like a newly born baby.
    Where I can start my new life, competing with my
    Sorrows of loneliness conquering with my happiness of departure, living on with my own dreams and desires, where I can use my talents to thrive hard to live. Made my mind..... I'm the only responsibility to me

    Happy, when this 5 minute happiness in dreaming this, come true....
    It's all my dream, no technology or money or relationship, I yearn for...but a life which I could live
    As truly me.
    Its all the dream of every agonizing girl in conventional societies, every woman in the world where no equality is felt even it's said

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  • ratha_virus 80w


    Losing my golden grannie!

    It's just a melancholic longing
    The absence felt in suffering
    With trauma,
    Your care, your love
    Your scream in your deathbed
    While Thinking, tears shed
    Years are passing
    With bittersweet memories
    With pessimism of life
    I have choosen saudade


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  • ratha_virus 80w

    What it feels for the earth to see the moon
    Revolving around another's fields
    What it feels for a violin to see its bow
    Making tune on another's stings!
    Infront of my eyes is you,
    I feel the same as they do
    I don't know how to love you
    But, I hardly love you


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    I'm soo sick of this
    Fake love