Burn everything you love Then burn the ashes

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  • ray_avence_ 5w

    They took the wheel
    And then they drove me crazy
    Got me reminiscin'
    Prescriptions like a doctor
    Never been a patient

  • ray_avence_ 5w

    "I was wrong, kindness is pointless"
    ~Shuu Ouma

  • ray_avence_ 8w

    I smiled, I trusted, I loved, I laughed, I talked

    I realized

  • ray_avence_ 12w

    Anger is better than tears
    Better than guilt
    Better than grief

    Better than sorrow
    Better than pain
    Better than betrayal

    And I will always be angry

  • ray_avence_ 24w

    You are just pathetic *sigh*

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    "Your hatred towards me compensate for the envy you feel looking at my perfect self"

  • ray_avence_ 60w

    "Beautiful silence
    Beautiful pain
    We're only human
    We're meant to dream

    Lost in a life
    Full of mistakes
    We do what feels right
    Then fall with No grace

    Chased by the sun
    Escaping flat lines
    Dreams are a curse
    Wake up you're alive."

    Song : Devil on my shoulder
    Artist : Faith Marie

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  • ray_avence_ 60w


  • ray_avence_ 60w