Amayra sharma- pen name loves to write , read , listen music , and to dance

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  • reality_known 3w

    Who am I?

    Life is so unique
    Each moment i have choices to pick
    Life is still so cliche
    It can change within a single switch
    It isn't what it appears
    There is nothing which i fear
    I feel there is something more
    Why only I am all over sore
    There is something which makes me different
    Something which is much more than it is meant
    Sometimes I am unique, Sometimes I am not
    I can't understand what am I and what am I not
    I need to but I can't sort
    I want myself at me to snort
    I don't have any reasons left to buy
    I want to know who am I?

  • reality_known 3w

    The personifying rage

    i know the fault is mine
    but even u are standing like a pine
    just try to understand the situation
    it was dangerous nd i'd had to use caution
    i knew what i did was not right
    but even i was stuck clear nd bright
    i didn't wanted to lie to u
    but can u please understand the situation though
    i know u are clever but u r still hurt
    i am sorryyy but i hope u always mirth
    i m going away from u
    because u might  not be  wanting my friendship or so
    at least i am happy i tried
    i am sorry if u cried
    i thought u will be able to understand by your mind of age
    but right now all i can feel is the personifying rage.....

  • reality_known 3w


    remember u said to never talk with you and leave u alone but now after 5 years we've met again and nahh i am not begging u to talk with me instead u are here to talk with me

    Everyone's time come after a point dear

  • reality_known 3w


    life is a intricate design created by god and made by  the person themselves

  • reality_known 4w

    A part of my soul

    Everyone in this world seems to apart
    It is familiar because it is a part
    A part of my life , A part of my soul
    A part of me , As a part of my toll
    I don't seem to mind it
    Somewhere it withers me,somewhere it lit
    With words and emotions , I don't fumble
    But at some point ,from a cliff I have stumble
    Its clear as the moonlight
    Nature gives me peace as I take a flight
    I have slide and glide in my life
    Nothing less it would suffice
    Every situation on my dish seems a garnish
    But i am proud I didn't let it get me tarnish
    I am happy it happened
    From a burn to a cooling sensation turned.

  • reality_known 4w

    Is it love or loathe??

    I loved u but u loathed me
    I healed u in everyway but u broke me
    all i know right now is that it was all fake
    And i was surely a fool to put my life for u at stake
    u didn't left me but i left u
    because i realised u never deserved me though
    Your plan with my enemies got failed
     i am happy that my the ship of my mind finally sailed
    Those beautiful memories of u and me
    i will never forget them as they are precious to me
    not because u are in them
    bcoz they tell me my mistakes of a gem
    I know i still love u so much
    but i know u don't deserve none as such
    I know you don't regret at all
    but now even if i love u , i 'll be happy for ur fall
    i know you are not ready to repent
    of course you can eat your own child like a serpent
    i don't hate u but i loathe u surely
    i despise your existence and guts purely
    u left me with my broken heart going afar
    its time for revenge my dear as everything is fair in love and war
    Its not what u did to me but what u deserve
    trust me even a fruit gets rotten when for a long time preserved
    Its your time to face the end of your story
    I 'll be at the end to put you in misery nd to escort u to hell in full glory

  • reality_known 4w

    I's have to do

    I am changing and breaking my shell
    I am stopping the inevitable bcoz i know i'll fell
    fell on my kness or maybe flat on floor
    my cheeks dampened and my mouth sour
    i don't want to repeat my mistakes again
    i don't want a whirlwind of vehemence and pain again
    its not that i am afraid
    its because i know who will heavily be paid
    I know my rebellion will cause a whole lot of problems
    but i know i have my all principles and emblems
    for once i am gonna be a selfish person
    for only once i am gonna take a single sided decision
    I know it will hurt them N'd maybe broke them too
    but i know i have to because i'd have to do too
    i know what they will think
    but i know i have to do it before i blink
    i know it will break my link
    i know it will kinda sink
    i 've realised they are some genuine true friends
    but i know even years of childhood friendship has their ends...

  • reality_known 4w

    Erase them

    memories all coming down the lane
    its happening as if i am watching from a window pane
    these are what today made me insane
    all the time questioning myself me being even sane
    flashbacks of each and every chapter surrounding me all around
    like earth is rotating in full speed but i am stuck at a point in the ground
    those all harsh memories brings my insufferable pain back
    it was all stored in a part of my mind in a sack
    after remembering them tears are streaming down my face
    i can control them but i don't want to , that's the case
    i am crying like crazy
    tears are so much that my vision is hazy
    i am screaming and begging god to get me out of there
    i don't know how but to make me free of this sphere
    those actions , hate , fakeness towards me
    those memories still gives me goosebumps u see
    i am not crying but tears are continously flowing
    i am trying to overcome the waves of my past by rowing
    i have already move on from my past
    but i guess they are still on my mind at last
    those wounds still are there on my heart , soul nd mind
    there scars are always gonna make me bind
    in every sense i have punished them
    but those memories of past.....can i please erase them??


  • reality_known 4w

    random thoughts 3

    no matter how much broken u are.....never drown yourself in self pity and never punish someone who doesn't deserve it

  • reality_known 4w

    Random thought 2

    Just a mere thought , talk or visit of our loved ones is enough to bring a big smile of happiness , and new memories.

    I know each and everyone has their own problems. Noone in this world is happy always bcoz if their is happiness then there is also sadness. but what will happen when we reminisce our old happy memories and relive them just to have a smile , positive thoughts , and motivation to go on. I think we only need motivation and positivity in life to go on.....