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  • recluse 85w

    In ankhon mein,
    Kabhi neend basti hai toh kabhi sapne
    Un sapnon main ek sapna tumhara bhi hai
    Par itna kareeb nahi hai wo abhi,
    Ankhein palak jhapka leti hai,
    Aur tum beech main aa jate ho,
    Fir ek sapna bankar.

  • recluse 85w

    She is there, living,
    looking for things that still has life
    And the reason to live for,
    She is there,
    But not waiting or wanting
    For you to see her,
    She is there,
    And she will be there
    Smiling and shattering
    At the same time.

  • recluse 85w

    She will never ask you to bring her moon and stars from the sky,
    But just your hand holding hers when you both look at them together.
    You see, she is a simple girl, who dreams these little things which are big enough for her and she wish for them to come true someday.

  • recluse 86w

    Only if i knew,
    That these forever also end,
    I would have hugged you longer
    Everytime we met, living my forever in those moments.

  • recluse 86w

    Soft music makes your heart dance to go back to those feelings with someone again, old or new doesn't matter.

  • recluse 86w

    I don't want my whole life to revolve around one man but still it means so much to me being loved and loving someone for my entire life.

  • recluse 87w

    Sometimes you don't seek love but acceptance of all your flaws you carry with you, all your mistakes which you did in the past and a hand or a hug which will not change even after hearing all that, fingers still crossed or hug carrying the same warmth.

  • recluse 87w

    On someday you wake up with realisation that sunshine has not brought light in your way and you are still alone even after the night.
    You don't wish to turn in different direction in your bed, let alone think of getting out of it.
    You had these thoughts inside you fighting battles in your head while your silence speaks to the world.
    You realise that this world you read about is another's planet hell and you don't even know where you belong.
    You are no good to be remembered by anyone and you are so peaceful with this thought when it strikes your head that when you will be laying down lifeless no one will be crying after you except your family. The people who may know you might call after months only to hear that the person you are trying to reach is far far away from your reach now. You see that no one waits for anyone and world move on anyway. And still some people are struggling to make an identity in it and be something to satisfy their self ego and gain respect, where in the end it's all about this realisation that you are no one in this universe, just an atom.

  • recluse 90w

    On some days i miss you as the person i could reach to at any time, day or night did not matter. You were my go to person for happy and sad times, for sharing happiness we can find many people in row while sadness is not easily shared. It's hard to express and more hard to find people to listen and then might understand. It's not always you can just poke someone and irritate them with whatever hurt your mind is carrying and heart is feeling.

  • recluse 91w

    @philosophic_firefly sky is a miracle and we are under it.

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    In this cold winter night,
    When i climbed stairs to go at my terrace to feel some chill that come along with breeze i suddenly felt some freedom, the freedom to look at the open vast sky that has a beautiful crescent moon accompanied with stars, i feel grateful about how it give all of us a different feeling but do the same function for all.
    How some of us get shade and rarely come out to acknowledge it while some who lives openly want a shade below it.
    I love how it holds different colours for our eyes to gaze and admire and how painters every time fail to obtain the exact same piece of it which their eyes witness.
    How it gives lovers sunshine and some find solace in its darkness.