Goodbyes are not forever, it does not mean the END. It means I'll miss you until we meet again ��.

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  • redheart161 49w


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    Hurt don't they.
    And the goodbyes which are never explained hurts the most so as I really don't want to hurt anyone here I'm penning this down.
    Last few months has been tough and because of this I'm not able to concentrate on the things which I should focus on otherwise it'll be too late , I'm not able to do the things which I love the most. I don't feel like I'm the same person I once used to be. All these led to me being inactive on mirakee for weeks. I wanted to read each and every post I've missed all these days but with so many things roaming in my head I'm not able to. I want to write but I can't I don't know if this makes sense. I regret not being able to write a proper thank you post to my friends who made my birthday so so so so special and even the people who wished me because your wishes matter the most. And I hate not giving 100% to the things which I love and to the people I love.
    So I've decided something, no I'm not taking a break as I've already taken tons of break but it's not helping at all.
    That's why I'm stopping this journey for a while. I don't know how much time I'll take so my dear people I'll MISS YOU ALL until I return ❣️. Every person I met here holds a special place in my heart , ESPECIALLY MY ARMY FRIENDS SARANGHAEYO ARMY . I'll forever cherish the memories I created here with every single one of you.
    I'm not tagging anyone because by the time you people will be reading this I won't be here to reply I'm deleting mirakee immediately after posting this. But I'll never deactivate my account because I'll visit you people whenever I'll miss you, I'll miss reading your posts .


  • redheart161 52w

    एक लडकी थी दिवानी सी।
    इश्क इश्क का जाप करते जो थक्ती ना थी।
    मुलाकात उस्से एक दोस्त के चलते हुई ।
    ना जाने कब वो सबसे प्यारी दोस्त बन गई।

    पढ़कर उसकी लिखावत मन्न को मानो एक तरह की शांति मिल जाती थी।
    जब भी प्यार की बाते करती है तो ऐसा लगता हैं की ये अक्षर बनाया ही उसके लिए गया है।
    मानो की अपनी कलम को भी उसने प्यार का नशा करवाया है।
    उसके वन लाइनर ने तो मुझे उसका दिवाना बना दिया है।
    एक लडकी है दिवानी सी।

    पहले पहले वक़्त इतना होता था कि बाते क्या करे समज नहीं आता था।
    अब बाते इतनी सारी है पर वक़्त कैस चला जाता हैं समज नहीं आता है।
    अगर कुछ समज आया तो वो ये है कि चाहे वक़्त बदल जाए पर हमारी दोस्ती कभी नहीं बदलेगी ।

    तुम्हारे इस खास दिन को थोड़ा और खास बनाने की मेरी यह छोटी सी कोशिश , उम्मीद है तुम्हे पसंद आएगी।
    जन्म दिन की खूब खूब बधाई।



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  • redheart161 54w

    She's like star in the moonless night.
    She's like the ray of sunshine in the darkest room.
    She's like a mentor who pushes you in the right direction.
    She's like a friend who always guides when the path seems difficult.
    She's like a best friend who manages to make you smile even when life is hard on you.
    She's like a sister who always has your back.
    She's like a mother who always makes sure you are fine.
    She's like a personal kookie who makes me fall harder for jungkook .

    Hey, you
    Yes you my dear muffin �� @the97_introvert
    I've always waited for a special day to ask you something and what can be more special than your birthday right ��.
    Will you teach me how to be sweet like you?
    Will you teach me how to be kind like you?
    Will you let me be your sister?
    Will you be my personal kookie?
    Will you let me be your Jin? (If you'll be my kookie ��
    so that we can bicker
    around and take care of
    other like they do)


    Hehehe I'll be waiting for your answers ��������


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    Happiest birthday muffin

  • redheart161 56w

    Idk if I'll complete/ continue this post

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    The Vulnerable Me

    Today again I find the feeling of restlessness building home in my mind. Restlessness this may not the accurate word to describe my state of my mind but that doesn't matter anymore. These days I don't know what am I upto from not utilising a single minute in a day to spending the whole week sitting idle, from taking a break from social world to not being productive in the real world I don't think I'm active anywhere. I feel as if I'm the one of the hands of clock which keeps moving non stop but in the same circle everyday, every night. The only thing I'm doing is overthinking as if it's my full time job and there's no end to it. Overthinking about the current scenario, sudden rise in covid cases and deaths, those political dramas, the situation of our education system and what not. I feel disturbed these emotions give me sickening feeling that's the reason I've stopped being the same person, I've stopped being nice to everyone, I've left many messages unread, I've left replying everyone and in the same way I feel like leaving this post INCOMPLETE.

  • redheart161 58w

    To cherish a desire with anticipation.

    This is the definition of hope for me these days ��������

    @writersbay #hopec


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  • redheart161 59w

    It was just another day when I was randomly checking post on mirakee,
    But now when I look back and think about that day I realise it wasn't just a normal day rather it was a special one
    Because that day someone special had entered my mirakee journey.
    And the special person is none other you dear Arya (Aru angel).

    I was very happy to have a new reader and being the curious person I immediately clicked on your profile to get to know you.
    You were new here and had few posts.
    Your write ups left me in awe.
    Those posts were enough for me to understand that you are a flawless writer and a great thinker.

    Your posts have a magical power to cast a spell on everyone reading them.
    Your pen always write wonders and it has a thing which always attract readers like magnet.

    You have always inspired me in many ways may it be your posts or just a few exchange of words..
    You are a hard-working person and very determined towards your goals.
    You are a kind soul and have a heart as pure as an angel.
    You are an amazing friend and a fantastic human.
    You are the solution to all my problems.

    Angelllll @arya_abhipsa
    Where are you??????????
    Finally today we are sharing the same age ������
    Remember the day we got to know this we were so happy.
    So today it's your second birthday which we are celebrating together ������ As you know I'm really bad at wishing birthday's so I just jotted down our memories and my emotions. I hope you like it ❤️❤️❤️



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  • redheart161 59w

    How are you all?? I know you guys must be doing great ☺️☺️
    And no I'm not back but just wanted to take a break from the real world so I came to peek here.
    Sorry for not replying to your comments on my previous post ���� and I guess I won't be replying you all today as well so again sorry for that.
    But please do shower your love on my posts and keep supporting me ���� and I promise that I'll be back by mid of June ❤️❤️.


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    Redheart ❤️

  • redheart161 66w

    [So on the occasion of completing the first anniversary of our chat room we decided to dedicate this post. Thank you @ak_anjali_daydreamzz for coming up with this wonderful theme of ARMY ROOM. And please forgive me if I don't do justice to the theme but still I'm trying and please do let me know if there are any corrections]
    @thesunshineloves @the97_introvert please come back I'm eagerly waiting for your posts @fairytales_ love your post is much awaited.
    #ARMY_ROOM #BTS #first_anniversary


    The walls painted white and purple
    BTS group photo from festa 2020
    hanging on the wall just opposite the
    door as it's the first thing I love to see.
    And just beside that a frame of me with
    my friends makes my smile even wider.

    A room which was once filled with darkness
    Now is full of hope brighter than sunshine.
    The rays of sunlight now beams in my room
    Through the window with the lavender curtains.

    Besides that is the table a flower vase placed
    on it carrying jasmine flowers spreading its
    fragrance all around the room, a few BTS
    albums and an army bomb.
    Study table attached thereto has all the
    motivational and inspiration statements
    given by our 7 men's driving me towards
    my goals making me work harder.

    And there in the middle of the room is
    a single bed.
    A guitar by my bed side the strings when
    played delivers me in a heavenly place and a
    soft panda on my bed my all time partner.
    Having a small piano has always been a wish.
    As music is the only thing which gives me peace.

    While speaking of music We are bulletproof
    playing in the background fills my eyes
    with an ocean full of tears
    Slowly drifting me to sleep and transporting
    me to my dreamy land of 7 Men's.
    -- Redheart ❤️

    So my dearest amies this is how my ARMY ROOM looks like ��������.

    12:03 AM

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  • redheart161 67w



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  • redheart161 68w

    @writersnetwork Thanks for dropping a heart ��
    #fearless #wod

    When dad is scared to let you
    go out at night,
    And mom doesn't permit you
    by saying
    "It's not safe for girls to be out at night."
    Hiding your tears
    And understanding their reason for doing the same
    Is what I consider to be brave.

    Wearing the clothes you love
    and being mocked for the same
    Still not compromising with yourself
    And being dressed as per your wish
    Is what I consider to be brave.

    When your relatives try to suppress your dream
    By suggesting you to tie a knot with a stranger.
    Deciding not to give up on your goals
    And shutting up their mouths
    By achieving your dream job
    Is what I call being brave.

    When returning from late night shifts
    And being given a character certificate by society
    But not paying any heed to them
    And continue doing your work
    Is what I consider to be brave.

    When society says
    Boys will be boys and defend their acts
    Tell them how they failed to protect the dignity of their girls.
    Confront them and making them realise their mistakes
    Is my definition of being brave.

    When you are alone
    Surrounded by pairs of lustful eyes
    Still not showing a single sign of being scared
    And standing there looking in their eyes
    Is what I consider to be brave.

    Where girls are always taught
    To think about their husband and his family first
    And then about their self.
    Moving out of the toxic relationship
    Where your self esteem is hurt
    Is what I consider to be brave.
    --Redheart ❤️

    There maybe some mistakes please bear with me I shall rectify them later


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