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  • redrosedeadrose 26w

    Too soon, Feb. 15, 2022

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    Down the stream
    Around the bend
    There we'll be
    Home again
    Too soon
    We'll see you
    Through the end

  • redrosedeadrose 26w

    Feb. 14, 2022

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    I'll know

    I'll know the truth.
    I'll know all your pain,
    & all your shame.
    So don't go pointing the blame
    On someone who loves you.


  • redrosedeadrose 150w

    What's up, song by 4 Non Blondes

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    ..."So I wake in the morning & I step outside
    & I take a deep breath & I get real high! & I
    Scream to the top of my lungs
    WHAT'S GOING ON!?"... -4NonBlondes

  • redrosedeadrose 152w

    This Is Life, Alyssa Marie.

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    "...I'm traveling down
    this gravel ground
    until I reach my goal
    Until my feet won't go
    I'm a walk this beaten road
    I've been traveling down..."
    -Alyssa Marie

  • redrosedeadrose 154w

    Sleep Paralysis??, 9/7/19

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    Sleep paralysis??

    I reach for you,
    But, I can't move...
    Seemingly wide awake.
    Frozen in place.
    Screaming for you!
    I have to break through,
    But, I fear
    That you can't hear
    Because my lips won't move...
    Wake me up!!

  • redrosedeadrose 155w

    A Love Lesson, 8/25/19.

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    A love lesson

    I've loved & lost loves but never shall I forget.
    My first love, my second, third, fourth & fifth...
    They've all done me wrong, except for one,
    I've come to regret...
    I've loved him from afar & miss him every day Even before his death...
    My punishment, & yet,
    My greatest lesson; to love in the present.

  • redrosedeadrose 174w

    My PTSD, version 9, 4/16/19

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    I can't breath...
    Can't scream.
    Am I awake?
    Or, is this a dream??
    While being pulled
    at the seams.

  • redrosedeadrose 175w

    Silent mourn, 4/14/19

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    A cry you can't hear,
    no eyes to shed tears...
    My heart screams for you!

  • redrosedeadrose 182w

    There's nothing, 2/22/19...

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    So vacant.
    Nothing comes to mind...
    So empty...
    This heavy head of mine.

  • redrosedeadrose 186w

    A bit of lyrics from Yellow Dress by Vel The Wonder

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    "...There's nobody in this world but you.
    So many lies being told but you hold the truth. Close my eyes & unfold another dream of my demon, the quicker I black out, I get to see us..."
    -Vel The Wonder