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  • rehena 4h

    #being grounded

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    Being grounded

    It's always the sky above
    And the ground below

  • rehena 2w


    I wish i knew
    Some other language
    Where they could understand
    What am trynaa convey

  • rehena 3w


    And here my future make its beginning.
    Never know what it holds.

  • rehena 3w


    There is a saying
    If you want to do things now,
    Either do it now or never.

    And that's the toughest
    Decision to make.

  • rehena 3w

    #love beyond life.

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    The most painful felt and heard is
    Parent's cry.

  • rehena 5w


    The hardest feeling
    Is to see your loved one
    In pain

  • rehena 6w


    I m afraid
    That m gonna lose you

    That's the only reason
    I can't leave you

  • rehena 7w

    To my twins

    I know
    I can't say much
    For all the sacrifices
    For all your dreams
    That you have caged them within
    Waiting for us
    To come
    So that, we can unlock the cage.
    And set you free
    To run for your dreams.

    I know
    Of all the hardship
    You went through
    After the long days
    Where you wait patiently
    To hear, me say
    Yeah you have done great
    And you are the best.
    Yet, i failed many times
    And ends up
    Being hard on you.

    I know for all the troubles you are going through
    For all the decision you made
    For all the emotions you hold on
    To burst it out
    But yet can't.

    Everything to who we are today
    Is all of you dear
    Even in life now and ever
    I wanna be your twin
    And make your life a better one
    To bear the pain and happy moments together.

    Love you then, now and forever.

  • rehena 7w

    #strengthen relationship

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    Remember that
    Everything that you are going through
    Is a blessing from, The Almighty
    He loves you
    And is giving you another chance
    To be closer to Him
    To strenthen
    Your relationship with Him.

  • rehena 7w

    Growing through pain

    All that i am today
    May be fierce
    Or acting strange
    Is of all that i have been through
    To make to become
    Who i am today