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  • rezza_rezza 50w


    On a calm night
    With crimson red sky
    I met a Sakura
    A rare view indeed
    One not seen by mortal eyes
    One never heard of
    The genesis of a new story
    Hanami, oh hanami, was the only visible word in my thoughts
    However, yozakura didn't give room for hanami
    Yozakura, oh yozakura, took over
    In a field, full of rosy pink cherries, I wish to last with my Sakura.
    A wish, that can only be fulfilled for short while.
    Oh no!
    Do I exchange Sakura for another?

  • rezza_rezza 50w

    How I wish

    That is it! Go on! You're good!
    The crowd shout, hail, jump and clap
    They are happy
    As it should be!
    They're making merry and memories
    As it should be!
    They make loud noises
    Urging him on,
    Up there, he's theirs to control
    Up there, he aims to keep them entertained
    Up there, he is not for himself
    Oh, how he loves to see them elated.

    How I wish he was happy
    How I wish they would give themselves up for him
    As he does for them
    How I wish they will be there for him
    As he is for them
    How I wish they wouldn't expect too much from him
    How I wish they could see him in the wee hours
    How I wish they could hear him wailing behind those laughter
    How I wish they could see the tears behind those smiles
    How I wish they could entertain him after he entertains them
    How I wish! How I wish!

  • rezza_rezza 51w


    A risk it is for me to give up
    A risk it is for me to hold on
    A risk it is for me to be indecisive
    A risk it is for me to decide
    A risk, it is to be in love alone.

  • rezza_rezza 51w

    Will I?

    Will I be good enough for you?
    Will I meet your expectations?
    Will I be the matured woman you want?
    Will I be able to make you see something else rather than my age?
    Will I be able to make you feel what I feel?
    Will I be able to make you hear the words I form in my head about you?
    Will I be able to take away the fear embracing you?
    Will I be able to bare my heart to you?
    Will I be able to make you believe in me?
    Will I be able to make you believe in us?
    Will I be able to let you know other people don't matter?
    Will I be able to give you faith about our future?
    Will I be able to?

  • rezza_rezza 51w

    Again, bye!

    Didn't make sense without you
    Doesn't make sense with you
    Guess you also don't have sense

  • rezza_rezza 51w


    You're tired of me?
    Even I, am tired of your shit

  • rezza_rezza 51w

    Do it!

    The right steps usually comes with the feeling of fear, pain, numbness and uncertainty but, they're worth the reward at the end.
    Take those steps,
    Do it!

  • rezza_rezza 51w

    Calm at the riverside

    Woke up elated
    Sullen after a few declined calls
    Picked myself up after several attempts
    Job confirmation done on a good note.

    Sounds of the hustling street woke me from my silent reverie
    Briskly I made it to the site
    With troubles of the morning forgotten.

    The river welcomed me with a calm embrace
    It's trees singing a soothing note
    With a serene dance
    It's bridge luring me to feel the morning nature of it's master
    Sheepishly I went, proud I felt after honoring the invite.

    Boats afloat the calm surface
    Owners making plans to take children of the river
    But are they to be blamed
    No, even the mother understands
    They need her children to survive
    Calmly she paves way.
    But not when they use forceful and poisonous schemes
    She takes her children from them and even hurts them when the need arises.

  • rezza_rezza 51w


    Engulf with powerless emotions
    Alone in desires
    Eluded of hope
    Yet forcefully pushing back tears
    Still looking for strength to hold on
    Strength to hold onto an unrequited love
    A solo love
    One that is not not given back
    Hoh! A tragedy!

    A tragedy!
    A massacre in the heart
    A captive soul in a lonely land
    A body that was given whole
    Broken into unsalvageable pieces
    A mind filled with unredeemed thoughts
    An eye void of emotions
    Hoh! A tragedy has taken over the land.

  • rezza_rezza 51w

    Daughters of my eyes

    Oh daughters of my eyes do not run out to me when I'm with my oppressors
    They'll find reasons to look pitiful on us and laugh

    Oh daughters of my eyes run out to me when I'm liberated from my oppressors
    I'll find reasons to look pitiful on them and laugh.