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  • rhythmic_beats 5w

    Words are flying dandelions submerging
    In the peachy scarlet waves of heart,
    To unfurl hopeful petals of twinkling shooting stars breathing as poetry.

  • rhythmic_beats 9w

    I love "love" because you are "love" !

    How peaceful it is to watch love overflowing everywhere without any bias.

    How soothing it is to watch every glimpse of you emitting love.

    I love travelling in your greens, flourishing and nurturing everyone's smile.

    I even love to travel the gaps between your heartbeat my love♥️

    #travel #writersnetwork #miraquill
    #love #you

    Not back. Just scribbled something

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    I walk through the gaps
    Between your heartbeats,
    Just to witness how
    Rhythmically all the
    Shooting stars echo love,
    By playing your
    Evergreen poetries;
    Quenching thirst of all
    Broken hearts and
    Healing each scar, by
    Drizzles of hope and
    Again the petals unfurled
    And blossomed into millions
    Of velvety crescent moon,
    Finally giving some peaceful
    Lullabies to all insomniac hearts.

  • rhythmic_beats 10w

    Though I write poetry but the words are you♥️

    #monostich #writersnetwork #miraquill

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    Loving you is such a bliss, for letting my
    Heart breathe the zephyrs of poetry.

  • rhythmic_beats 10w

    Your each blink sheds metaphors and your each gaze emits love; together I stitch them and they smile as poetry in my heart.

  • rhythmic_beats 12w


    Each "day" wears smile of your poetry and wakes up with your warm love, dressing my soul with diamond dew drops and ornaments my smile like September sun. I love you ♥️

    #love #september #galaxy
    #rhythmic_beats #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    Scribble, paint and spray those
    Ethereal galaxies on my heart
    By your lips; dripping elixir
    Of poetries and let each day
    Sing melodious verses of
    Your sonnets, echoing
    Billions of light years
    And let ablaze our heart
    In vermilion flames
    And drench our
    Souls in sapphire
    Snowflakes of moon.

  • rhythmic_beats 12w

    Sick! Not well. Will respond later.

    I love #september ♥️

    #postcard #rhythmic_beats #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    Dear September,
    I seamed your silhouettes of
    Day 1 to day 30 by twinkling stars and
    Embroidered your every inch
    By dancing Aurora Borealis,
    For I know the secret that you my
    September moon, you love collecting
    Gems of all season and zephyr
    Them in the flow of dandelions which then
    Dwells in the ocean of poetries
    Where couplets enjoy the feast of love.

    Poetry street,
    September nights.

  • rhythmic_beats 12w

    Whenever I have blurred consciousness I always look at the sky and green lush and wonder how amazingly both hug eachother though they never touch eachother, the way they communicate without uttering a word but by painting the canvas with elements of life.

    You may have healthy eyes but still be blind. And the one who is blind can still see life if they have seen their inner light. Whatever silent knowledge and teachings I have learnt is from nature. From minute to giant magic of this cosmos, each of my cell try to discover wonders of this universe which no book or person can teach you but only nature and universe's signal. You will only be able to catch universe's frequency if you leave behind your identity as gender, religion, societal identity and see yourself as a stardust of this universe who is ready to learn and grow far more than normal vision.

    To touch and see different dimensions make nature and universe as your teacher and you would be richest person in this world which will be reflected in your blossoming smile and radiating aura♥️✨

    To keep your roots stronger be down to Earth,
    To fly limitless carry universe's shine in your eyes✨

    I always love talking and listening to nature������

    #happyteachersday #universe #cosmos #learning #life #nature #blessings #selfrealisation #writing #sometimes #rhythmic_beats #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    Sometimes when you feel vacuumed
    In darkness, see yourself as a seed
    Sowed in the soil and after you open
    Your eyes of soul you will see
    Seraphic light when you sprout out
    As a student of nature.

  • rhythmic_beats 13w

    Many poems are paradox of our heart's pain.

    Just trying. Again out of thoughts!

    #paradox #rhythmic_beats
    #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    Wintery blueberries raining
    Olive petrichor just like
    Tears smiling while
    Bleeding in poetries.


  • rhythmic_beats 13w

    I love the way how you turn my colourless smile to rainbow smile ♥️

    #hyperbole maybe

    @inked_selenophile ��

    Tagging you on moon posts should be riwaz here on miraquill���� so tagging you Miss moonie♥️

    #rhythmic_beats #miraquill #writersnetwork

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    Deep down I know that
    My poetries sleep in the craters of his eyes
    And his scintillating azure blue moon eyes,
    Emanating rainbow colours from my smile,
    And then spring blossoms in the land of moon
    Freezing the night time to continue this
    Magical muses of poetry.

  • rhythmic_beats 13w

    Metaphors swim across thousands of heartaches
    To stitch the broken hearts with
    Pearls of poetry, breaking the oyster of tears;
    Bleeding turquoise aches from the
    Roofs of fragile ribs, that carries
    Scars embedded in the craters of moon
    And smiles during the night,
    And ornaments waves of ocean with twinkling poetries
    When metaphor hugs hyperbole, healing a heart from drowning!