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  • riansv13 175w


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    Others :- Physically and Financially Attractive
    Me :- Physically and Financially Inactive.

  • riansv13 228w

    Reasons why I don't go to water park:
    1) I can't afford the ticket.
    2) My friends are too idiots to be taken to water park.
    3) I don't have the physique to flaunt my body without t-shirts

  • riansv13 229w

    Question of an insurance company test������

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  • riansv13 230w

    #just_another_meme #hint
    No gender specifications����

    (PS:- A normal thought, could have been used earlier by someone... if you find somewhere, please notify me...
    I'm still afraid of people who are after the one plagiarized posts...)

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    Hint (n):-

    The false positive trajectory you think your crush is giving to you for accepting your proposal when she/he calls out for you but you get HelpZoned instead..


  • riansv13 232w

    Hello all... As we all have some serious issues ongoing here, I'll like to draw your attention to just settled down some things........
    Mirakee, a writing app was launched by Alche Tech, in July 2016... since the last 20 months, it has done an awesome job and now have more than 50k+ users....
    The most popular thing currently at mirakee, defeating the plagiarism acts.....
    Some months ago, there were no limits on can tag from 1 to infinite... yes 1 because you can't tag 0... that's called no-tagging.... (don't think about infinite though 50k is a finite number... you could tag non existing usernames too, that makes infinite)
    Then it became 30 and now 5.... reason excessive tagging...... the reason of tagging was to get reviews from your friends or to post some dedicated posts... "NOT TO FETCH LIKES AND REPOSTS"
    Now the Analysis part:-1) some people like iamjass, ariachez, amitpandey and riansv13 favour the 5-tag scene as there's no need to create a buzz... you're in a writing app and your writings would be read definitely..... there's no excuse that your writings is unreachable.... out of 50k+ users only 15k are active at a time....
    2)Also the algorithm of tagging 30 in caption and 5 in comment box is almost impossible.....
    3)To turn on post notifications, you've to follow someone.. not here only but also in Instagram too... even they don't have the cure to turn on notifications without following����
    Plagiarism is a thing which can never be controlled.. the new formula by mirakee developers to fight plagiarism is very good indeed... yes the flag one.. but that have shortcomings... we before criticizing it, must give advice to the team... it will be good for them too❤
    Analysis:- Plagiarism can never be stopped.... you must have an eye on it....
    The worst thing happening here is hate speech and harrasments....Some people are highly targeting some religion and literally abusing them..
    Solution:- Literally shame them publically.. I'm there for you.. not me.. there are many.. just if you find any, troll them , shame them publically... you too can abuse such pathetic users to make your colleagues safe here❤
    And the one serious issue... don't report for attention or jealousy.. be reasonable, sensitive and moreover a literate human....

    Stop begging for likes... you're writers and not beggars... and if you're still begging for likes by increasing tags, remember "beggars can't be choosers"����

    Please don't report this post... I'm still afraid of people reporting��������

    (amitpandey reported this... don't worry.. don't abuse him... he is my brother������ )

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    (Some things we must know)

    It's not about YOU and ME.. it's about US

  • riansv13 234w

    Credits:- @vagus_ ❤❤❤

    (PS:- A normal thought, could have been used earlier by someone... if you find somewhere, please notify me...
    I'm still afraid of people who are after the one plagiarized posts...)

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    A Happy You is always an Eye Pleasing for Me...


  • riansv13 237w

    NO OFFENSE... this is a meme, treat it as a meme please

    Again, PS:- very common thought, may have been published earlier... if you find, please notify me

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    Me and my Father always have different perceptions about things....

    I think my father is adopted

  • riansv13 241w


    (PS:- It's a very common thought, could have been used by someone... it's just a thought.. if you find this anywhere else, please tell me������)

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    I am Very Good in Bed..... Specially at Night

    I can Sleep, Eat, Talk, Sit, Relax, Read, Watch Series and Sleep again in Bed

  • riansv13 243w

    Leading from the FRONT, ex threw me BACK at the CENTRE of the startings

    No gender specifications used here.. that's why no HE or SHE.... this is a meme, treat it as a meme please������������

    #up #down #middle #left #right #centre ������

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    My Ex LEFT Me RIGHT in the MIDDLE of UPs and DOWNs


  • riansv13 245w


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    As a child, I was afraid of swimming..
    One day my father took me to pool and threw me into the pool..

    From then I'm afraid of my Dad too