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  • riitan 47w

    Perfect partners

    They- Hey!!! What he loves the most about you????
    Me- My absence!!!!!

  • riitan 50w

    Your daughter in law might be just an another woman for you,,
    But for your son, her arms are his resting place.!!
    When You hurt your daughter in law,,
    You indirectly hurt your son!!
    Your son might not say a single word to you, but his heart is full of pain & sorrows!!!!
    Its ok if you cannot understand your daughter in law, atleast feel the unsaid deep pain of your Son..!!
    For you she is just your son's wife,,
    But for your son, she is his life!!
    Every Mother of a Son should understand!!

  • riitan 164w


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    We are never on the same
    With u, my heart feels to be in a
    We are never on the same
    I am now tired of creating my false happy Image...

  • riitan 166w

    My Inner Voice ��

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    Give Me The Season Rainy,,
    I can write Poems Many..
    My poems love me so Much,,
    The moment I close my eyes,
    They come to me as Such..
    My love for Rain & writing is forever,,
    And it will never change,,
    Not Now Not Ever..

  • riitan 166w

    #stay strong #smile always #love Mirakke ��

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    The Dangerous Emotions

    Sometimes We are arrested by some emotions,,
    And that harm us everytime, by flashing in slow motion..
    In that situation, We should remain strong,,
    And smile to them, knowing they are wrong..

  • riitan 167w

    #stay happy ❤️

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    I will tell U the real definition of happiness,,
    It's when U r actually happy from inside,,
    And not just smile to impress..

  • riitan 167w

    Smile Baby

    Ok!!! I will forget everything & Smile,,,
    But it's only when,,,
    You are there to walk with Me Miles...

  • riitan 167w

    #self love is very important
    #love Mirakke ��

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    Accept Me

    Accept me,
    The way I am...
    I will accept U,
    Beyond your expectations...

  • riitan 168w


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    Rest In Peace☮️

    Let's just not hide love &,,
    Lets put all the anger in a cover..
    Everyone is happy now,,
    So happily everything is going to over..
    Now Let Me just tell everyone,,
    That I'm a peace lover..
    So I choose to REST IN PEACE forever..

  • riitan 215w

    #Love for writing #Love for Mirakee

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    When I talked to him for the first time..
    The way he replied was just like I have committed a serious crime..
    He ignored me as if m a useless element..
    And he was spotted by me as rude and arrogant..
    I was shocked for the next time when I saw him Smiling...
    His imprints on my mind erased suddenly & he was actually shining...
    Then he came to me & talked politely...
    I replied him looking at him slightly...
    I realised he was not that arrogant...
    Rather he was very benevolent...
    Slowly we became very good friends...
    The happiness inside us extends...
    He was not just the person,I used to think...
    He changed everything at a single blink...
    Now the bonding we share is not at all casual...
    The emotions are so genuine & so eternal...
    Once For me who was a complete stranger...
    Now I trust him blindly like my family member...
    Yes I accept that I like him so much...
    Infact there is no reason not to like him, seriously no such..
    Yes I will miss him, when He will not be with me...
    Just like a beehive is missed by a honey bee...