I tested positive for covid ! Will be back soon :)

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  • rimi_ojha 1w

    @inked_selenophile this is for you��❤ @fairytales_

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    Kabhi nazar tumhe bhi lagi hogi ,
    Jo ye daag zara sa lag gya .

    Tuta hoga tumhara bhi dil kabhi ,
    Jo andhere se rishta mol liya .

    Lekin hu mai khushnaseeb fir bhi
    Jo tumhara chehra dekh,
    in aakho ko jeene ka maqsad mil gya.


  • rimi_ojha 2w

    Every night the moon listens to my heartbeat and leaks a drop of hope underneath the veil of darkness.

    Darling! I'll rather choose to be a queen in your cursed poetries than being a princess who'll fall in love with someone again.


    I'll bury the saudade of roses right under the moon light so that they might turn into enchanted poetries draped in the hues of love.


    The stars scribble sonnets for her , every night the moonlight caresses her scars.


    Tried :(
    ( words used : stars /star, night , darkness , queen, cursed, moonlight, enchanted)
    #temp #lame
    ( I don't know how to write )

    @miraquill @writersnetwork #wod #two

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    I wish I turn into a star in some parallel universe!
    So that you'll see me breathing life, every night I'll fall for you!


  • rimi_ojha 2w

    Tried ( can't write anymore ��)
    @miraquill @writersnetwork #wod #katuata

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    And my heart bleeds poetries betwixt the pages of sunsets that cannot be read but felt right under the moonlight.


  • rimi_ojha 4w


    Ewww no!!!
    Not even "a mere affection" .

    This ain't a word for us!

    Do you really think?
    Kids ... stuck on trigonometry questions, will know what "LOVE" actually feels like ?

    I still remember being with him was never a bliss :) .. But umm ..still felt good!

    Ringing the bells of other's homes and running away like those naughty kids .
    Making fun of those "Love Birds" in our class!
    Fighting for that last piece of momo! (which always used to fall down from his clumsy hands )
    Procrastinating all day long ;
    Binge watching dragon ball z and shamelessly doing our homework in that messy school bus!

    We never grew up!
    Or maybe we never wanted to !
    We were perfect the way we were!
    Clumsy & Messy !

    Nope! I dont miss him Ig !
    Yes I don't !

    But sometimes I just feel like asking him " Can we just go back? "
    "Can we just do ' all that shit we did' again?
    But this time!
    I 'll make sure to paint your cheeks red..I swear ! "
    Enough of lying! ��
    I don't love you stupid!


    @sumiinked @pink_berry @tortoise : pesh krte h #draft_ka_kachra

    �� Ps: I wrote this on the very first day I came here but I forgot to post :"/ #lame ��

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    Can we just do this again?


  • rimi_ojha 5w



    Love tastes like a jar filled with serene night sky draped with stardust and spice ;
    and a piece of moon dipped with caramalized sonnets.


  • rimi_ojha 6w

    #temp ��❤
    @soulful_sunshine khush? ��

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    His lips vow passionate sins!
    Well I 'm not a saint either.
    ~making love


  • rimi_ojha 6w

    The final grains of sand trickle down the hourglass and the clock strikes 12 as the entire world erupts into an era of silence.

    2021. The year of the pandemic. The year of self-discovery. The year when natural selection decided to wreck everyone's life apart. The year when they fell in love. Romanticizing everything is something that was obsessive to me by nature. It was only natural that I romanticized them. Sanitizers and rainy weather with hot turmeric lattés with a sprinkle of love and spice.
    And amidst this my mind still trips over your open shoelaces

    And goes, “Oh hey, I love you”

    It decides to romanticise you, your love and my heart,

    And ends up breaking into cotton candy pieces;

    For the fear of losing you.

    But then you point up to the clouds,

    And to the little tattoo on my wrist and say, “Hey you love clouds so much you got them tattooed on the same place you used to slit your wrists”

    And, that “Can I kiss it? ; enough to make my cheeks red.

    Because you make me feel so alive.

    I see you crying and ask you if we can hold hands on Jupiter,

    And the most beautiful smile graces your face.

    As your eyes drip poison and I think to myself

    “When will you leave?”

    But then you stare at me a little longer than necessary and I simply unravel before your existence.

    I used to think that love was dancing under the rain

    But you took that concept away and threw it off the highest cliff,

    Because when it came to you,

    Love was sinning in pools filled with molten rubies

    And rooftop hopping under meteor showers;

    It was tapping my feet to the rhythm of the thunderstorm raging outside

    And the paper planes with poetry scribbled on top,

    Thrown to the other side of the room.

    Love with you was romanticizing life to such extremes where I felt we achieved nirvana,

    And everyone looked at us like we were dead souls meant for redemption,

    But really, all we were,

    Were swirling energies filled with a love otherworldly.

    But then again what do I know what love is like when I’ve never even met you.


    @sumiinked @themoonandthesun @puranidiary @heartsease @anirockz7 @writersnetwork

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    ~Loving you was breathing springs amid the cold hues of december!


  • rimi_ojha 10w

    There is silence in moments between a mere breath and life ; where I've walked through the deep wounds ; lips with a perfect shade of lies and the rust of our love ;
    And just to breathe life for once ; I spit ashes on a crippled piece of paper .

    ~& you call it poetry.


  • rimi_ojha 11w

    #tautogram @miraquill @writersnetwork tysm for the kind repost ��

    ohh myy godd !!!
    I never expected this freaking post to be the Post of the day !
    Am so happyyy ��
    Thank you each one of you for this ( Can't name some; as you all are my friends������ & I love y'all)
    @miraquill @writersnetwork You guys are lob! ;thank you so much for this ��������
    @heartsease @anirockz7 @_astitva_

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    She savoured sirimiri, smooched sublime similes & sighed soulful sunsets.


  • rimi_ojha 11w

    There are unburied coffins of my ex-lovers
    And their photographs carved on the walls of my heart;
    Withered red roses ; which promised
    to taste forever
    Are still hung in my closets of memories
    Stinking with the scent of betrayal.

    Well I wish you could've gripped me tighter than your idea of "we are not meant together ". (ahh never mind)
    Or maybe
    It's the problem with "forever "
    For being so fleeting and stagnant

    It was never a phrase .
    As For me It just reflects a name
    Of a lover trapped in a whole different space where it doesn't even exist.