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  • rincythewriter 7h


    I don't need motivation from you

    I need love from you.

    There's a huge difference in both.

  • rincythewriter 19h

    I have learned to love myself ...
    I have choose myself over all the other things.
    To care me,when people left me bruised.
    To takecare of myself,while people where scaring me.
    To overcome my fears apart,
    Though painfull,choose my own path.
    Surrender to what I am ...
    To what it is ..
    To be calm and cool.
    Learned to run a km.
    Learned to make an omelate by myself.
    After the trauma it's been so good that I don't take medication anymore .
    I am learning to breathe good
    Learning to eat good..and takecare of my health.
    Learning to ask help if I need .
    Learning to write good.
    Learning to say exactly what I feel.
    Learning to smile at strangers .
    Learning to listen.
    Learning to meditate ..
    And releive anger.
    Afterall ....
    I have learned to understand and love the beings around me...as this life is so good.

  • rincythewriter 1d


    I Said to my friend,
    that ..."I am confused of life.
    Does this really happen to anyone.or is it really life?!..
    My friend answers me...
    " It's normal to be confused.
    Your life is ...
    Because YOUR body loves a person.
    YOUR MIND LIKES a person.
    YOUR SOUL loves another soul.
    And they all are not the same........

  • rincythewriter 1d

    Ca ring

    What to call a person,who
    Sends you flowers ,but
    Never understands you....

  • rincythewriter 4d


    I Wake up
    And see windows of rain...
    The leaves dancing into the clouds.
    The breathe smells heavenly.
    I take every step with relaxed mind.
    My soul is fruition,my eyes are star lights.
    The glow flows...
    I am romanced with life.
    The colours are shades .
    I walk into the meadows and feel the sunlight following me from every corner from flower to flower....
    I am no longer in sollitude .
    I love the languages of puppies.
    The pure form of music system are flies.
    For the years,
    I haven't felt this way.
    I feel universe holds me,and I feel the reflection of love and warmth.
    I keep my mind on pillow and it goes to sleep fluently.
    I feel the melody of life.
    Thankyou life for all these blessings...,

  • rincythewriter 4d

    Lobe it

    So ,we crave to be hugged.
    We stare to be kissed
    We stand by ,to let someone come and hold our hands
    We crave to be accepted.
    We are the goodness.
    We smile to cherish.
    We care to love.
    We all are stars .
    And the connections form from one by one.
    Life is easy as it seems.
    We can talk moon with star people.
    So how do to spell the character of yourself...

  • rincythewriter 4d


    I am not my body ,then what am I...
    I am not my mind ,then what am I...
    I am not my soul,then what am I...
    I am not my life,then what am I...
    I am me is I am the universe residing In me...
    I am within me is I am in universe....
    The combined form...
    The child is the most wonderful piece of art
    Painted by the artist...
    Every smile is numbered.
    Kind.be gentle. loveyourself

  • rincythewriter 4d


    Be with souls
    Who celebrate
    Your madness of being you

  • rincythewriter 1w

    I wonder

    What it is to be loved or to love.
    Forsake the battle or just to be calm.
    I know I am not a normal soul,
    With normal feelings.
    I could suffer ,when my loved one swipes away....
    I feel the same pain ,when my friend suffers.
    I am a happy person but still
    The introverted life seems so practical.
    Without true pain how could I know true love.?
    Without deep scars how could I know what is life....
    To love is to feel the pain and bear for the loved ones
    To feel the sufferings of the people we love
    Is the true meaning of life that I have lived
    And breathing...
    Always I would surrender to love.
    I would always choose people over money.
    Hope over pain.
    Love over ego.
    Not now
    Not after.
    Share time over materialistic...
    Smile over hardships.,
    Thee and forever..

  • rincythewriter 1w

    Don't call me,
    I am tired of this
    Thing called