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  • ritika_writes_ 13w

    Coz Sunday is poetry day ������

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    In the pages of her poetries,
    Her dreams are decorated .

    Like the galaxies of the stars,
    Studded with diamonds.

    Just like the congealed drops,
    Of those vibrant sunlight.

    Which spreads euphoria even in,
    The days of pelting rain.

  • ritika_writes_ 30w

    There are some places that hold deep meaning in our lives , no matter how many days or years you stayed and how little or tons of surreal memories you made ; These places are not just places or a joy for a moment but a cup of memorable memories to cherish forever.

    Those green mountains become your wretched place of solitude and in those fairy waterfalls you found your comfort zone and a place of solace where you can close your eyes and open yourself to the vibrant rays of the sun.

    Those places are now your "home" who taught you to heal, grow and love yourself a little more when your life was filled with dark shadows and your heart was buried in the domes of heartbreak and pain and you were full of despair in the beautiful season of rain.

    Then the droplets of rain falled on your face and it just felt like "soft kiss that came from the heaven " and when the petals of happiness were shed and sadness was spread all over your dimpled face ; then those radiant sunflowers bloomed in the garden taught you to rise and shine even in the days of dark storm.

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    Hope this makes some sense ��❤

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  • ritika_writes_ 31w

    I miss going to the places where my heart is still wandering these days ; Those beautiful moments of divine sunrise that used to brings radiance and those golden rays of the sun used to comfort me with peace and tranquility in abundance.

    Out of all the beautiful moments in the morning, The best one was being greeted with the chime of immunerable songs of the birds that sings sweet melodies on love and hope that makes me find my inner peace and solace even in the days of chaos.

    The glorious time was in the time of evening when the sunset paints the clouds with hues of pink and purple and all my confusions used to get cleared in the shadows of those vibrant clouds ; The whisper of wind used to pamper my soul like mother's lullabies used to do in the similar way.

    //Even on life's greyest days, there is hope and beauty ;
    It just needs eyes to captivate the goodness and a soul to feel the magical moments //

    -Ritika ����

    @writersnetwork #mirakee #ceesreposts #love #magic #hope #readwriteunite

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    Hello everyone,

    Things are not revolving in the same direction as they are supposed to be ; everyday someone is losing their special loved ones and it's disheartening to see.

    The ones who made our lives with love, joy and laughter are no longer with us ; it feels just like yesterday we had just hugged them like a tree and a storm had just came which has just taken those leaves of good days and cherished memories.

    We don't know what future holds us for next ; Those plans that we made has just taken a pause like a full stop but still there is so much to write and accomplish from the newly fresh pages of our lives.

    Let's be kind, compassionate and loving to others and most importantly to us too.

    With love ;

    I hope this makes some sense

    @writersnetwork #mirakee #readwriteunite #ceesreposts

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  • ritika_writes_ 42w

    Happy birthday love of my life ❤❤❤

    My brother ❤��

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    All you need is kindness ❤

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