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  • riya_04 13w

    Tu hi toh sahara hai
    Tu hi toh kinara hai
    Jaan hai sirf tu hi meri
    Mera sab toh tumhara hai!


  • riya_04 13w


    Zindagi bnn gaye ho aap meri
    Zinda hu tere sath hi
    Pyaar hai sirf tumse mera
    Mera jahan ho sirf aap hi


  • riya_04 13w

    Zindagi bhr jo sath de woh shaks chahti hu
    Meri jaan maan ke uss pr apna sab luta dena chahti hu
    Saat samundar toh har koi paar kr skta hai
    Jo sirf mera ho uss par apna pura hak chahti hu❤️


  • riya_04 13w


    She resides in a world where my world resides in her..... my MOM!❤‍

  • riya_04 38w


    I found RETRO wala love in my METRO wala city...

  • riya_04 51w

    Always You

    The stars from the fars
    The sun and the moon
    I had said it aloud to a few
    Yet all knew that it was always you.

    Never had i got to tell you
    Cause you were busy with someone new
    The rainy dew
    The summer's hue
    All knew that it was always you.

    How it happened that once we had us
    To remember it pains me like how it always does?
    From time to infinity we were supposed to be
    Or was it just a dream so soft as a brie?
    I had still hopes though the due
    All knew that it was always you.

    You chanced upon, you played it well
    But ask me how i had dealt?
    Drowning me wasn't enough so you lied
    You went on pushing me in denial until i would have died?
    Yet i managed to stay alive throughout your pursue
    As all knew that it was always you.

    Still I have hopes
    For you to leave the devil ropes
    I think we are meant to stay together
    How colliding we think as for you it's whatever.
    I even have you in me whenever i view
    For it be so true as it will always be you.....

  • riya_04 52w

    Description of the foreigners'...

    Search before a week, there was a World Book Fair organised in our town. I had gone there along with my father. 'World Book Fair' as the name itself suggests, it was the book fair containing various famous books from all over the world. People from different origins had gathered to visit the fair.

    There I saw a group of foreign students who had came to visit the fair along with their teachers. They were all standing very properly in a queue. How fluently speak English! I was awestruck by their speech. And what to say about their manners; How politely the talk with their elders! Not even a single student was making any noise. One thing is crystal clear, that love to keep peace.

    I saw how soberly they were dressed. Most of them, including both girls and boys, were in their casual clothes. Due to the season being summer, they were in their t-shirts and shorts. Their looks very different from those of Indians. These people were all fair skinned with either black or blonde hair. I saw 3 students even had blue eyeballs. Due to sun's fierce rays, their skin had turned pinkish-red for sometime. One thing is for sure, they cannot tolerate much heat.

    I was at all taken aback by their manners! They weren't even talking or making any sound while standing in the queue.

    I observed something good about those students. They were very respective and cooperative towards their teachers. In spite of having crowd in the fair, they didn't push even a single person. Instead, they used polite mannerly words like "sorry" and "excuse me" wherever required. I got a very nice lesson to learn from them.

    Apart from these, the most important thing I got to see in them is that they were very much interested in our Indian culture and manners. They all greeted "namaste" to the Indian booksellers and at the time of leaving they took blessings from the elderly sellers and cheerfully thanked them.

    These are very good manners which every child should learn. I am very happy that I got an opportunity to be able to have gained some good inspiration from them.

  • riya_04 52w

    Prisoners of our Past

    We are all prisoners of our pasts,
    Those memories which we cannot forget
    Those cages that we cannot break.

    The people who don't seem to leave our minds
    The hurt that doesn't leave our sides.
    The regret, the doubt of not being enough,
    Even after giving so much love.

    We are all prisoners,
    Of their sweet lies that we accepted,
    Of the obvious truths that we overlooked.

    The little things that mattered the most
    Were ignored, belittled and lost.
    How do we show the love we had
    And that just a sorry is not enough to undo the mistakes they made.

    We are all prisoners,
    Of those contacts we refuse to delete,
    Of those songs we can't skip.
    We are all prisoners of our past.

  • riya_04 52w


    I and you are mine
    We keep it upto fine.
    The day we had dine,
    I was on cloud nine
    But suddenly I lost you and next on line.....
    A loving wine!

  • riya_04 52w


    You can get your chances only by following the steps of efforts.!!