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  • roat21 4d

    Dedicated to future successful people


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    Zindagi kitni bhi buri Q na ho..
    Maut se behtar hoti he..
    Qki Zindagi dobara mauka deti he..


  • roat21 3w

    I saw you dancing in my words

    In a room full of moonlight,
    With the waves touching my face,
    So many crumbled pages on the floor,
    Looking at the moon and thinking endlessly,
    Gazing at all the four corners,
    Walking here and there with a wanderer mind,
    Not turning on the table lamp,
    With the stillness of the bedsheet,
    And the blanket half folded,
    Feeling of butterflies in the stomach,
    Slowly blinking the eyelids,
    With a low heat smile,
    Inhaling mixed emotions with every breath,
    And my eyes holding a mystery of a lifetime,
    Also, the soul giggling with the lub dub,
    With every part teasing me,
    And a flop of hair falling on my right eye,
    Tucking it with my left hand behind my right ear,
    Looking at my palm seeing the warmth that it holds of someone else,
    Sitting through the windowpane,
    With a pen in one hand,
    And a diary in another,

    I was trying to write something beautiful,

    And then,
    I saw you dancing in my words.
    Ah, the most beautiful thing ever existed in this life of calm and chaos.

    dedicated to my Inspiration

  • roat21 4w

    I don’t mind losing friends because, I never lost a good one

  • roat21 15w

    Give Up
    Give In
    Give it all you’ve got !

  • roat21 26w

    On your Dark days
    I will recite you a poem
    A poem of hope
    A poem you wrote
    A poem you wrote on a bright day
    A poem you struggled to write


  • roat21 26w

    Dedicated to Hustler

    Just because you don’t have ripped abs..
    And striated muscle

    Lines in your legs or a fit body..
    It doesn’t mean you’re not working butt off too..

    This post goes to all those people grinding.. day in.. day out..
    But theirs bodies don’t show it just yet

    #we_lift_by_lifting_others 🏋🏻‍♂️


  • roat21 34w

    Only One

    If You Try to be the Best
    You will be No. 1,
    But if you Try to be the Unique
    You will be the Only One.


  • roat21 35w


    ख़ूबसूरती से केवल नज़रे आकर्षित होती है.. लेकिन व्यक्तित्व से दिल जीता जाता है ।


  • roat21 37w

    Special Birthday Person

    He ...And finally its 12 AM
    And suddenly hand start shivering
    Because of Excitement and happiness
    He cant't control his smile
    As he is busy writing long paragraph
    "Paragraph for special person birthday"
    He described everything every moment
    And his eyes filled with tears
    He can't find the word from which he describe
    how much her presence means in his life
    He want to thank her in his special day for
    making him feel special everyday
    He just want to tell her
    how much she means to him
    Isn't it beautiful how one person
    become so much important
    Isn't it beautiful how we share
    some relationship with so much purity
    That their happiness their special day their
    their excitement becomes our top priority


  • roat21 44w

    You will face many defeats in your life, but never let yourself be defeated