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  • rohant 6w

    By unknown writer

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    What shall I say, on this special day,
    I'm on cloud nine because it's your birthday.
    There's no doubt that when we party, we party hard
    So, call out all your friends;
    We'd wine and dine until it's a dark,
    But something I want to say first
    I know it sounds stupid,but it's important.
    As I look back when we're kids,
    There's a stuff we had and did.
    Growing up, you were always to blame,
    But I'm not sorry cause you did the same.
    Do you remember the day when dad,
    And I came to your school?
    I saw your tests and then how you pleased me
    To be cool, and you think your boss of me; you fool.
    You're lazy, stupid, mean and crazy
    Sometimes you almost drove me mad and hazy,
    But it's true that you are courageous when I'm scared, funny when I'm sad.
    What you meant to me is more than I can express.
    Hey, I agree with you that you're smarter than me in chess.
    All joking aside, you're wonderful guy
    I love you a lot, I'm not gonna lie.
    Happy Birthday my dear little brother
    And as they say we're birds of a feather flock together.

  • rohant 8w


    I thought I can't but, somehow I survived.
    It's been a hard year,
    Anxiety, depression and I were diagnosed with OCD too.
    I just felt like a fish out of water,
    Begging for life, don't know what to do.
    However, today is the special day, it's My BIRTHDAY,
    so I took it as opportunity and
    Pushing myself to new heights.
    I hope it doesn't sound like Monday motivation
    But, I'm going to more outstanding and bright.
    I turned 20 today thus, I promise myself that
    I won't cry over spilt milk, I'll accept the change,
    Saying good-bye to old me in search of finding
    my new self.
    So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME cause I'm not the same.
    - Poet_rypulse.

  • rohant 10w


    What is the colour of my wrist
    Black or white ?
    Wrong, it's crimson again.
    Sorry, I couldn't stop myself and I don't want to
    I'm not that strong anymore.
    I'm addicted to pain.
    Blood , blades , pills , drugs
    This is what I adore now.

    Recently, I'm down on myself alot
    That they used to call me a crackpot.
    Tie me up, hang me , kill me ,
    I'm just a piece of flesh and bone.
    I don't want to live anymore.
    I want to be choked out or
    Slit my wrist with blade and
    Let the flood of my emotions flow into the
    Ocean of darkness.
    I'm addicted,
    Addicted to pain.

  • rohant 19w

    The happy guy

    It all began when I was just 10
    There's a lot of pain, but no outlet
    My childhood filled with fear and dread,
    Just as the life of killer co-ed.
    I thought I'd forget, if I didn't just
    talk about it.
    But I remember it like it was yesterday.

    I keep myself calm just as the sea
    But deep inside me; I know he is in there.
    Cruel, heartless , inhumane creature
    Who has an insatiable desire for blood
    Just as eternal as the circle.
    And he had complete control and dominance
    Over my life.
    He left me no choice, no escape,no outlet.
    I camouflage myself so well
    That they say I wouldn't hurt a fly
    And I feel proud to say , I'm that one
    Simple, shy and the happy guy.

  • rohant 20w


    I'm Fully covered in scars;
    Some you can see but most are quite hidden.
    My scars are very special to me .
    They shows pain and suffering, but
    They also show my will to survive.
    They tell the stories of my struggle,
    The stories of my survival and triumphs.
    They shape the person I'm today
    That's why they are beautiful.
    Sometimes they may be messy and excruciating,
    But they are proof of fact that there is healing.
    A scar is what make me whole.
    Everytime I see them, they remind me that
    I conquered my demons and wore these
    Scars like wings.

  • rohant 25w


    It's strange , but I don't like bright colours.
    Yellow , pink , green , orange
    definately these are the colours
    Of life expressing hapiness,
    Compassion, freshness and confidence
    Or they makes you feel like
    Strong , healthy , calm and young.
    But it's the BLACK who
    Juggles the emotion.
    The colour of mysterious, power and puzzle,
    It camouflages all of my stains,
    It's the flood of my powerful feelings,
    The flag of freedom without any chains,
    The texture of my hair, the colour of my skin,
    Black is nothing and everything at the same time.
    It hides introverts in a cloak of pain.
    Blackness rules the night,
    Without it stars can't be bright.
    Black is artistic,
    Black is me with my deep unknown thoughts
    I think black is not just a colour , it's emotion,
    Black is poetic.

  • rohant 45w


    Hey sis , this is for you.
    I know you be like WTF
    What happened to you?
    However,I remember the days we spent,
    the fight we did,the moment we made,
    I wish that we had more.
    I just want you to know how happy
    I am having you as a sister.

    A sister who loves me from the heart.
    She never pretend like others
    But really appreciates my art.
    She's quick, clever, pretty and smart.
    Whenever I feel like weak and depressed,
    She came and kept her hand on my shoulder
    And inspires me to restart.
    We smile together, lie to each other;
    We cry together, lie for each other.
    A sister who knows that you're not ok,
    Even when you say you are.
    I'm so lucky to have a sister like you today.
    Love you sis and I miss you.

  • rohant 47w

    My story

    Where do I begin to explain my story?
    Do I start with beatings and the blood?
    He never cared how I felt
    Once I was happy and optimistic
    living with my parents,
    Until they sent me to his home
    For further education
    because my father was away
    Serving the nation,
    Suddenly my life turned upside down
    All my dreams and plans turned around,
    I'm in the corner crying
    He never comes to wipe my tears
    He leaves me alone
    He chooses to ignore me
    as if I'm made of stone.
    I wish that I could escape this home,
    but instead I'm crying here all alone.

  • rohant 50w

    I'm sorry.

    I'm sorry for the things I've done.
    I hurt you,
    But it wasn't intentional.
    I know I lied to you,
    But it was accidental.
    Forgive me, please.
    Don't be so harsh on me like the "break up".
    I'm sorry for all the pain,
    For the things I've said.
    I guess it's my insecurities acting up.

    I know I made a mistake but
    that doesn't change how I feel about you.
    I wish I wouldn't have lied to you.
    Everyone makes mistakes.
    I wish I had none.
    And I hope you come back and
    Forgive me for
    What I've done.

  • rohant 51w


    Demons feet doesn't
    make the noise.
    Once they in , there
    noises will scare your mind.

    They know your hidden secrets,
    your every truth and boundaries.
    When everybody leaves you alone
    They will enjoy the sound of your
    blood gushing from radial artery.

    They loves your gloominess
    Your weaknesses and your blues
    Please be aware of these demons
    I'm afraid that their next
    Victim must be you.