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  • rohitkumar29 1w


    Just Breathe....
    live your day...
    like you want live...

  • rohitkumar29 3w


    यादें भी कितनी अजीब होती हैं,
    साथ मैं होती नही हैं फिर भी,
    कभी हँसा देती हैं कभी रुला देती है,
    कभी किन्ही के अस्तित्व का अहसास दिला देती है।।

  • rohitkumar29 4w

    Missing you

    When you go any place alone...
    day by day I miss u more and more...

  • rohitkumar29 5w


    Sleeping in your arms..
    gives me immense satisfaction..
    because in a few seconds when I wake up..
    morning has already happened...

  • rohitkumar29 7w


    Journey is the way of destination...
    so enjoy your journey..
    because when you reach your destination..
    then the only thing you remember...
    is your journey...

  • rohitkumar29 7w

    sometimes you have everything..
    but if you not have someone who is with u when you have nothing..
    means you still have nothing...

  • rohitkumar29 7w


    Journey is the way of destination...
    but not every time it's same as you want..
    sometimes it's better..
    and sometimes you have to make it better...

  • rohitkumar29 8w

    Self respect

    Self respect is not a word..
    it's an emotion which reminds you that,
    Not let anyone to use youself..
    for their own benefit...

  • rohitkumar29 8w


    यादों मैं खुशबु बनके,
    तु मेरे दिल मैं रहती है।।।

  • rohitkumar29 9w


    sometimes it's hard to decide what is wrong or right...
    but when you do something for others even knowing the consequences..
    then you do the right thing...