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  • romaisa 20w


    And there comes a time when
    all the promises sound fake
    when you just have to choose yourself
    There comes a time when
    you are no longer important to anyone

  • romaisa 26w

    Fuck you Season Poetry

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    Those Days

    Those days?
    They were lonely
    I had no idea
    What was happening
    Do you miss me?
    All this I was thinking...

    Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring
    All were a thunderstorm to me..
    Every season, I was waiting for you
    To take me away from all this grief...

    You were a guardian Angel
    But you had a heart of devil
    You played with my feelings
    I shall never forget

    Oh dear, you will never forget what you have done
    Because breaking a heart can not be forgiven
    You are the cause of my trust issues
    I stood against my loved once just for you..
    Fuck You....!!


  • romaisa 26w

    Love hate

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    There is a very fine line between love and hate.

  • romaisa 29w


    Just remember
    No matter how much you change yourself for that one person, at the end he will run to his past.


  • romaisa 30w

    You and Him

    He was my destroyer
    You are my savior

  • romaisa 30w


    I tried to put my scars in words
    Eventually I got out of words
    But the scars didn't heal
    I tried to capture my scars in canvas
    Eventually the paint brush broke down
    But the scars didn't go away


  • romaisa 35w


    And the sad part is, life goes on..

  • romaisa 35w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word short tale on Earth

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    Earth is like heaven with YOU

  • romaisa 36w


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    YOU ❤

    I'm lucky to have YOU

  • romaisa 40w

    Wounded love

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    I thought you will remove my scars but you turned them into wounds