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  • rotinpieces 289w

    The swirl

    Well, I'm thinking about something interesting in my deep mind but somehow my stress days ruined and slept with incomplete dreams.

    We can think whatever but practically we can't.

    And the morning......
    nothing, as usual days "run man, keep running until you die".

    Most of my fellows so imaginative. I think a lot about them, how they're doing like this? They have also responsibilities right?! But how??

    You think I'm jealous on them? surely no. But yes!

    And I realized the reason behind them. It's terrible and please don't do this...

    The dark room,

    Alone with cigarette,

    Pen & notebook,

    Red eyes,

    Sleepless nights,

    Brain talks,
    (Physco mentality)

    Like a lonely wolf

    I am stuck with swirl...


    What you're thinking about now, it's time to sleep man.. mind says,

    Yeah it's non of your business, sleep sleep sleep... Heart says,

    Finally, good night!

  • rotinpieces 292w

    Resolution are just an excuse for current situation....

    .......Dude wanna smoke one more?
    Me: sure, man