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  • ruchiabhisikta12 32w

    1. "Dil sambhal jaa zara" in the voice of Raza bhai murdered the chit-chats of every mouth present there & spread the essence of mohabbat in the lab without any use of guitar or piano.

    2. Game tasked Saiman bhai to create fun by doing a prank call. But he made us indebted by gifting lots of laughter through each of his random talks from beginning to end.

    3. A dancer's talent doesn't sleep if she has not watched the steps of a trending dance song. A true friend seeks the presence of her friend & stays ready to stand by the side of that friend, always. Priyadarshini didi showed these theories practically that day.

    4. Putting a fullstop to our pratiksha, a fairy wearing a white fit & flare landed in the lab too late. She openly confessed, "I love you". But we couldn't know if her heart was big enough to give that love to everyone present over there or her heart was selective enough to dedicate those three words to her only one.  Anyways, her confession had a suppressed echo "We love you too, Pratikshya didi"

    5. Despite being a "nuabohu" in an odia family, Birajita didi kept our request without ignoring it. She came, talked to us, smiled with us, shared lunch table with us, spent time with us. These were more than enough for us.

    6. From denying for a catwalk to dancing comfortably with Arjun bhaiya, Barsha didi made us realize why everyone should cherish the company of their special ones & get lost in the moment of their togetherness without caring the judgemental mouths & gazing eyes of others.

    7. With his fluent speech, funny acting & frank dance, Arjun bhaiya was slaying like a Bollywood hero that day. But his sambalpuri kurta was saying the story of his affection & inclination towards a Western Odisha tukel.

    8. None can stop admiring Ananth bhaiya the way he was clicking photos of others continuously without an iota of irritation on his face. But his worth-appreciating maturity got coated with worth-watching cuteness when he posed for selfies & whirled in the arms of Saiman bhai.

    9. Mohan bhaiya fell into the tough trap of his assigned task. But he got spared from the sandal of Nibedita didi that day. Otherwise, his  kneel down pose, red balloon propose & mu tumaku bhala pae could have got a different reciprocation.

    10. It was worth-listening the way Rakesh bhaiya showed his gratitude to the professors by recollecting memories about each of them. Loud applaud rained on Rakesh bhaiya when he was smoothly swaying like a stick in the wind of music.

    11. Preetham bhaiya's act of convincing customers for the beauty products was a fun feast for every pair of eyes present there. And his clean shaved face was giving an extra edge to his comedy, be it in acting or dancing.

    12. Pragati didi was there amidst the laughter of everyone when her photo appeared in the video. Nibedita didi was there in the lips of some & the minds of others when Mohan bhaiya was playing whisper challenge game. Anil bhai was there in the complaint of someone due to his physical absence & in the happiness of that someone due to his videocall presence.

    13. From skipping dinner to standing in the department for long, from planning everything properly to peeking into every arrangement cautiously, Bhagyalaxmi did a lot to turn the farewell idea into reality.

    14. That day, the perfect saree look of Saswaty made the beauty bow down before her. Standing for hours to give justice to her anchoring duty must have not been easy for her. Still, she did that.

    15. Daina's arrangement for catering was proved to be perfect. The arrival of dishes much before lunchtime gave some peace to the minds of everyone by snatching away all the fear & anxiety related to past experience.

    16. From slam book to selfie zone, fingerprints of Numa were significant. From welcoming the seniors with tilak to treating the teachers with tea, the way she managed to move here and there continuously was really appreciable.

    17. Inspite of being the little one in terms of health & height, Amisha had put a lot of effort in pumping the balloons to shape them & in stretching her body to decorate them on walls.

    18. Suprija left everyone in awe with her amazing dance. Without her effort in arranging laptop, speaker & games, the programme must have lost all its charm.

    19. Sushrut deserved loads of salutes for the way he did his duty as a batchmate, as a junior by hiding his image of a broken son with the sheen of his wide smile.

    20. Behind that 4 min memory video, 7 hours effort of Kiran was there. By giving content for the cards, by insisting to gift photoframes, by helping in many things, he proved himself as a good classmate, a dear junior & a responsible human.

    21. Holding a sweet smile on his face, Subhajyoti was always there to spread positive vibes all around. From coming college to convince teachers & decoration to filling teacups, he made his presence felt with his small small acts.

    22. When the farewell began with the welcome script, Ananya's presence was sensed through her words. Diti, Swetalina & Subhalaxmi were missed badly.

    Atisarga was meant to say au revoir to seniors.
    But memories of it were destined to stay in our hearts even after its end...


  • ruchiabhisikta12 37w

    Respected professors

    It is difficult for us to muster courage to write a letter to all of you. But hope convinced us that any mistake in these words would be forgiven by you. We also don't know if we could have created some space in your heads & hearts in these few months of the semester. If we see the pedigree of this PBG department, we will be astonished knowing that how many generations of students you have planted till today. We know, your job is a pendulum oscillating between research & teaching. But for us, you all are the rulers of the world in which we are just stepping in. We hope you all will hold us, guide us & bless us always.

    HOD sir! You break the myth that the head is always dominant over others. No screaming, no shouting, but you handle everything with calmness & understanding. The way you respond to others' calls, the way you seek opinions of other professors during the presentation, we see humility adorning your persona so elegantly. Yesterday when other sirs denied to attend the celebration without you, we realized how much love you have spread among them.

    Lenka sir! Our respect for you soars high when you advise us as your own children, when you talk to us as a friend. We like it when you encourage us to understand the concepts instead of mugging up everything. Your words of wisdom are the precious pearls we always try to collect & keep.

    Jagadev sir! You always leave us in awe with the fluency in your talk & felicity in your face. Knowing about the long list of your achievements, we feel privileged to have you as our professor. Your personality is too pragmatic & par excellent to inspire each student coming across you.

    Simanchal sir! If simplicity & amicability have a common face, then it must be yours. Throughout the class you teach so softly that we feel like listening to music without an inch of boredom, you dictate so smoothly that we feel like noting down poetry without an iota of exhaustion.

    Bastia sir! You make us learn quantitative genetics in a qualitative manner. You always try to do justice with your duty even when your health obstructs the path. We appreciate it when you shift our conscience from the complex world of statistical formulae to the wonderland of your research experience.

    Tapas sir! This semester you showered us with your knowledge in just one lecture. But your tone has so much strength to echo long in our minds without fading away. With your motivation, you snatch away our doubts regarding choosing pbg. With your humour, you gift us abundant laughter.

    Kedar sir! Yesterday we met you for the first time & you taught us a lot of lessons just by sitting there, without saying anything. We saw pansies of patience garlanding your neck. We saw the diamond of down-to-earth nature crowning your head.

    Manasi ma'am! Sweetness finds its home in your voice & beauty breathes in your smile. You are a perfect amalgamation of strictness & funniness. We see a mother figure in you when as a guide you defend your students during the seminar by lifting their mistakes to your head. This time google classroom united us with you more than the physical classroom did. But we are waiting for you to teach us from four feet distance in future. Ma'am, yesterday you said us to remember that the only constant in this world is change. But we wish the spring of your smile to never change into autumn.

    We all have grown up from touching the feet of our teachers in school days to joining palms in front of our professors in college days. We all have grown up from listening about Dronacharya of Mahabharat to watching Jeetu bhaiya of Kotafactory. But deep inside we are still those kids who idolize their Gurus as Gods, who fear the punishment of their Gurus, who crave the blessings of their Gurus. Yesterday when the concert of nature was going on outside with lightning & thunder, our eardrums were reverberating with your valuable words. Thank you for giving us a chance to convey our admiration, although not in a grand way that you all deserve. We apologise to you all for any fault from our side. And we want you all to accept this letter as the token of our gratitude & reverence towards you.
    HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY to our honourable sirs & madam

    1st year students of MSc. PBG, OUAT


  • ruchiabhisikta12 41w

    Cherishing Chiplima

    Things about CAC that most of us can relate to:

    1. In school, we were grown up learning to bow down our heads in front of teachers & touch their feet. But Chiplima taught us how to bow down our heads & corner our feet at the instant a senior enters our vision. "Agyan didi",  "agyan bhai" become so spontaneous way of our affirmation that we think twice before conveying our exclamation, interrogation & negation.

    2. From struggling with clean shave to flaunting manhood with beards, from ironing the formal shirts to coming straight from hostel bed, boys travelled a long way of change in these four years. But girls clung to their chuni as the inseparable part of the attire. Although boys were 19 in no., 5 less than that of girls, still you can smell patriarchy sometimes.

    3. Some mornings, we went to the field with half-closed eyes & returned with reddened palms. Uprooting grasses manually transformed us from intentionally lazy to forced labourers in some hours. Some afternoons we were dragged from our naps to watch college events. We went with complaining hearts & returned with refreshing minds.

    4. As our exam season approaches, the festival of bonanza begins for xerox shop owners. From highlighting pdfs to underlining notes, from studying beneath the blanket in odd semesters to studying under the charge light in even semesters, we did wonder in those nights before exams. Gradesheets used to be exploded as bombs declaring some as victors & garlanding some as martyrs, but none as losers.

    5. We all learnt how to be happy with small simple things. We assumed 'Haryani' as 'Reliance fresh', 'Ice point' as 'Mio amore', 'Purna dukan' as 'Green chillyz', 'Suru dukan' as   'Super snax' & Charpali as our capital. 'Arzoo' was the disguise of 'Zomato' to whom we failed to recognise.

    6. Our first visit to Ghanteswari will always ring loud in our remembrance. Those orange helmets of Vedanta will remain evergreen in our memory. Visit to Omfed will always create fermentation whenever we'll look back. Those lunch boxes at FCI will always feed our conscience with nostalgia. That chill we felt during our trip to cold storage will always warm our hearts.

    7. Words are too weak to hold that feeling of the most beautiful North India tour after the most hectic semester.

    8. Be it Ganesh Puja, Saraswati Puja, Teachers' day, welcome or annual function, decoration is all about the skill & effort of students. In Chiplima we realized that handmade things are beyond every brand. But if you try to do something new by decorating through external sources, that means you have dare to digest the taunts of seniors. Anyways, functions are the days when girls of Chiplima compete with the fairies of paradise.

    9. Despite coming across thousands of people throughout life, some of our hearts discovered their love amidst that narrow arena of choice. Some hearts got broken, some hearts are still dreaming & some hearts will become one someday. But in Chiplima, 'heart' is a word of foreign language. Here air echoes with the disgusting yet funny word 'mandu'. Here love is all about having a mandu.

    10. How can we forget the happy-go-lucky nature of Abhiram sir, hawa hawa of Kaushik sir, punishment of Ipsita ma'am, notes detecting of Ayesha ma'am, those goggles of Sarbani ma'am, gossips of Bishoyi sir, brainwash by Dwibedi sir, cuteness of Hossain sir, sweetness of Swati ma'am, strictness of Lopa ma'am, desk wise teaching of Chinmayee ma'am, rudeness of Pragyan ma'am, exam cancellation of Prachi ma'am, unique accent of Prabhasmita ma'am, training pruning of Bijay sir & sauce ketchup of Bhaskar sir, marathon classes of Rajeeb sir, humorous rollcalling of Atanu sir, odia assignment of forestry sir & autocracy of Dean sir! We may have felt exhausted with them at some point of time. We may have called them 'mastara' somedays. But somewhere deep inside we feel grateful to them.

    11. Maybe we don't remember each other everyday claiming ourselves as victims of time & distance. But sometimes we bump into each other in memory lane. And that lane tells the tale of nomenclature of Snehal, record index of Trailokya, delicacy of Sandhya, tresses of Asiknee, silence of Sonalee, smartness of Nutan, presentation of Priyabrat, MindQ of Pratik, confidence of Sabita, beauty of Rutuparna, elegance of Subhashree, 9 point of Saloni, smile of Archita, courage of Manisha, pronunciation of Karishma, handwriting of Ellora, responsibility of Bimal, skeleton of Akash, sarcasm of Rakesh, haircare of Bikash, fun of Satya, friendliness of Sachi, gentleness of Sourav, bun & kajal of Tanisha, bones of Jayashree,  leadership of Mousami, sincerity of Prajna,  bike incarnation of Jyoti, anger of Lilan bhai, activeness of Pratibha, laughter of Rakhi, graceful behaviour of Suman, dance of Kanchan, crying of Upama, cautiousness of Suchi, decency of Pyari, soberness of Abhishek, forwardness of Pradyumna, Soumya's bond with Kaushik sir, Sanjib's talent as Tubu baba, sweet talks of Dipti aunty, enthusiasm of Bhamanjari aunty & for-mis-tune of Anwesha and Swaroop.

    12. When we were in college, we used to feel like leaving this place as soon as possible. We were too tired of seeing that damaged college gate, unventilated classrooms, congested labs, creaking fans, boring lectures, frequent power cuts etc. College was no less than a meme for us. But when we walked out of it suddenly for an uncertain time period which was later proved to be forever, CAC created an emotional void in our hearts.

  • ruchiabhisikta12 42w

    Barsaat Ki Dhun

    Dear Barsaat ki dhun
    It has been a week since I listened to you for the first time. That day, as usual, I was roaming in the jungle of youtube in search of some knowledge & wisdom. Suddenly I bumped into you. You were a newcomer, still, you had already grabbed millions of views. When I listened to you, I felt warmth in that rainy weather. Maybe with your warm embrace, you injected me with adrenaline and I helplessly fell in love with you. Since then, you are ruling my realm, be it Youtube or Spotify, be it night or day. Each time I plug in my earphone, it's you there waiting for me. I must say that in those 5 minutes 42 seconds I feel like love is not that complex & crooked as we assume. It's simple & sweet, just like you. I move into fairyland, each time you buzz in my ears. I get spellbound. What a lyrics! What a voice! What a tune! What a story! What a picturisation! What a composition!

    किसी शायर का दिल बनके
    बरसाती हैं बूँदें तुमपे
    नजारा उफ क्या होता है
    गुजरती है जब जुल्फों से

    You hooked me up from the first line itself with your surreal metaphor. For the world, the words of a poet may seem like the pearls of intellect. But if you visit the heart of a poet, all you will see is the raindrops of emotions pouring incessantly. When you are in love, you romanticize everything. Even in the wet black tresses of your lover, you feel a rainbow of beauty peeping towards you. Funny, but true.

    वो पहली सी बारिश बनके
    बरस जाओ ना तुम हमपे
    हवा का रुख बदल जाये
    मोहब्बत करना तुम ऐसे

    In this age of boyfriend girlfriend, still, some people lock their hearts until they meet someone whom they can call husband/wife. In this age of breakup & patch-up, still, some people have made up their minds to put a tick mark on the bride/groom of their parents' choice. I hope people like these must have smiled after watching the picturisation of this song. Somewhere deep inside their heart, they must have dreamt a love story like this. Is there any girl who doesn't like her lover following her in the road, rambling around her home, standing beside her with an umbrella during rain? Is there any boy who doesn't like his lover returning back to look at him, smiling at him from her window, coming out of her house to meet him during rain? How much we grow up, we can never be civilised in love. Love is something that makes us kiddish, wild & berserk.

    जिस्मों से बरसती बारिश ने रूह भीगा दी है
    इस मौसम की साजिश ने ये नींदे उड़ा दी है
    वैसे तो डुबाने को बस एक बूंद ही काफी है
    सोचो तो जरा क्या होगा अभी रात ये बाकि है

    I wonder how some people think romance is synonymous with sex. Don't they ever feel that rain is the festival of romance & romance is the celebration of love! Those people who think that romance is all about undressing & getting undressed physically, I feel pity for them. Somedays walk holding the hand of your lover in a rain-drenched deserted road, somedays dance with your partner in the rain, somedays splash the puddle & laugh at each other, somedays share a single cup of coffee from a roadside stall with raindrops mixed in it, somedays make a paperboat with your names written on it & sail it together. You will feel a chill running down your spine & your heart getting filled with purity & contentment.

    बिजली चमकी लिपट गये हम
    बादल गरजा सिमट गये हम
    होश भी हो जाने दो गुम
    सुन सुन सुन बरसात की धुन सुन
    सुन सुन सुन बरसात की धुन सुन
    सुन सुन सुन बरसात की धुन सुन

    When you find yourself in the tight embrace of your beloved, you feel loose, loose like the sand falling from the palm. You feel like you are in the safest place in the world. You feel like now thunder can't snatch your tranquillity, lightning can't scare your heart, wind can't blow away your happiness. You lose your conscience, still, you feel everything. Lightning may land you in the world of exclamation. Thunder may throw at you the pebbles of interrogation. But somedays listen to the rimjhim of rain, all you can feel is devotion. Listen to barsaat ki dhun & you won't be disappointed.

    I convey my heartfelt thanks to all your creators, Jubin Nautiyal, Rochak Kohli, Rashmi Virag, Gurmeet Chaudhary, Karishma Sharma, Ashish Panda & all the T-series team for gifting such a piece of soothing music. Many songs enter & leave our playlist without letting us know. But I hope you will stay & make me smile every monsoon, a little more.



  • ruchiabhisikta12 44w

    Holding the brush of freedom
    she was painting 
    the canvas of her life
    with the yellow hue of happiness,
    white hue of peace,
    green hue of success
    and blue hue of knowledge.

    But still, it was looking incomplete.
    He came
    with the brush of marriage
    and added
    the red hue of love
    on the canvas of her life
    making it complete
    and beautiful
    beyond imagination.

    Since that day,
    She became bonfire for his winter
    He became vegetation for her spring
    She became maples for his autumn
    He became mango shower for her summer.

  • ruchiabhisikta12 49w

    I consider myself so lucky
    to have parents who share
    such an amazing chemistry
    of love, respect and care

    Their bond fits into physics
    and never requires an elegy
    as it will never end following
    laws of conservation of energy

    Zoology says Sibu & me are
    the result of sperm-ovum pair
    transforming into zygotes
    by their biological warfare

    Botany defines evergreen as the plant
    whose foliage remains green throughout the year
    I have never seen their love undergoing autumn
    As the never-wilting connection is the thing they always cheer

    Mathematics calculates that their life
    goes on in an arithmetic progression
    But the understanding between them
    runs each day in a geometric progression

    If their marriage is a literature
    then their love is the grammar
    which braids the story of divinity,
    essay of loyalty & poetry of forever

    Mami loves learning & teaching geography a lot
    But for her, maps are only meant to be interpreted
    Baba has never taken her for a tour beyond Odisha
    But for it neither her heart has cracked nor their bond has exploded

    History sings the eulogy of Tajmahal
    as the devotion of Shahjahan for Mumtaj
    But each corner of our home carves
    baba's devotion & mami's dedication footage

    Movies, serials, books & songs show us the romanticism
    which teaches the theory of wedding
    But their relation shows the respectfulness & acceptance
    which demonstrates the practicality of a wedding.

  • ruchiabhisikta12 55w

    Dear Banjo
    You entered my life tiptoeing in the tune of "maine payal hai chhankai". I know you have stopped wearing payal since long, but the tinkle of your payal that once used to make me realize your presence, that once used to scare me at night has turned into a music that my ears have forgotten, but my heart still remembers. How can my heart forget it when it adores every bit of you, when it cherishes every inch of moments spent with you. I don't know how much generosity it takes to draw designs on hairs of others, to paint kajal on the eyes of others, to knit fitting lines on dresses of others before adorning yourself for the function. But when I watch you doing these in every occasion, I feel like listening to the hymn of benevolence that your silence sings. Being crowned with the tiara of mess secretary, the way you go up & down fifty times to supervise the mess workers, the way you sit for hours focussing on mess calculation, the way you handle calls restlessly to resolve mess issues make your duty bow down before your honesty. Sincerity signs on your personality when you betray your sleep to go for plot work & class without any miss. Obedience leaves its fingerprints on your character when you attend every event of college even if your mind says a no. In return for dominance of seniors, arrogance of batchmates & misconduct of juniors, you always gift everybody your politeness. The bond I share with you never feels like that of junior-senior. You always feel like home when the night grows with our gossip, when we share chips packet at 1 am, when your palm touches my tresses, when you wake me up during exam nights, when you bring cakes for me from hariyani. I just realized that I am writing all these in the present tense. Maybe because I still can't believe that everything has been shifted into the past. Banjo you know what, some days I stand in front of the mirror to try a hairstyle & remember you saying "didi mu taw sabubele apananka pakhe nathibi." I miss those days when I used to feel confident about my hairs without looking at a mirror. But now I am missing those midnight celebrations of your birthday with didi & your girl gang. Whenever I will meet you again, I wish to meet the same Banjo who reigns a significant part of my heart. Always stay the way you are.
    May the Almighty bless you with everything that you want.
    Keep winning hearts...

    Sending you loads of love



  • ruchiabhisikta12 55w

    Hello Sachi
    Or should I call you Sachidananda- the name given by your family that utters the length of spirituality? But now that has been cut short into 5 letters as the length of your friend list keep increasing each year, a lot more. Your identity card may showcase a name that sounds a lot like the name of our grandfather's age, but amidst your friends circle you breathe popularity as cool & stylish 'Sachi'. I just tried sarcasm, but I know I am not good at it. So I hope my words haven't hit you hard the way memes penetrate your mind. You know what, while editing the above meme for you I was laughing at myself. Because I took a year to learn that it is actually 'meeeem', not 'mei-mei' & now I am making a meme for the man who masters this art. Anyways, this meme may not be perfect, but much better than your bio which doesn't suit you at all. Sachi, cheerfulness suits you. Your recent bio is nothing but a hidden melancholy flaunting about wisdom & it looks seriously awkward upon you. I am not judging you because it's above my ability to decipher a paradox like you. I have seen you flirting with girls, but I have also seen your eyes brimming with tears while telling your love story with Archita. I have heard that you do drunk text, but I have also heard your voice shivering while expressing your feelings for Subhashree.
    Sachi, haven't you ever realised that your world is much beyond these cravings for relationship & agony of heartbreak. I remember once you asked me 'How to develop self-love?'. And I wonder how the boy who dances amazingly, who sings melodiously, who does photography incredibly, who draws portraits beautifully & above all who respires confidence in each of his breath can't fall in love with himself. You are the guy who can be friend with anyone & everyone in no minutes and my place in your friendship world maybe somewhere in the corner, invisible & insignificant. But accept my token of gratitude for the time when your phone call used to wake me up for the plot work, when you denied me to come to the plot by handling all the stuff with Satya, when you searched for my missing ring in the plot, when you helped me in line drawing although you were not my plot partner anymore, when you brought dinner for me during the tour, when you make my things reach near me by carrying them from Rahul, for every time I became a beneficiary of your helping nature. See, I am aware of the fact that you are the celebrity of today & you must have no time to read this length. But I wrote it longer than I should.
    Toh kya karun mein? Job chhod dun?
    Today lose some weight of your wallet &
    don't say "Idhar zeher khane ka paisa nahi hai"
    May happiness rain upon you today & every day
    Keep growing..keep going...

    Sending you loads of best wishes


  • ruchiabhisikta12 57w

    When you see your uncle
    breathing the air of worry
    during his daughter's marriage
    to pile up the money for dowry,
    don't let the silence hold you.
    Raise your voice
    Raise your voice

    When you see the sweet aunty
    in your neighbourhood
    getting scolded & beaten every day
    Still, she tolerates that with fortitude,
    don't let the silence hold you.
    Raise your voice
    Raise your voice

    When you see your sister
    enduring mental torture
    because biology blessed her
    with a female toddler,
    don't let the silence hold you.
    Raise your voice
    Raise your voice

    When you see your brother
    along with his other friends
    making fun of a girl
    for her short dress,
    don't let the silence hold you.
    Raise your voice
    Raise your voice

    When you see your mother
    betraying her hobbies
    and between her job & household
    making her life cease,
    don't let the silence hold you.
    Raise your voice
    Raise your voice

    When you see your father
    listening to the taunt of society
    for allowing you for higher studies
    due to his broad mentality,
    don't let the silence hold you.
    Raise your voice
    Raise your voice

    When you see your bestie
    weeping without wanting to discuss
    for being improperly touched
    in a crowded city bus,
    don't let the silence hold you.
    Raise your voice
    Raise your voice

    When the stench of injustice
    against women
    suffocates your conscience
    & binds you in guilt glen,
    don't let the silence hold you.
    Raise your voice
    Raise your voice

  • ruchiabhisikta12 57w

    When our well thought & highly discussed plan for the outing got rejected again & again by our different time zones, then destiny said a yes to our sudden plan today. Our fast & final decision paved our path towards 99 North. Amidst the sophistication of families, love birds, studs squads & beauties troops, our gang of fifteen built an empire of naivety at one corner of the restaurant with our loud gossips, leg-pulling jokes & not-so-perfect selfies. Our masks bowed down their heads when food tiptoed on our tables. The site of chickens on the plates was nothing less than sorcery to make the nonvegetarians drool before devouring. Tastebuds of vegetarians complimented the recipes with an 'ok' because bad is a harsh word. The condition of the conditional vegetarians was something that words can't describe, but a heart can feel. The zephyr of embarrassment touched us softly the way that hotel guy gazed at us while our faces were reflecting with the struggle of being unemployed & our voices were echoing with the pain of "still eating parents' money". But you know what, being a victim of insult is not a punishment, but it feels a lot like fun when your friends around you are also victims equally. The cocktails made us realize that homemade 'santra ka ras' & 'nimbu ki pani' are really underrated. The bill that came later felt like an unwanted guest for whom we are bound to open the door. When our minds enter into the sphere of Dj, our bodies betrayed the calories that our stomachs had embraced just one hour ago. Before our outing bid us goodbye, a group photoshoot showed us a thumbs up. The photoshoot which is meant to remind us oneday that the people who once came closer to fit in a frame have already moved far from each other to fit in the world, to fit in the society.