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  • rudra_92 67w

    She’s still in my 11:11 wish.

  • rudra_92 92w

    She’s like battery for me. When she’s not with me, I instantly fall dead.

  • rudra_92 98w

    What a weird motivation is PAIN

    It’s hurting to live without her.
    It was hurting her when I was with her.

    I last wrote 5 years ago,
    Now I’ve written 5 posts in 5 hours.

  • rudra_92 98w

    It’s been 12 hours since I’ve been thinking of talking to her.

    But every time I make up my mind,
    My wallpaper reminds me of the story she posted after our fight -

    ‘Be with someone who’s good for your mental health.’

  • rudra_92 98w

    I left because she called me the negativity of her life.
    I can’t even sleep without hearing her voice.
    But if I tell her this, she might call it my drama,
    So I just scream inside and smile outside.
    She’s doing okay, I saw her posts.
    I hope she actually loves me someday.

  • rudra_92 98w

    My god knows that



  • rudra_92 98w

    In the end,

    I wish I could tell her that
    I miss her touch.

  • rudra_92 98w

    I check my phone on every notification.
    And I lock my screen every time

    I do not know for how long
    Will my screen
    Stay locked tonight...

  • rudra_92 119w

    Walking down an alley, my feet pamper the concrete,
    Not thanking the rain, for the sweet wet deceit.
    Around the corner of this strange dark city,
    I bump straight into you, a perfect serendipity.

    We move along together, out of the mist,
    I make you work your options, you help me make a list.
    And suddenly everything seems to fall in place,
    like the outcome of the most awaited race.

    Yet something is missing, something’s incomplete.
    Buried in the snow but I still feel the heat,
    of frozen desires and words unsaid.
    So let’s ease things and share a smile instead?

    I never thought Cupid felt the need to be witty,
    But seeing you is always a fresh serendipity;
    So I’ll be your emotion, I’ll be my best,
    Hold on for now, for now, forget the rest.

  • rudra_92 222w

    It’s funny how dead have more peace
    than the living.