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  • rupestral_flower 13w

    Because true form heals
    Ain't trees healers?

  • rupestral_flower 13w

    Ye ho gya to me mat atko
    Which make you depressed and silent shivering
    Jor se bolo ye nhi ye chahiye
    Its called being fearless

  • rupestral_flower 15w

    What if i say tounge and genitals are very easy to use but not heart cause; have to leave mortal body and live in astral realns.That's why if anybody discourage you and preaches you what you have to do ,its dragging force.
    CAUSE everyone has freedom to choose what they want to be.The one who roars had chosen itself without any guidance.
    Simply heart!
    You don't need anybody else!

  • rupestral_flower 20w

    But i don't know how to fly above storms like eagle unscared but busy in watching shadows!

  • rupestral_flower 21w

    You would find beauty in it,if had patience to listen carefully by Not attending crumbled short circuit

  • rupestral_flower 21w

    Have your voice to be in light
    Cause diminishing personal opinions
    About you and life calls black clouds
    And storms

  • rupestral_flower 21w

    How to catch heart?
    By letting it work!
    Then this bird
    holds everything
    On her wings
    When breathe pattern
    Notice focus also
    But where evaluate?

  • rupestral_flower 21w

    When we start respecting,utilizing,scraping ours each thought poetries become long,cooking on the flames of catastrophe, imaginations are waves of roaring forties geography.

  • rupestral_flower 21w

    There are no friends,only imaginations are!

  • rupestral_flower 21w


    Have ways to take right turns and never let anybody waste their life and raw materials of Fortunate country!

    people are not problem anyone made everyone to believe they are and this happened so gone side of the crimes

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    What if?
    prisoners would be sentenced
    with reciting spiritual bookthings
    Definitely there would happen
    A change in heart,after coming out!

    Anything without judgement works as responsibility to raise(grow) ability
    In making conscious decisions