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  • ruthra_ 1w

    Wine kicks in
    Lust do to

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    We back again ,
    Losing myself ,
    Pumped oestrogen,
    May be !
    Men call it ?
    Best curse ,
    Women desire ,
    Lustful fire ,
    Those Ribs fuel in ,
    Broad chest !
    Drives me in ,
    Sweat gulped body,
    Shows our intensity ,
    He make me lose my sanity ,
    Erotic vanity .........

  • ruthra_ 6w

    I don’t wanna-breath still I hate my body wants to live but my soul has faded

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    I hate myself

    Wept alone
    Dark very dark night ,
    I usually am accompanied ?
    My star light ,
    Enveloped away the night !
    To escape ..
    This time ,
    For a change ,
    I shut everything out ,
    And finally
    I realise
    I am all alone ,
    Dark night ,
    I gave up everything around ,
    And beyond ,
    Dream of unknown future ,
    Further more ,
    I kept weeping ,
    Hiding ,
    Avoiding ,
    Cracking ,
    This dark night ,
    Nothing was right ,
    I realised ,
    Sacrifices I made ....
    For my people ,
    We’re wrong ,
    Long time gone ,
    Lonely night ,
    My heart aches ...
    I stopped living ,
    Breathing air for myself ,
    Had stopped ,
    I wept
    I wept
    My mom next room ,
    I can’t scream ,
    I wept ,
    The pillow hid my pain ,
    I forgot my journey ,
    What a worst irony!
    This night .
    Dark unfortunately!
    Unforgettable night ,
    My pain shined so bright ,
    I shed
    I shed away cruelty,
    I wish to live .
    Live more ....

  • ruthra_ 8w

    We kissed we loved we kissed again but !

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    Broke up

    I loved you
    So do now
    You do love me

    Why did we separate?

    Love ……

  • ruthra_ 9w

    Marina shores echoes not language nor religion

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    My Unperfected story

    Let me tell you my story ,
    I grew in Chennai,
    My family!
    Raised in a village ,
    I did love fresh air ,
    City sounds were fair ,
    Indeed ,
    India is a mixture ,
    That’s our main feature ,
    I grew up Hindu school ,
    Half life life went with prayer ,
    Rest half life ,
    I jumped to a Christian school ,
    There too we had prayers ,
    Still I had lot of friends,
    One thing !
    I hated
    Broke my head ,
    My teacher is a Christian ,
    She’s a lady of work ethics ,
    Thanks to her ,
    I cleared my mess ,
    Then I studied medicine,
    Damn I struggled
    And jugged ,
    Not always story is good ,
    At eighteen
    Middle of my college I fell sick ,
    And weak
    I wanted to get my license,
    Sadly I lost my taste sense ,
    I lost my pace
    Drugs !
    Ruined my face ,
    I had a best friend ,
    Purdah of beauty ,
    At times moody ,
    When I broke ,
    She helped to awoke,
    She did pray ,
    Time went on,
    My college days ,
    Numbered ,
    My teacher again helped ,
    She is Christian
    She did pray for my exams ,
    My mother loved temples ,
    She is the best I could ask ,
    My special heart glass ,
    We went to temples ,
    I loved the temple bells,
    And church bells,
    The story at its end ,
    What am I saying is ,
    I have a Muslim friend ,
    Christian teacher ,
    Hindu parents ,
    That’s my story ,
    It’s not the religion,
    Or the caste
    They prayed different places,
    Still one thing mingled,
    Was their love ,
    We have uniqueness...
    Not differences ,
    Let’s bends this disorder...
    Bring love orders ......

  • ruthra_ 11w


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    My Realistic cartoon ,
    Your dirty drools ,
    Bone craving tongue ,
    Snowy fur,
    Devil eyes!
    Taxing belly rubs,
    Dainty ears,
    Wiggling up and down ,
    Furry model !

  • ruthra_ 13w

    Go away

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    Memories I wish to fade away

    Some memories ,
    I sunk them ,
    Until deep corals ,
    So deep ,
    Even ray cant pass,
    Deepest despair ,
    Still !!
    You haunt me ,
    Swimming up ,
    Let me go ,
    I can’t breathe ,
    Stop drowning ,
    My soul is sunk ,
    Save me sharks ,
    Your fear ,
    May fade away ,
    Those memories,
    Scar me away ........

  • ruthra_ 14w

    Juicy spice

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    Lusty Night

    Sumptuous lips ,
    Excite me !
    To Consume them with a kiss ,
    Sultry black hair ,
    Hypnotising curves,
    Sapphire eyes ,
    Imprison me !
    Her tips foreplays me within ,
    Patience broke me ,
    I lost my gentleness,
    I wanted my teeth to scar her back red ,
    I Instilled lust into my fingers ,
    Exfoliate her desires ,
    Row my tongue ,
    In Her ocean of wet !
    I longed ,
    Unbutton her hymen ......

  • ruthra_ 19w

    Yummy 🤤

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    Cake bake

    Chocolate heaven ,
    Perfect crust ,
    Lustful layers ,
    One divine bite ,
    My taste buds !
    Zealous for more ,
    Sprinkles !
    Added features,
    Crunch and favour ,
    Oh i did adore ,
    Chocolate burst ,
    And tasteful feast

  • ruthra_ 19w

    Scars of past

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    Diagnosed sick !!

    The day when ?
    I was classified sick ,
    Needles !
    Have become regular guest ,
    Veins kneeled punctured ,
    Needle were greedy ?
    Of my red blood ,
    Cotton swabs ,
    Cleared up my little drips ,
    Now hands hold up !
    Punctured marks ........

  • ruthra_ 20w

    One wild night 😍

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    Fired up

    Closed walls ,
    Shiny star lights ,
    To set theme right,
    Naked of course !!
    He crawled in ,
    I moaned !
    He thrusted harder
    I moaned louder !
    I tighten his body
    Changed positions!!
    My filthy desires ,
    Weren’t enchanted yet !!!
    He pulled me up ,
    Hugged him tight ,
    Harder he pounded ,
    Louder I moaned !!
    He whispered
    “Want me to wear you out “
    “Yes “
    More lustful desires
    Popped in !
    Unlocked beast within ,
    He was dripped in sweat ,
    I leaky wet !!
    Pounded me more ,
    Our Tongue swirled ,
    Bites and hickeys
    Spanks marks
    My Reddish butt
    We came !!
    We opened the curtain ,
    Sun shined
    Realised !
    We did it,
    Whole night !!