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  • sa___dream 20w

    Broken photograph

    It's been long since I came to this town
    As I pushed the door
    The seal of tears on it broken down
    I felt numbed for a second
    But than cracked a joke like a Clown
    The streets of the town were long abandoned
    No one ever visited here?I wondered,
    I headed towards a heap
    And my heart flustered
    Below the pieces of broken trust
    And some emotional cluster
    I spotted the hidden PHOTOGRAPH
    The picture was damaged like my soul
    Yet I could see this clearly
    Without any fault
    The person in photograph looked like me
    Still I felt like she is someone whom I have never meet.

  • sa___dream 22w

    All that Mattered

    The moment I fell for you
    I knew all that matters to me is you,
    Your smile,your depression
    My emotions felt all the suppression
    I built my universe around you
    I filled it with colors,yes that's true
    You loved black and white so much
    You stained every picture without any clue
    My heart broke and when you couldn't see through
    As if What people said was all true
    Thats when I was shook and whine
    No matter how much you mattered to me
    You would never be mine.
    After this time,I find it funny
    How I have learnt to shine
    You still matters to me but the feeling has changed
    I wanted to make you my whole life
    But you shrunk as a mistake.

  • sa___dream 23w

    The way she loves

    Her heart was as calm as the sea
    When she met him
    And his eyes plead
    Looking into his eyes
    The sea was FLUSTERED
    For the very first time
    The excitement,the love
    Which sometimes felt like crime
    She did everything to heal him
    To make him feel alright
    All the warmth she had
    She gave him all her will to fight
    But all of her wasn't enough
    And she was now suffering
    With him in lonely nights
    she realised,
    She wasn't the therepist
    And the way she love wasn't seemed right.

  • sa___dream 24w


    I was filled with terror
    As I looked into the mirror
    I didn't recognise these eyes
    The smile on lips was just
    Trying to be nice.
    Am realising now I have
    Lost you somewhere
    Was it there when people bullied you
    On your face
    Or when you get blamed
    For trusting people at the first place
    I am trying to find you everywhere
    And I so wish you were here
    I seek forgiveness from these eyes
    Which once shined as fireflies
    I wanna apologize to my heart
    Whom I blamed everytime when it
    Was falling apart
    I wanna tell you that you were perfect
    Because you were you
    And no matter how much I try to
    The truth is I can't become you.

  • sa___dream 24w

    Emotional investment

    "I never asked for anything
    But my eyes always dared to seek
    The love,the care
    And you being pleased,
    But now I want
    my heart at ease,
    Can you return the love,care and honesty
    I have invested please?"

  • sa___dream 25w

    Late END

    I fed him on my emotions
    When he was hungry
    My soul lost its warmth
    While melting his
    Cold heart.
    I lost my pieces
    To complete his puzzle.
    One day I got shook
    While entertaining his bored heart
    What remained with me here?
    Didn't I just wanted some care?
    And he actually think me being
    This way is so fair
    I lost my old self
    And cutted all the ties like my hair
    The ENDING was quite late
    But Atleast I am not
    Here now to wait.


  • sa___dream 32w

    Even With this
    Number of her claimed lovers,
    She Never actually knew how it feels to be loved

  • sa___dream 33w

    For whom I wanted to build a heaven
    Gifted me a castle of hate
    that he built.

    And the funnier part is he
    Proves himself the victim after
    confrontation without
    Any guilt.

  • sa___dream 42w


    Wounds on her back were forming a tiny nest,
    There was blood streaming out of her chest,
    She had scars all over her face,
    It was scary at the first place.

    As I looked into her sore eyes
    I saw myself and my throat dried
    I found her prisoned, and I cried
    She couldn't escape
    No matter how much she tried.

  • sa___dream 42w

    Not everyone is going to give you explanations
    Sometimes you need to forget things first
    In order to forget people