Every moment begins with a tale.

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  • sacred_fox 48w

    Water Wings

    Tucked beneath the shade of an apple blossom tree,
She watched the children splash with eyes full of glee. 
Legs cradled to her chest and eyes alight with green,
She wondered if water wings were too small for a teen.


  • sacred_fox 55w

    A Peaceful Day

    As sunlight peeked through budding emerald leaves,
Slipping off petals and limbs with ease.
I laugh at the empty grass and gentle breeze
Threading through Mother’s hair with skillful tease.
Legs tucked beneath the shade of our dogwood trees,
I listened to Sister hum sweetly to the bees.
Without snow or ice to hinder us doing as we please,
Our little backyard was at peace until someone cut the cheese.

  • sacred_fox 67w

    Genuine Love

    Genuine love doesn’t come in the form of flowers, entwined fingers, or chocolate sweet kisses. Rather it appears from the dark, on a Saturday morning, to lean over your bed and whisper, “Did you take out the trash?”


  • sacred_fox 68w

    True Love

    It hurts. When someone we care about decides we're no longer worth their time. Like raising a puppy, watching them grow and learn and play until one day they can't anymore. I could say the pain only lasts a little while, that this feeling of "I failed again" fades with time. But, the truth is sometimes our thoughts do get the best of us, and sometimes the heartache never truly goes away.

    It does get better. It's natural, dare I say normal, to feel pessimistic when something as important as a relationship doesn't work out. Yet, one, three, or even ten failed relationships does not define us. Our response, how we bounce back--so to speak--marks whether we honestly failed. Because, if we weren't worth their time, chances are, they weren't worth ours. Friends, partners, even family who want us in their life won't hold onto the small things that drive us apart. Fault and failure is life, embracing and being embraced for our flaws and losses is true love.

  • sacred_fox 79w

    A mistake born of assumption and haste in the end costs more than the time taken to search for truth.

  • sacred_fox 82w

    I would say you’re light as a feather, but I think the feather weighs more.

  • sacred_fox 82w

    I laugh in the face of danger until it starts chasing me. Then it’s every man for himself.


  • sacred_fox 82w

    A haiku

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    The she-wolf frolicks
    Crocus petals flutter by
    Small cubs, she nuzzles

  • sacred_fox 82w

    Dedicated: to the Dads, Daddies, Fathers —married or raising on their own— on this special week.

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    From The Start

    From the moment I was able to walk,
    You held my hand without delay.
    Counted the days until I could talk
    And cradled me arm-wise all the way.

    From Pre-K to college I was your Princess,
    No Queen could come between us.
    You nurtured and taught me what was best,
    Never were our lives superfluous.

    Now and here, again, you hold my hand.
    As I walk down the aisle in lace and white,
    I kiss your cheek and come to stand
    By the one I’ve chosen for now and life.

    He’s first in our home, but second in my heart
    Because number one was you, Daddy, right from the start.

  • sacred_fox 82w

    Kitty Kitty

    Kitty, kitty! Black and white
    Mews for attention day and night.
    On my doorstep at six
    Watches my sphinx named Nix.

    With eyes clear as a light green sea
    And gaze fixed with envy.
    She hisses at Nix, galled
    As if she wished to be bald.

    Now Kitty sits in the windowsill
    Mewing out loud and shrill.
    Now stuck inside, she doesn’t purr
    Since the vet shaved her fur.