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  • sacredscar 5d

    Would love to know!

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    Share your low self experience! When things were hard and maybe the way you dealt .

  • sacredscar 5d

    Its okay to take frequent breaks.
    Posting some positive shit��

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    Whenever you feel low or anxious, give yourself a break and understand your mechanism. The best way is to figure out your thought process. Understand the things you allow, only they are accessible to calm you or the opposite. Things aren't same for everyone. Things that dont even bother you might be a moutain to me and vice versa. Different people different mindset. But its just the time of crisis where you get to know youself and put extra effort to understand how to get through and deal with your instincts and you are stronger than you think.

  • sacredscar 1w

    What is "love " for you?
    Part 1
    Tag your people!!

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    How do you define 'Love'?

  • sacredscar 2w


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    I hate everyone, more than anyone.

  • sacredscar 5w

    Is it the urge to be found or the desire to be lost!

  • sacredscar 8w

    Before becoming ocean , drink from it.

    I feel so vast and deep where ending end with beginnings and beginnings know no end, where rivers fall in oceans and sometimes the same ocean condenses to a lake.where the changing colours of the sky are my attention robbers but can't stop myself to fall for the same moon every night.where I no more belong to myself and simultaneously that self assurance which stems from within.where i seek for a rose and the garden which remains unseen. But before my deapth, i also know how to surf on the surface. I carry my depth , the same way i carry my shallowness.

  • sacredscar 10w

    Attention is addiction
    Sympathy is addictive
    Trends are destructive
    Don't you ever get intimated by people , social media or whatever you see i repeat! Dont you ever get intimated.
    P.s: before anyone it is a reminder to myself.

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    Take a deep breath, and unfold your fragility.
    Keep it safe to yourself, don't you ever let it make you vulnerable. Assemble your elements and mash them together!

  • sacredscar 10w

    Take time to realise that how much realization is important .

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    You don't understand your toxicity until you become your own victim.

  • sacredscar 10w

    Answer to all the questions i ever encountered.

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    The ink of my soul.

    Stories are connected with people,places and within ourselves.
    and every once in a while stories are buried alive,brutally
    Stories which we tremble to say,
    And the stories which are lost forever .
    The stories which light up the souls
    And the ones which tear us apart.

    Stories which turn anxiety into happiness
    And the stories which make you to dig your heart,seeking answers that could justify your pain.

    Stories which are no more stories
    And the stories which are not just stories.

    Stories which we keep on inhaling
    And the stories which become our reason to survive.

    ..And in every broken piece of our stories
    We have different characters,rather different lives.
    And sometimes we become slaves of few stories

    The stories we create
    And the stories we blame

    We never write our stories
    But these stories give us a reason to write.


  • sacredscar 11w

    Dont die before your death.

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    Death is a life unlived,
    So a life unlived is , death.