Rusting cerebellum with ratiocination Seeking Sanctity in Mundane hallucination Waiting to fly , with tranquil emancipation

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  • sadawrites 5w

    Serenia :tranquil
    #peace #muslims #islam #miraquill
    If thee didn't explored peace,then you just never lived a life

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    Melancholia and Euphoria are just the companions،what we seek in life is the
    Eternal Serenia

  • sadawrites 7w

    Ajeeb hae Al-Wadud se ishq ka sisla
    Mujhpe likhwa kae woh,mujhe khud padta hae
    Sada writes

    (Dusra misra aamad tha)

    (al-Wadud) is one of the 99 names of God. It means the Most Loving.

    #miraquill #urdu #mira_key #allah

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    عجیب ہے الودود سے عشق کا سلسلہ
    مجھ پہ لکھوا کےوہ ،مجھےخودپڑھتاہے

  • sadawrites 7w

    Red Roses

    These red roses are heedless,
    Embellishes the exterior sepulchres,
    No matter if it's inner ugliness
    The mass endures

  • sadawrites 7w


    I haven't discovered myself
    Then why should I believe
    In insightful readers
    In seventh sense Claimers
    In mundane forecasters
    Let me explore the word " I "
    To know the unknown
    No matter if they say
    "Ignorance is bliss"
    I will soon witness
    "Knowing is courage"
    It's hope for darkness
    It's a miracle for the mystics
    If one is bliss,contrary is Mercy

  • sadawrites 7w

    I was born According to Almighty will
    In their eyes I was totally ill
    They treated me worst than animal
    I died thousand times,as they overkill

    What if I act abnormally
    If thee are normal,why don't tend normally
    My birth obliged thee sheepishly
    You slandered me doubtfully

    Dear Parents!you deprived me of shelter
    Hatred in your eyes for my gender
    Cursed me as if I was sinister
    Left me empty stomach, without fear

    I slept on footpath in a cold night
    Helpless because of their cold-heart
    I met the reflections of my sentiment
    Finally hugged my smile with heart

    New home,but still missed the old
    Awestruck, when rules were announced
    All my dreams were vanished
    As going to school wasn't allowed

    They teach me only dance
    I asked ,"Is there other choice?"
    They responded,"money is the only rejoice"
    I was left without any noise

    Bulling me was something inborn
    They mocked as if I was a clown
    My cerebellum always meltdown
    I wish a white coat instead of gown

    Human showed me their inhumanity
    "I became prostitute, Because of society"
    I craved for knowledgeability
    Alas!world treated me discriminately
    ©Sada writes
    Here"I" is used for transgender basically written for inborn transgenders not the one who transformed themselves by their own choice

    @writersnetwork #mira_key #miraquill #wod #transgender #writers #poetess #poem

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  • sadawrites 8w


    Being a woman is itself scrutiny
    A fighter till cemetery
    For the world, Always a mystery
    She being pious makes a history

  • sadawrites 11w

    عیب چھپانے سے جنت نہیں ملتی
    اعمال دکھانے سے جزا نہیں بڑھتی
    اچھی نیت کا ہونا ضروری ہے
    اللّٰہ سے دوستی یوں ہی نہیں ہوتی
    سدا رائٹس
    #intentions #miraquill @writersnetwork #spirituality

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    Screening culpabilities doesn’t lead to heaven
    Manifesting deeds doesn’t upsurge thine reward
    It’s indispensable to have virtuous intentions
    Friendship with Allah is not that easily made

  • sadawrites 11w

    Self Deception

    When they behold thy features
    Eyes,nose,lips and ears
    They highlight mistakes
    Don't they ponder over wisdom of this?
    Nah! They cross their limits
    What about their Creator sentiments?
    Nah! They never bother,as they are fearless
    To the Artist's art,They show calousness
    They Question about beleifs
    They are conceited towards their ignorance
    They ponder ,as if they are sagacious
    Nah! Again trapped in illusions
    Blinded with world's delusions
    Don't they meditate over their existence?
    Nah! They are delightful in those mires
    Don't they seek for peace?
    Nah! they don't cogitate over that verse
    "Verily in the rememberance of Allah hearts find peace"
    Then where did they chase
    O beleivers!Listen you aren't to please others
    But thee are here to gratify Al-Quddus
    The Most Holy, pure from all imperfections
    Then how come his Art is erroneous?
    Nah!they endure soul's disease
    Satan perplexed them in chaos
    Lower them in Almighty's Gaze
    Inorder to become iblees companions
    Unknown they are towards sacred beauties
    Alas! Forgetful about their presence
    Don't they seek for reasons?
    Nah! They sealed their impure hearts
    Ardent and contrary towards their realities
    Daydreamers of paradise
    Don't They think, "What's the key to success?"
    It's the Call of Adhan,"hasten to success"
    Alas,they are loaded with deafness

  • sadawrites 12w

    muslim e hind!ghazi kahan kehla paoge tum
    Agar wafa karte ho Islam k dushmano se tum
    Shaheed ka darja kahan miljaeyga tujhe
    Agar bayoun he se larrne lag jaoge tum
    Kahe khoon se rang na jaye tumhare haath
    Jaane Anjane meh qatil ban jawge tum
    Hum samaj baithe the dushman tujhe
    Dushman ke warde joh pehnay hwe ho tum
    Agar mitt jae haatho se Islam k phool
    Afsos karenge ek saath hum aur tum
    The na qatil ko maqtool se koi dushmani
    Haq o bAtil k beech pas gae the hum aur tum

    Indian Muslim Army if you're standing against Muslims just keep one thing in mind you are actually going against the orders of Allah,How will you ans on the day of resurection to Allah.
    #indianmuslim #muslim #islam #allah #muhammad #mira_key #miraquill

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    مسلم ہند

    اے مسلم ہند،غازی کہاں کہہ لا پاؤ گے تم
    اگر وفا کرتے ہو اسلام کے دشمنوں سےتم
    شہید کا درجہ کہاں مل جائے گا تجھے
    اگر بھائیوں ہی سے لڑنےلگ جاؤگے تم
    کہیں خوں سے رنگ نہ جائے تمہارےہاتھ
    جانے انجانے میں قاتل بن جاؤ گے تم
    ہم سمجھ بیٹھے تھے دشمن تجھے
    دشمن کی وردی جو پہنے ہوئے ہو تم
    اگر مٹ جائے ہاتھوں سے اسلام کے پھول
    افسوس کریں گے ایک ساتھ ہم اور تم
    تھی نہ قاتل کو مقتول سے کوئی دشمنی
    حق و باطل کے بیچ پھس گئےتھےہم اور تم

  • sadawrites 12w

    It's a famous saying
    Don't get too sweet that people digest you easily ,nor get too bitter that people throw you out.just be in amidst of sweetness and bitterness.
    #miraquill @writernetwork #amidst #poem

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    In Amidst

    I am in chaos
    Whether to adhere
    Sugariness or tartness
    If "Excess of everything is bad"
    Let me laugh with tears
    Let me mourn with smile
    Will mingle with imperfections
    Will modify some ingredients
    Will wear guise as amidst
    Will witness the taste
    If I fade,the world will fear
    As the recipe was poisonous