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  • saheyiduad 1d

    I am looking for that new road
    that may not lead me to my destination
    but would walk me home.

  • saheyiduad 3d

    Limits undefined

    He always dreamt of skies
    but instead of wings
    his back grew roots,
    roots which gets tangled and
    weave the poetries
    limited to the celestial pages.
    In those celestial verses
    his poetries burnt brighter
    than Polaris.
    He always want to be a part of light
    but the darkness around him
    was even harsh
    for his shadows as they hide
    limited to the monsters who whispers.
    In those murky rooms
    his honey dipped eyes
    would lit like candlebra
    consoling his silhouette.

  • saheyiduad 1w

    Monochrome rainbow

    When her presence sets on the horizon of his consciousness,
    assembled other colors of emotions
    with veil of monochromic rainbow
    radiating just one of thousand
    different hues of red on his clouded temple
    which they prefer to call it Love.

  • saheyiduad 4w

    Unknown soulful melody of dervish
    that whirls on prohibited solfège,
    for a word that remains better undefined,
    a testimony that destiny awaits for
    drapped in the thoughts of
    that evening of union,
    moonless night lightens
    as two soul get drunk on love.

  • saheyiduad 5w

    Someday somewhere darling
    you'll realize you don't belong
    to fabricated gardens;
    but the wilderness
    for you are the wildflower born
    where thunder ripped the land apart,
    unlike those bonded leaves
    your roots are not bounded
    in those small pots,
    dipped in those silver dew drops
    you have tasted night pearls on your petals.

  • saheyiduad 5w

    I redefined my pain
    each time those undying scars
    realign themselves in between
    the lines of my skin
    telling new stories about
    muffling cries that never
    reached the ears of listeners.

    P- oetic norms reformed the battle fought
    A- meliorating the cicatrix
    I- n between the pages
    N- urturing the hidden bravery beneath.


  • saheyiduad 6w

    Birth of fireflies in the womb of darkness

    In the womb of darkness
    the celestial fireflies praises
    the mural art of nightfall
    where the crescent raise
    the toast with tides.

    And one with open eyes
    learn the different hues
    of vibrant colors under
    the flickering silver flame
    caged within the horizon.

    And one with closed eyes
    remains uninvited, or maybe
    they prefer to get drunk
    on nightbreeze loosing senses
    to chimera or finding themselves
    in delusions.

  • saheyiduad 7w


    The fragile
    sandcastle coerced
    from the grains of splintered self
    on the shores of sanity holding
    waves of
    insanity still.

  • saheyiduad 7w

    I lend my stardust to your sky
    to align our
    You lend the other half of Cresent
    to my moonless
    From dusk till dawn nature testify
    the trade of


  • saheyiduad 7w


    I would like to be the hope
    somewhere between those beats
    of heart to assure the presence
    of ease at the endings.

    I would like to be the hope
    that connects one with Divine,
    someone who always hugs
    the tired souls, mends the broken heart.

    I would like to be the hope
    filling the voids of forlorn,
    the mild push towards the next step
    till the journey ends with last step.