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  • sahnah 2w

    Half quest

    And the breeze still blowing and wandering to halt somewhere not yet discovered.

  • sahnah 2w

    Words remain

    Autumn never dies, blooming whole year in ballads and verses.

  • sahnah 4w

    I write you my darling in my
    verses along with the moon and the stars. And I adorn my poetries
    with the scented roses and your pretty love.

  • sahnah 4w

    Behold blemished butterflies breathing beneath buried balladries,
    broken bonds,
    burnt bridges,
    begrimed balconies
    beseeching black
    beguile to bloom bright
    with blowing breeze.

  • sahnah 4w

    I have been growing hope in your backyard with some buoyant colors and positive vibes to move on after the pregnant pause of October.

    I have been patient with all your secret flaws and horrendous galls during the chilly winter when my heart was blazing like the sun of summer.

    I swallowed all your bitter words and taunts in a corner and buried them deep to rest forever like the woebegone days of autumn.

    And I burnt those lamentable memories in the graveyard of my black vehemence to warble with you a love song but alas I was totally wrong to give you chance over another with the upcoming spring.

  • sahnah 4w

    When the stars will lose their bright
    And the moon will douse its light
    I shall burn like those mysterious metaphors at midnight
    While the clandestine fragrance of your dark skin shall drench my soul overnight.

  • sahnah 4w

    The last night of winter a reunion
    was called to bid goodbye to all
    dark shade clouds in presence
    of the stars and the colorless
    moon giving a doleful look.
    Perhaps only a few souls (poets)
    admired this scene that night.

    The breeze was softly blowing
    but the heart felt it different
    this time, like it carried the
    clouds on the silver tray a
    last round with utmost
    good vibes to shower
    love all over the vast sky.
    Perhaps only a few souls (poets)
    admired this scene that night.

    A few drops of rain poured like
    melancholy tears dripping for
    a few seconds to soothe the
    soul and the clouds step by
    step drifting to its new
    destination after a long
    vacation in the region.
    Perhaps only a few souls (poets)
    admired this scene that night.

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    The last few clouds of winter.


  • sahnah 5w

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    Breathe in me some flawless hopes
    To walk with the broken clouds
    To fall with the generous raindrops
    To shine with the brazen sun
    When feelings in the heart underrun

    Lend me some true love
    To sway with the soft zephyr
    To fly with the colorful butterflies
    To bloom with the scented flowers
    When everywhere gloom showers

    Bake me some fake fortunes
    To bright the dull days and dark nights
    To spread some hues of autumn
    To spy the secrets of rainbow
    When circles the dark shadow

    Build me some beautiful dreams
    To catch the fallen leaves
    To gleam with the dazzling stars
    To rest with the peaceful moon
    When joy comes little by little on the spoon.

  • sahnah 5w

    Betwixt those silent nights and deep breaths of mine
    Words fall on my soul at 2 a.m
    And I gather them all with one touch to form a complete verse.

  • sahnah 5w

    Words breathe hope in lifeless
    Like verse creates magic in hopeless
    And poetries flourish power in a writer blessed.