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  • sai_dot__ 1w

    Chamber's bland empty.
    The decorative rich darkness's incenseful Gory.
    Seductive silence was inviting.

    Laid down there, bare.
    Chewing the melancholy with most rage. Slow to rapid, Swift to frenzy.
    The teeth remained grinding.

    Through the eyes, ears, nose the blood flooded oozing.
    The ferocious toungue mopped them viciously.
    Said it's tasty.

    Eyes shone with glee
    lips smirked 'Hm' wickedly.
    Pleasureful and satisfying?
    Rapturous and fulfilling?

    How does it feel?
    On the death bed to copulate with agony.


  • sai_dot__ 2w

    Poo/chan/di. The Bogeyman.
    Boochudu- Telugu, Gogayya- Kannada.

    Picturization : An aloof loner moping around in the late nights.

    -Bro barks extensively
    His anxious twaddle : Broo chill, you know what, we are equal parities. We're meant to stay friends.

    You roam around in the streets homeless, I have a home full of its members and yet thrown out to be 'useless'.

    Milk bikies is your favourite.
    Milk bikies with the white cream flavour, that has a creepy face on it is mine as well.

    Well Let’s settle,
    We've evolved from the ancient chestnut stories. Where as the actuality?

    Ah, the random mothers use our names as tools of threat.

    You get her baby's leftover.
    If the baby is extremely maddening, I get the baby it’self.

    Well listen,
    there's the 'Poochandi' the mothers brought to existence. It built the base of curiosity in all humans. The one imaginary fictional character they are yet athirst of finding the appearrecnce.

    To you I may be a spoof of their verbal description
    But here is the quest's conclusion.

    While being a toddler, it was a random stranger their mothers pointed out to, frightened to be carried off by. If they denyed eating the food fed.
    At early childhood it took the form of their homeworks and examinations.
    In adolescence, it transformed to inhumane emotions and toxic traits they suffer.
    During their Adulthood, it becomes an epitome of their responsibility, commitment and persistence one fails to balance.
    Meanwhile later, growing to greying of hair and wrinkles one feels like they're devoured by the demon of death.

    At all stages of their lives it incarnates to various forms. Evolves into deeper and intellectual dimensions.

    So who’s a poochandi here?
    No one's seen any, but been giving it the form of every factor that triggered their fear. The question to what was the origin led to an ultimate realization.

    To their self,
    It was them. Their childhood version was terrified of for not having lunch.
    It was them. The haunting voice that creeped out of their head while attempting an unpreparedbexamination.
    It was them. The route cause of all their sickening emotions.
    It may be them being unable to balance the basics of their survival.
    It will be them, eventually getting scared of looking at their own aged reflection.

    From searching a suitable mien to giving it their face and realizing it is their own dreadful selves. Its the ultimate play of their master mind. The origin of all, the arousal of 'FEAR'.

    And now does it all make sense?

    So brother,
    I'm non existential, your barks at me are fatuous.
    The true poochandi here is their mere fear.
    At the end it's just them.The Bogeyman to themselves.


  • sai_dot__ 13w

    In the air, don't you see?
    My raised hands awaits for your wraith to brace them.
    Take them or not,
    I'd arise or drown.
    Whatever it is, in the ocean!
    One day you shall return.

    Here I come!
    I've lend down my hands
    They're intensely empty and barren as the infertile land.
    They seek abrupt moisture.
    Bless them with your wetness and quench my abundant thirst.
    I pray to you.

    Please arise oh my fairy!I cry!
    Lest my guilt shall devour me to death.



  • sai_dot__ 22w

    One day,
    I fell awake from the sleep of life.
    was incognizant to the standard of time,
    The dreadful drooling monsters were consuming me alive,
    Despite the moon set or rise, it was all dark here inside.
    Jailed into this terror, horrific trepidations insight,
    I fell prey to the incessant thoughts of fright.

    seeking relief,
    I thumped the doors and walls tremendously.
    Wailed my heart out tirelessly.
    The delusional thoughts,
    the huge creepy metal doors whose keys I've lost.
    Through the window bars I hear the hungry emptiness call, desperately awaiting to feed on my fall.

    Doomed into this spooky mind. From where do I seek help to survive? Before I decide to shut my eyes
    To somebody out there,
    Why din't you hear me cry? Din't you really hear my cry?


  • sai_dot__ 28w

    His serinity laid in her calmness and light.
    She was lustrous and milky as pure as white
    Every past sunset he awaited to watch her shine glorious and bright.
    He renowns her eminence, Her blessed Beauty in the solitude of night.

    For she was the moon.
    But little did we know he was the ocean and he danced to her tides?
    Delicate ravage to her peace,
    he would bring destruction even to the littlest source of life.


  • sai_dot__ 34w

    So what do you say?
    Will you delicately hold my distressed hand,
    free my soul intoxicated by the adhered silence?
    Oh hail the glorious mind! I seek freedom from the captor.
    Oh love, you'd rather stay deep in the den and continue to desolate my dreams, while the sun rises I'm let devastated and shattered.


  • sai_dot__ 36w

    • Cadence •

    Stood shuddered in the coldest weather
    While the random coarse fingers abruptly silt through the curves,
    The strong goddess of erotica was immersed in the notion of fear.
    As the dreadful hand moved downwards
    Disgust and disgrace was vigour, surpassed the flow of a gory river.
    All set, ready for death.

    In no span, the melodious face was taken off, ohh snap'

    Upheld by the wild fingers, quickly dunk into his pocket.
    was surprisingly placed closely to his warm chest.
    The beautiful rose bud stayed safe in his bolster
    Sadly beheld it's home droop and fall by the Strom forever.

    Sooner did it decipher,
    If every she was a rose bud, not every he was a disgrace to her uterus. Oh and he's the gracious!


  • sai_dot__ 49w

    Mental healing is an actual break through from the toxicity of your adhered anxious soul.


  • sai_dot__ 72w

    The dark lover

    Groove to the sight your eyes take you too.
    Go! Follow the footsteps imprint right beside you.
    Run! Until dusk, until twilight of the sun breaks through,
    Careful on the fragile leaves, they're shed dried, they make up the diecy floor.
    Breathe hard! Don't loose hope!
    Right behind the dense woods, there you go!

    Move to the tunes your ears heard through.
    Go follow the fragrance you sniff every time your hardships hit you.
    Swim, deep into the ocean until the sun cannot penetrate into,
    Careful with the sea monsters, they'd swallow you.
    Breathe hard! don't loose hope! Right there,
    Into the cluster of bubbles, they'll disappear once your bear fingers touch too.

    Run to the direction your foot takes too.
    Go! Follow the humble voice that whisper when you are in despair a passionate 'I love you'.
    Climb, to the height you cannot reach too. up on the hills, onto the mountains.
    Careful with the rocks, they'd roll over and destroy you!
    Admist the mist of the smoky clouds, the winds will drive her off!
    You lost her! This time too!


  • sai_dot__ 72w

    Preferably not the person.
    But it's the feeling I caught is that keeps me
    going • moving • grooving • dieing.