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  • saiabi 19w

    By unknown writer

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    Promise that you'll trust me,
    I'll never break it
    Give me the freedom to choose!
    I'll choose you even over millionth choices

    Let me show you I have my own way of loving!
    Every love is better as long as it's kind and trustworthy!

  • saiabi 24w

    In trend!

    Simple Hello's,
    Complicated Good byes!


  • saiabi 50w

    I don't feel right,
    I'm expecting a text from you
    yet not disappointed when i don't receive one,
    I'm afraid that I won't be able to
    kiss you Passionately,
    send a lovely text to you,
    feel the vibes between us,
    give you a firm hug,
    talk warm words and a comforting touch,
    Walk with you,
    Calm down the noise within me,
    fix our broken hearts,
    Sit and gaze at you for hours,
    I want to be all this and all that I have not spoken out.....

  • saiabi 52w

    People who know you take you for granted...
    People who don't know you will never stop judging you...
    There is always a commotion in understanding people especially who are really closest to you..

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    All my sufferings,
    Please take a break,
    Look at the nature,
    Come back to me with regrets
    After adoring all the
    Beautiful places,
    Then take me with you
    To all the nicest places!

  • saiabi 55w

    Sometimes you can't
    let things out,
    Sometimes you can't
    let things be within you.

  • saiabi 55w

    I'm stuck in between
    the chaos
    screaming to save me,
    I'm lost somewhere
    wandering to explore love !

  • saiabi 60w

    I want to pour my heart out
    Not sadness
    But all the desires!

  • saiabi 60w

    We always disappoint someone,
    Sometimes we are angry on ourselves for expecting a lot,
    We need truth that comforts us
    Unfortunately we get the lies that comforts us,
    We fall for exaggerated lies
    We yell at simple truths
    We are simple yet complicated.
    How do we understand ourselves?
    Despite all this, I love me
    That's all matters.
    Trying to find you will cost you "you".

  • saiabi 65w

    Hide & Seek

    I hid under smiles.
    I hope someone comes seeking me.

  • saiabi 65w

    Let the light inside you burn,
    Dark outside be ruined!