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  • saichandu 119w


    A person in the world who cannot be described in a single word.
    Don't know how to start....

    One who carries us in her womb for 9 months.

    One who takes care of us throughout her life.
    One who eats only after feeding us.

    One who make us smile, sleep, learn things etc.,
    One who gives support when we start walking.
    One who gets us ready till we do it on our own.

    One who corrects our path when we are in a wrong way.
    One who strives for us all the time.
    One who cooks our favourites all the time.
    One who shares all the love towards us with pure heart.

    One who plays games and make us happy.
    One who starts teaching us in our life.
    One who pray god all the time for our future.
    One who does anything for us.
    One who doesn't care her life while giving birth to us.

    Don't know where to stop even..

    One person in the world who cannot be described well.
    Thank you mom.
    Thanks a lot for giving me a birth and good life.
    Love you.... Love you a lot....

  • saichandu 128w

    Expressing love

    Stars twinkle in the sky. You twinkle in my eye.
    I sleep on the cot. You sleep in my heart.
    I make mistake being sick.You correct it and mark it with a tick.
    You are my only queen. I've been waiting for you from the teen.
    Sun is high in the sky. Without you my life is empty, so I'll die.

  • saichandu 156w

    Dear Friend

    When ever I review the memories that I had with you; happy tears flow out following with a smile.
    Those are the beautiful one's which cover few pages of my life.
    And each moment of ours is splendid beautiful and engraved on the wall of my heart.

    I Miss You my friend.


  • saichandu 156w

    #love #mother #problem #pod #pain #delivery #friend

    If anything told is wrong, you are welcome to comment. So that I can try changing my perception.
    You can like and share it and see that none doesn't give up.

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    Dear Friend

    We face problems in life. Some of them give up and some don't.
    Those who don't give up, they'll reach their destination.
    This is a known fact. Right!

    Here's an example for those who give up:
    See friend, Mother gives birth to her children with lots and lots of pain. She'll even then doesn't gives up. She'll give you birth very happily. If she thinks it is difficult, we'll not fall on this earth.

    I feel each and every problem is smaller than what mother faces during her pregnancy time.

    So don't give up my friend.

    All the very best!


  • saichandu 158w

    Dear Friend

    I just don't remember the date we met each other.
    But I do remember the place.

    It's your attitude and character which made
    me do friendship with you.
    As days passed, you have become my bestie.
    Shared many thoughts, had wonderful time together and many.

    I never even dreamt that you'd leave me all alone and go.
    But then I'll remember the date which set apart from each other.

    I Miss You my friend.
    But I still believe that you'll come again another day.

  • saichandu 171w

    Dear Friend

    I'd like to share anything with you.
    And then you started doing the same.
    Shall we share everything with each other
    forever. I'll do it.
    Will you?

  • saichandu 177w

    I know u wonder reading it but just don't peep
    So better understand and keep.

    U drive ur life soft, like a jeep
    And take the wickets of ur enemies like kuldeep
    U love everyone and dig our hearts deep
    And make us realise it with a sound, beep

    U face anything like a brave sheep
    And completes anything without a sleep
    U are grown fast like a steep
    Which helps us grow with a big bleep..

    U work with a effect to show complete heap
    Which make everyone work without a leap

    Hence stopping here with, by falling asleep.


  • saichandu 177w

    I just wanted to write it because u r lovely
    If it's not true, edit it simply

    U have very good following which is crazy
    Which is due to ur nature, friendly
    U have skill sets which show ur work quality
    Which makes you grow great early

    U can lift weights more than a KG
    Which sometimes makes u become lazy
    Please ignore the small mistakes, kindly
    Which u must do it secretly

    Many like u because, u r naughty
    U pretend to be as such because of ur beauty
    I know that u get a smile on ur face lightly
    But all this are written truly

    I think u'll save it probably
    If it hurts u delete this softly


  • saichandu 188w

    Crazy Love

    A boy and a girl are crazy about each other.
    An incident made them talk to each other which increased their craziness towards each other.

    Boy to Girl on her birthday.
    Boy: Hi, May I come in! asked in a crazy way.
    Girl: Of course, you can.
    Boy: Many happy returns of the day. Here's your gift.
    Girl: Thanks a lot and thanks for coming too.

    Conversation continues... and he again says...

    Boy: May I come in!
    Girl: You are already in right.
    Boy: Of course I'm but this time i want to enter into your heart.

    Girl stays silent for few minutes...

    Girl: May I come in too!!
    Boy: To my heart?
    Girl: Yes! Of course.
    Boy: The doors of my heart are already open for you to enter.

    Here the incident which made them get crazier about each other is., Being thanked by the person to whom they helped earlier at the different intervals of time.

  • saichandu 189w

    Writing DIARY is perfect.
    Being written by someone in DIARY brings an effect.

    Follow the effect which makes you perfect.

    And share if it's correct.