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  • sakshi37 174w

    Is it possible that three years later
    In the middle of the night
    When you are drenched in love
    But not with me
    And so am I
    And still feel the piercing pain
    Of not having you by my side

    Is it possible that three years later
    We are still neighbours,
    Passing by through that dead devilish street
    Keeping a glance on one other
    As we share the same company
    But acting like strangers
    Because that is how it feels
    4 April 2019

  • sakshi37 174w

    I write for him
    To thank him
    For weaving this strong personality..
    I shatter the miseries..
    They seem tiny when compared
    To the circumstances you framed
    4 April 2019

  • sakshi37 175w

    I am home...
    Swagat nahi karoge hamara.. Lol��

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    I write for him
    To capture his presence
    In my poetries...
    For it be a present
    For all the sorrows I faced
    3 April 2019

  • sakshi37 199w

    I fell in love with my solitude more..
    Because nothing makes me happier
    And nothing mades me sadder
    Than you
    You are in love
    Sometimes it's not the butterflies
    But the pain
    12 Oct 2018

  • sakshi37 200w

    It's in the eyes
    Always the eyes
    I lit a few candles
    But Burnt bridges too
    For I am too numb
    To invite someone in my journey again.
    I want to be alone
    But yet touched
    Heart does break
    When unexpected people change
    meant to be together
    But feelings stay the same
    Quelling to bear the pain
    I always knew
    I do have wrong choices
    You for instance
    I did mistake by loving you
    But if allowed I will repeat it a trillion times
    I am a aware, I know, I am a moron
    But I have realized
    Loving you was the most exquisite form of self destruction
    I am no more a fragment
    But a whole
    My heart is in my mind
    And now
    I am an artist of my sub conscious mind...
    9 Oct 2018

  • sakshi37 200w

    Break the chains of regret you uphold
    Those mistakes that can never be redress
    Know your might, the cure
    Demand your heart and soul
    Knit the yarn of hope
    A little too tight
    So that your future shines not the plight
    9 Oct 2018

  • sakshi37 200w

    We do realise
    Don't we
    Ours was a mismatch
    Certainly not blessed by shimmers of heaven
    Maybe it was the mischief of stars
    Or the angels were bored
    Clueless!! What held us together
    Clueless!! What separated us
    But certainly it was a esthetic Ride
    In the ups and downs with beauty of life
    I earned pride and you by my side
    Ours was not a Fairy tale neither a nightmare
    It's hanging somewhere between the sluttish time
    Just because ours stars were a little high
    A lot crazy at that point of time...
    8 oct 2018

  • sakshi37 200w

    Rare are those
    Who understand you
    Rest are just
    Suspicious about you
    7 Oct 2018

  • sakshi37 200w

    Will you ever come and search for me
    Will you find me and be mine
    Need you now, Oh!
    Hold me closer in those ecstatic eyes
    Stop the wings of time
    When I close my eyes
    I find you by my side
    All I ever really need is your love
    All I could say would never be enough

    I have been waiting for something new
    Now I know it's you
    Truth in this world of doubt
    Silver lining to my dark cloud
    And I am here wishing this lasts forever
    Don't you feel the same

    Something like a strong wind is hovering over me
    Has got a hold of me,
    Thinking and doing things I shouldn't be
    Really I shouldn't be
    One more call
    It's one more trip to my side of town and you walk right in
    One more here we go again

    Now that I have you
    Don't you disappear
    Oh I know that time to leave has come
    I am not yet ready for this moment again
    Slide up close to me
    Your hands so comforting
    I tell myself I am not in love
    But one more time is not enough
    One last kiss and then you are a goner
    And I am here wishing this lasts forever
    Don't you feel the same

    The light of your memories
    Will never let it go
    Every joy, every misery
    Will never let it go

    You feel the same so as I
    It's just so true divine
    Cross the seven seas
    I have nothing to deny
    There is nothing that I wouldn't do

    So calm and so cool, yeah I try to be
    Like it don't bother me
    The last time was the last time
    Until I amm all alone and picking up the phone
    It's just another call
    It's one more here we go again
    Don't ever leave me now
    Will you not
    And I am here wishing this lasts forever
    Don't you feel the same

    Need you here.... with me
    7 Oct 2018

  • sakshi37 200w

    The beauty
    Has thorns
    As flowers...
    6 oct 2018