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  • saloni_04 5d

    Uhm uhm! @sanil_thakur
    Hello, Birthday Boy! Oh are no more a boy. You are a Man! Haha.❤️❤️
    I hope when you read this, you will be having a big smile on your face. Enjoy your day, Sanil.
    I was busy with family functions and currently I'm out of town. Sadly, there are network issues here.��
    Lekin... Birthday celebrate karna banta hai boss! Woh bhi Sanil ka birthday. Can't afford to miss. Keep smiling.

    Cake bhej do yaar! ����
    #ThakurSahabKaBirthday ��

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    We all know you as Sanil,
    Since you appeared on Miraquill,
    'Asmanjas' was your old name,
    But our bond is still the same.

    A handsome soul you are,
    In DP, you are standing with a car,
    Your presence is dear to all,
    And your contribution was never small.

    Thank you for always being there,
    For people like you are quite rare,
    Please write often, young man,
    Atleast, whenever you can.

    Happy Birthday to a lovely soul!
    As interesting as crime patrol, (JK)
    You deserve every love and happiness,
    Wishing you with immense heartiness.

    You matter.

    With lots of love,

  • saloni_04 2w

    Namashkar Janta!
    Reading newspapers and watching news channels each time, it's so sad to see the levels of hatred increasing upto such drastic extents. Hate speech, hate comments, threats...this is a very common story these days. Writing this as an awareness. Please take care of yourselves and let's not entertain those who spread hate. Much love to all! ❤️

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    Hat(red) Alert!

    Tongue of a venomous snake,
    Hissing around with faces so fake,
    Growing insecurities of all kinds,
    I wonder, what lies in those vicious minds?

    Their veins flow with one intention,
    To create chaos in a peaceful nation,
    Tickling the triggers of every sentiment,
    With horrific deeds and rude judgements.

    Certain words can pierce hearts like bullets,
    They can ruin a living soul within minutes,
    No pity either, nor seen the guilt,
    For hatred in them was already built.

    From physique, status or religion,
    Hatred was everywhere as a mission,
    No where was hatred ever left alone,
    And humanity was far away gone.

    Peace for them is a rocket science concept,
    They can't get over it to change and accept,
    In every happy space lives an unseen devil,
    Desiring the world to surrender the cruel.

    News headline of the day: "Humanity was shot dead by a snake bite."
    That's the irony.


  • saloni_04 2w

    @maiatamarain aka. Maia! This is for you.��

    A token of love from my side. Enjoy your day and don't forget to keep that positivity alive with you. You have no idea, that's one of your qualities that makes you so charming!
    So Don is here, trying to impress her favourite girl. Hehe....��



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    You are the epitome of happiness,
    Lighting smiles on every faces,
    With a positive heart and kind will,
    You exist here on Miraquill.

    Taylor, Camila, Shawn or Charlie,
    Your dp keeps changing instantly!
    My heart has a special place for you,
    And each day, my love for you grew.

    In this writing world, you did wonders,
    That made every reader's heart flutter,
    Comments you ink brighten our minds,
    That makes your presence unique to remind.

    Happy Birthday to a very special girl,
    As beautiful as the ocean pearls,
    Life is all yours and you will do great,
    It's a promise. Not the Don's threat.

    Maia, we love you!
    Happy Birthday. Lots of love.

    With love,

  • saloni_04 3w

    Umm...the first two lines sound like...Physics! I know right. I hope it makes sense. It took me just 15 minutes to write this. I don't know if it's good but I'm sure that you all will give me honest opinions. PLEASE GIVE ME HONEST OPINIONS. DONT HIT LIKES JUST BECAUSE YOU KNOW ME OR YOU LIKE MY DP OR I AM YOUR CRUSH OR WHATEVER. Mat karo aisa. Okay? No too much drama. I am acting very hyperactive these days. So let it be. Thank you! #wod #vain #live


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    (P)ain and (V)ain. They both meet the end.

    I am standing on a pendulum,
    Swinging and falling in its momentum,
    I will balance with patience and pain,
    For one day, I shall not live in vain.

    I may not get all that I wish,
    That's life and it's way of serving the dish,
    I will stand strong to bounce back again,
    For one day, I shall not live in vain.

    My heart will find me a better way,
    To do what I love and ignore what others say,
    I am ready to walk on my heart's lane,
    For one day, I shall not live in vain.

    I own nothing for nothing was mine,
    So I left my pride and I feel it's fine,
    Desires are like mud washed in the rain,
    For one day, I shall not live in vain.

    I have decided to choose happiness,
    Travelling along with a face of kindness,
    That's when my soul will begin to reign,
    For one day, I shall not live in vain.

    My life is a short story I live,
    I want memories when my end arrives,
    Leaving back the achievements I attain,
    For one day, I shall not live in vain.


  • saloni_04 6w

    Every country has their own pros and cons. So does India. Lekin...kya hai na boss, India ka vibe alag hich hai! I'm sure, this post will make you feel proud to be a true Indian. ����
    Proudly inking this to our beloved 'vatan', Bharat.
    #Indiarocks #Indiawaale #Hindustani #OMGIndia #Indiaislove #AlwaysDesi

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    Ayurveda was introduced in medical history,
    Maharishi Sushruta, the Father of Surgery,
    Yoga and medicines enlightened life,
    This is India, a true healing paradise.

    Great minds made several discoveries,
    From Science to Maths, we cracked mysteries,
    From Kalam to Aryabhatt, names have no end,
    This is India, we seek knowledge to extends.

    Different traditions and different attires,
    Colourful clothes we love to acquire,
    Festivals we all rejoice with one heart,
    This is India, a divine piece of art.

    Stories of mythology and immense bravery,
    Freedom fighters and warriors hated slavery,
    Soldiers stood in valour from generations,
    This is India, our veins flow with determination.

    Sages and Saints ruled in philosophy,
    Wise words they quoted so brightly,
    Giving life a whole new meaning,
    This is India, a gem from the beginning

    Sculptures and monuments speak about the past,
    The Kings and Queens, scriptures so vast,
    Arts and music is the epitome of our beauty,
    This is India, you see talents in plenty.

    Agriculture breathes within our soil,
    Kitchens with traces of spice and oils,
    Cuisines are many, languages are countless,
    This is India, here nothing seems lifeless.

    Biodiversity makes eyes fall in wonder,
    Abundance of metals, be it steel or copper,
    Waterfalls and mountains are heavenly creation,
    This is India, a 'must visit' nation.

    ~We unite when our flag is hoisted,
    We seek justice in our 'Ashoka Stambh'
    We take pride in our diversity,
    We breathe our end in our 'Desi Mitti'.
    Jai Hind!


  • saloni_04 7w

    And so finally, today I complete 1 year on Miraquill! (Me silently shouting 'Yayyy'). I can't believe, days pass so swiftly. I still feel like a newbie. I met so many brilliant writers here. Some left, some are on deactivated mode and some are still here writing wonders. But the love and support I get from you all, I will never forget that! Each one of you will always have a special place in my heart. Each one of you is special. ❤️

    Writing this journey of mine as a memory and also as an ode to all the Mirakeeans/Miraquilleans and ofcourse, Writersnetwork and Miraquill too for being there with me from start to present. Some 'dil ki baat' written over here. Much love to all of you! Happy December.❄️

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    I wrote imperfect poetries,
    Some free verses, some short stories,
    With loads of thoughts and unstable will,
    I discovered this app called Miraquill.

    I love to interact but not on social media,
    So I had a fear before joining this area,
    "I shall exit from here soon" , I thought so,
    But when I entered this place, it didn't let me go.

    Initial days were quite lonely,
    Not much reads; just a few only,
    Nevertheless, I diverted my attention,
    Towards seeking a writer in me with passion.

    I started reading more of what others write,
    How talented are all with thoughts so bright!
    I read more, I learnt, I implement,
    With a burning desire to be different.

    I chose to be simple,
    Just me, my words and thoughts mingle,
    Trying to find out my sense of style,
    I chose to sit and think for a while.

    My patience was finally paying me off,
    Coming across new writers was a lovely faceoff,
    Each time I was given a kickstart,
    To rise and bloom in the writing art.

    I inspired myself from many writers here,
    Be it any language, they all deserve a cheer,
    This place made me realise the power of writing,
    When I got comments that said, "keep inking".

    I'm happy to be a part of this place,
    I discovered writing and writers full of grace,
    Thanking you all for bringing the best in me,
    I don't regret being here, that's all I see.

    - I'm still a learner. Each time I learn new things. I fall, I rise, I walk and the learning cycle continues.


  • saloni_04 7w

    Dear Ankita aka @beleza_

    Aren't you smiling right now? I know, you are!��. My journey on miraquill has been wonderful and here, you are very special to me��. (Chalo ab tumko emotional nahi karenge). You are such a positive and charming person!�� The vibes I get from you, keeps me hooked up with you even today! ��. Thank you for being you. ❤️. Well, you write so beautifully! (You already know that) and I admire your writeups alot. Each time I learn something new from them✨. To be very honest, you are amazing and I mean it. ��
    Okay now, please send cake. We are waiting. Don't eat everything alone. Okay? ��. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Ankita! ��. I pray that every wish of yours comes true��.All the best for whatever you do��. Keep smiling, beautiful girl!�� Sending you lots and lots of love. ��

    With love,
    Or as you call me, 'Billi ji'. ��

    One more surprise for you!✨
    Scroll down....@_the_nightmare is here.��

    Apki iss ada per kya jawab du
    Kuch kahu ya arti utar du��
    Mere yaar ka janmdin hai
    Tohfa du ya bas ashirwad du��

    Koi acha sa phol hota agar
    Galiyare se tod lata��
    Jo khud gulab hai
    Usey kya gulab du

    Duriya kitni bhi ho��
    Baatein bhale roz
    Na hoti ho��
    Par ek namune ki
    Kami aaj bhi ho

    Na ankh kabhi na ho
    Na khushi kabhi kam ho
    Jiski zindagi mein tum ho
    Uski tension thodi kam ho��

    Muskurana acha hai
    Muskurate bhi rehna
    Koi pagal bole toh
    Sun lena
    Cheeze ab badal nahi sakti
    Yeh soch ke rakhna������

    Chlo happy birthday to
    You shabdo ko viram deta hoon
    Jaisi apki following hai
    Treat ki jagah bhandhara he karna padega������
    Stay blessed��
    Stay happy��
    Keep rocking ��
    Your Nightmare.

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  • saloni_04 7w

    #lifeadvice #wod Maybe?
    I hope this is good.��❤️

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    My dear,

    Seek joy in moments simplest,
    Live in them to the fullest,
    Appreciate all that you are,
    Count blessings and embrace your scars.

    Trust your heart to the utmost depth,
    This is self love and it's a bold step,
    Be humble to all wherever you go,
    Plant a tree of 'goodness' wherever you sow.

    Apologise when you are wrong,
    If you do, you are someone strong,
    Go crazy to follow your passion,
    But make sure, you lose no compassion.

    It's alright when life is not in favour,
    Have patience in this journey of endeavour,
    Past and future is gone and mystery,
    Let it go. Don't live in it's slavery.

    ~Smile till your teeth start falling off.

  • saloni_04 8w

    Imagine, nature being so savage. Hehe...well nature is savage! We just can't take it for granted. ��
    I hope you like this.❤️

    @writersnetwork Thank you for the repost! ❤️
    @miraquill I still can't believe this! Am I dreaming? I just randomly thought of checking updates here and suddenly I saw so many messages. I was really shocked! Thank you so much for POD! Happy to know, this was worth reading.❤️✨

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    Man(kind) or Man(rude)? Who are you?

    Decades ago, world was in harmony,
    Later mankind grew, so did the economy,
    Trees and mountains, skies and fields,
    You exploited us just for your greed.

    You kill animals, but what's their fault?
    Never did you think of us taking a halt,
    You cut down forests to build sky scrapers,
    Leaving us homeless in the world of acres.

    Icebergs are slowly breaking down,
    But that doesn't break your egoistic crown,
    Pollution all over is being spread,
    This is something you must see as a dread.

    You are openly embracing new technologies,
    Building factories, owning crores of properties,
    What about our living? What do we do?
    Global warming is your karma giving a clue.

    You call yourself 'liberal' or 'wise' people,
    Then why don't you look upon your deeds so evil?
    Rivers and oceans, aqua life is losing breath,
    Do you witness their slow death?

    You leave us with plastics all over,
    No waste management and pollution grows further,
    Honking, gas in gallons for vehicles so many,
    Do you ever feel for us any pity?

    You maybe the 'intellects' of this earth,
    But you are just a 'dot' of this huge girth,
    Rethink your living and give us our freedom,
    Or nature will pounce back to end your kingdom.

    ~ It's not just you. When time comes, we can be savage too.


  • saloni_04 8w

    "Loneliness is and always has been the central and inevitable experience of every man" ~ Thomas Wolfe.

    Some may find this depressing (I found it too) and if you do, I'm very sorry for that. I just made an attempt to write something new. I hope you enjoy this as a 'writeup' and give me honest opinions. Much love to all.❤️

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    Today, I met loneliness,
    Standing across the river I stood,
    Gawking over from a distance,
    Carrying burdens of our chaos.
    How disturbing was the silence,
    All I could hear was the flowing river,
    Never did she utter a single word,
    That silence still haunts my ears.
    Breeze blew across in a spin,
    I squint my eyes, but she stood still,
    The cold breeze touched her skin,
    She remained numb even then.
    I witnessed sorrow in her eyes,
    Cried her heart; without a tear,
    Her dark iris hid unsaid miseries,
    Gulping in her lone sufferings.
    My heart sank into her still words,
    Breathing heavily in oblivion,
    I lost myself in her hollow heart,
    Grief in me bleeded deep within.
    The river was the only path,
    To seek awhile our mere existence,
    But neither of us ever crossed the waters,
    We stood apart; and silence spoke for us.