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  • salynn 77w

    Your life

    Enjoy your life, because you shattered mine with the way you chose to live ours.


  • salynn 77w

    Insert the lie

    I __________ you

    I____________ you

    You __________ die

    You are ___________

    Go to _________

    Enjoy your____________

    Be ________

    Play _________ _________ someone else

    Everyone ______ everything _________ important


    Kiss ______

    I'll never ___________

    Enjoy ________ _________

    Be with _________ __________

    Insert your lies here, not in my life.


  • salynn 77w


    Enjoy death

    For she is the one true thing that will always come for you

    She is the bittersweet truth

    The only certain thing you'll get out of life

    The sweet truth


  • salynn 88w

    Save me

    Dry in the night
    Sitting alone

    Nothing to see
    Nothing to hear

    Sitting in the night
    Over thinking
    Under thinking

    Breathing heavy
    Wondering when will my life begin
    When will this madness end
    When! When! When!

    Why am I stuck in a place I don't belong
    A place I've fought to get out of
    A miserable point

    So I scream save me
    But no one will
    No one will actually save me

    Not without a note that I owe them
    Not without the show

    They want the glory of saying I helped her
    I saved her
    It was me

    But they are the reason I'm stuck here
    I'm the fool who helps them
    Even though I'm drowning
    The one who gives without end

    I can't save myself and those around
    So I keep saving them
    To feel like I'm important
    To seem like I fit
    To hope

    I save them in hopes someone will save me

  • salynn 88w


    Drill into her
    Push and thrust
    Take the best parts
    Steal her air
    Drain her energy
    Leave your hateful marks

    Keep doing it

    Run your hands over her
    Grab what you see
    Hold what you want

    Keep don't it

    Consume her resources
    Take her down
    Make her weak

    Keep doing it

    Does it make you feel good
    Do you feel big
    Do you feel anything

    Keep doing it

    Keep going

    You can go it

    Make her bleed
    Make her see
    Make her feel
    Make her

    Keep going

    Keep it up

    Maybe one day someone will make you feel

    Maybe one day someone will do what you did to her

    Maybe one day you'll pay

    Maybe one day

    She'll be your end

    The one who will grab you and steal your life

    She is her

    She will be your end

  • salynn 92w

    Blissful thoughts make for blissful people

    Ignorance is held in ignorant hands

    These are things people choose to not see but listen to.
    Moments in time people use to fuel wars and hate.
    Times people will look at and try to give proper words and explanations for.
    Events will lead to pain and loss.

    Teach yourself
    Expand your horizon
    Open your eyes
    Feel whats in front of you

  • salynn 92w

    My best and worst choice was you!


  • salynn 92w


    When you're dealing with life
    Make sure to remember
    Your life matters
    You are important
    You're in charge
    Don't let life deal you a life

  • salynn 92w


    Enjoy the small things,
    Don't be so negative,
    Live a life that you'd be glad to reflect on,

    Enjoy the small things,
    Enjoy your choices,
    Believe you can,
    Have faith in yourself

    Enjoy the small things,
    Be yourself,
    Love you,
    Hold you,

  • salynn 161w


    For the last 3 1/2 years my life has not been my own.

    Counseling. Meds. Abusive relationships... when I think I've escaped, I let go of hurt.

    I find myself surrounded by, different dark. Others pain. Being the punching bag again. Blame game. All of it over. Just surviving to be here. A mom. A friend. A hard worker.. just to have it thrown at me.. to be told im not important and the treatment I have to do to be able to move isn't important because I'm not healed... I can't do things like before. I don't do things like before.. because I'm not the same as before.. but

    I know this.. I know cause I deal with me 24 hours a day. I feel the pain as I walk. I feel the facial expression. I know the nightmares. But I don't get to quit. I don't get a sick day. There's no rest for me. I have to be strong. I have to be available.

    I am a mother.

    I am a woman.

    And I am living in a body that is failing these everyday duties. Telling or talking to people doesn't work when those you tell only listen to talk. Having someone close but them only having you to get things out of you isn't going to work. Being a wife or girlfriend to someone who is so worried about sex they'd put your health at risk and then put you down because you can't do what they want to do, isn't going to work! When no one cares for you how are you to care back for them. Let alone want alone time. As a woman who is battling a win lose win lose lose situation. Dont waste your time.. stay away from poison...