Why do I write? Writting makes me feel relieved, and lessen the burden in my heart

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  • sammas 56w

    Love is too expensive
    I really cant afford to buy it


  • sammas 58w


    You call me rude,
    When am just saying the truth.

    You like me naive,
    And obediently still.

    You call it rude,
    I call it defense.

    Tears are falling,
    But I cant be weak.

    Am back being a puppet,
    Cant seem to change my fate.

    Too taken in this game,
    A character I became.

    What's my name,
    My n..ame?!

    I cant remember


  • sammas 60w

    What's love?


    What's marriage?


  • sammas 102w

    There is no year
    That went
    Shedding a tear

    But I wonder...
    Yes! Tears are salty
    But do they form salt
    After evaporation

  • sammas 104w

    I wanna cry until my tears gets dry

    I wanna shout until my throat is sore

    But seems even the freedom of doing so
    Is snatched


  • sammas 105w

    I ran
    I didn't know what I was running from
    I just had a feeling of running

    But later did I realise
    I didn't know who I was
    I stopped my pace

    And asked myself
    Apart from my...
    Identity, career, parents...

    Who am I?

  • sammas 105w

    They say,
    Only a pillow knows
    How much you've cried.

    I disagree...

    I say only my heart knows,
    Cox there are times I cry,
    But I don't shed tears.

  • sammas 105w

    Tell me how?
    U say I don't talk much.

    U complain,
    I don't express myself.

    When I do...
    You question me.

    How am I, to express
    When at last
    You're gonna judge

  • sammas 120w

    My whole body is cold
    I tried keeping my heart warm
    But I failed my mission

  • sammas 122w

    Someone once told me
    It was his dream to make me his
    I replied
    I don't want to be a dream
    But to be a reality