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  • samuel123900 26w

    The Significance or Impact of saying I'll Try

    It all starts when you're being giving birth to. Countless stuffs come your way. And it's at you to figure out the best for you and advance with it.
    Later you graduate to now desire things. Things that may aid you or destroy you. Whilst time goes by, you make both good and bad decisions. You accept majorly the bad and let go the good. But later, only few recognise that and pursue back the good. But unfortunately, the rest do undergo stuffs like chaotic experiences and all these do lead to been reserved.
    Soon, you say no one would change you and you abide to it. You fight for your success and happiness and don't care about others. It do work for you because deep inside you, you have this stuff called “hatred for mankind or life”. From there, you only see the divergent part of man and life.
    The unfortunate thing is that no matter how horrible and angry you are about your environment and its inhabitants, one of those inhabitants, would later procure to you the joy you expect directly or indirectly. When you get it too, it'll be hard but you just have to try and be committed.

  • samuel123900 27w


    So what we get tired,
    So what we sleep,
    So what we die.
    This is what the fun of life.

    Life has events that shouldn't be missed,
    Coz the add to us the great accomplishment called

    Experience is something valued by people,
    Because it's a stuff used for different things.
    Some use it to brag,
    Some use it as lesson, but
    Some use it to lecture others on what they should
    Or shouldn't do.

    That's the beauty of

  • samuel123900 27w


    When things are hard, persevere
    Because perseverance is the only way out
    Of a difficult situation

  • samuel123900 27w


    Dealing with someone you know isn't present,
    Is painful.
    That's what separation cause.

    It's a typical representation of a cemetery and living people.
    Living people do believe that the cemetery is a place where you existence come to an end.
    Forgetting that separation is inevitable.

    Life and all its trauma, do play all their roles in our growth and development.
    But we do not want to accept such and this do lead to regret at the end.

    Separation is inevitable.

    Never pray that death isn't your portion or you won't die.
    But pray for longevity.
    Because death is destined to all man
    And such separation is the final separation

  • samuel123900 27w

    La beauté des discussions

    Essayer de commencer un chat avec quelqu'un vous feras un très grand bien.
    Essayer de diminuer la pression sur votre épaule ou celles dans votre vie en échangeant avec quelqu'un qui vous comprends.
    Parceque les tensions, problèmes et pressions de cette terre ne finirons jamais. Donc essayer de vous relaxer ou de vous détendre quand vous le pouvez avec quelque chose ou quelqu'un qui vous comprends.

  • samuel123900 27w


    What can you say about life and its challenges?
    Nothing. In the way its brings people and merges
    Life's sometimes a piece of shit
    Which only evolves when desired
    It only gives what it wants not knowing it's shit

    People do ask
    Is life worthy of living?
    Diverting the fact that they're the mask
    Causing a despotic living

    Do they have what it takes to change
    In order to end this cruel happiness?
    Friends, families and even the federation
    Have no answer to this

    If the resolution of mankind was brought to man,
    We'll all be dead
    Then, O my people what shall we do
    To stop this torture

  • samuel123900 27w

    Friendship illusions

    Friendship is built on solid foundations such as respect, love, affection and even trust. This is called the true nature of friendship.
    But unfortunately nowadays all these things are not there. Now friendship is more based on what I call "The Benefit". Unnecessary and carefree friends are all the rage these days. The future of a friendship is traced on the thread of "You have nothing, do not come near" and that means that true friendship is now placed on hold by people who have already suffered it.
    One thing is to have friends, one thing is to have confidants and people who become your brothers or sisters. I feel the pain of what places all their trust in people and which is abandoned by them in the end. What a tragic life?
    The basics of friendship are no longer seen as sacred bonds nowadays. So when by chance or by mistake you come across the type of person who values ​​friendship, don't let that person go away because many are like demons in angel clothes.

  • samuel123900 28w

    Keep fighting

    The continuous failure obtained in any project determines how great your success at the end would be

  • samuel123900 28w

    Illusions of Life

    Being free is good,
    But not everyone can attain it.
    Being happy in life is good,
    But unpredicted situations destroy them.
    Having aspirations are good,
    But obtaining or getting them are hard.
    Becoming great is good,
    But not everyone can make the sacrifices.

    Life tragedies are not wanted,
    But they're being forgotten with time.
    Failure in business ain't expected,
    But they're being forgotten when another functions.
    Academic deception isn't desired,
    But they're being forgotten when a work earns you more
    Relationship disappointment isn't expected,
    But they pass with time.

    Life itself is a dilemma which those who leave it face. And it's to be handled with care.


  • samuel123900 28w

    L'amour et La Vie

    La vie détient des hauts et des bas. Rien ne se passe dans se monde sans que l'ont ne souffre. Le monde est rempli de personnes de tous genres. Des personnes optimiste, des personnes pessimiste et des personnes que j'appelle des semi-pessimiste.
    Quand t'on pense à la vie qu'on souhaite mené et avec la personne on souhaite la mené, on découvre que le type de personne désiré n'existe pas. Quand toutes les femmes de se monde se place, elles ont tous un truc en commun et c'est “ L'amour pour l'argent, le plaisir, l'affection et de se croire désiré”. Mais n'oublions pas que les hommes aussi, méritent leur propre respect. Les hommes méritent aussi la même chose comme les femmes.
    Les droits des deux parties normalement doivent être égaux et personne ne dois être vu plus puissant(e), influent(e) que la loi.
    La loi est une règle, un dictateur invisible, qui dicte les règles de comment les choses doivent être établie.