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  • san_wordzz 19w

    "Self love contains the depth of ocean and tranquility of waves that helps you to rise high during the storm also."
    Therefore, you are your own VALENTINE!!

    Happy self love day to you all♡

    #valentine'sday #selflove

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    A Valentine's Day With Our Own Self

    It's a day of roseate hues that strikes your heart to caress the heart of your muse. Wondering where your muse is?
    Well, go and stand in front of the mirror and your eyes will catch the glimpse of the person who survived thirty polar nights, thunderous days and trillion heartbreaks.
    Therefore, it's a time that :-

    • you gift yourself the Aurora's warmth package containing spectrum of self love.

    • you pick up your clogged paintbrush,or that dormant mic, or your buckled feet to manifest the magicality of your talent that makes you happy.

    • you open the petals of your bleeding heart to soak the mellow rays of your imperfections that make you unique.

    • you melt your favourite chocolate and use it to garnish the velvety cupcakes of passion.

    • you felicitate your mind with a crown made of rosy pearls of peace.

    • You promise to never slice your soul even when chaos dips you in the bucket full of melancholy.

    Because you are the one who stood for yourself in every thick and thin of your life.

  • san_wordzz 22w

    I am a tripped tale of tyranny, for I let the conflict of chaos settle for the peace in poetry.

    ~from a parched poet's death note


  • san_wordzz 23w


    In the midnight of choked September,
    I picked a rather rugged paintbrush,
    To stroke the deceptive autumn you reciprocated
    For the springs I grew
    on your bare heart,
    When you were a crippled vagabond,
    Fighting to break
    the presumption of
    your penumbra existence.

    The brush soaked in
    the countless minutes of our broken
    archaic tales,
    the 'bruised expectations'
    Of a 'forever camaraderie',
    the 'melting sunset' shading the night of betrayal
    To paint the silent yet troubled emotions.

    But alas,
    Cataclasymic pigmentation is all that it's bristles had,
    Which made my painting
    An allegorical strangulated version
    Of Frida Kahlo's
    'A broken column'
    That screams of untamed desolation irking my happiest dream
    Which tingles my verbosity
    And ties it to a clinical winter,
    Whose melting floes finally give birth
    to a rather shy and infringed poet
    Who finds her
    soul mate in poetry.


    Seasoned sunset in Background refers to the experience I am getting at the end of every day

    PS:- I am on writersblock since a very long time and this is a failed attempt at #painter challenge. All I know is that I am trying.
    Do share your honest feedbacks :)

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ‌��

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    More than the canvas, it is my brush that captures the brew of breathing emotions painting a solitary scenario of seasoned sunset of my life.
    ~ san_wordzz

  • san_wordzz 25w

    After a very long time I am posting something :)
    Here olive branch means symbol of peace.
    #question #wod @writersnetwork

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    The transcendental love flowing from Shakespeare’s sonnets that heals all his tragedies;
    the firmness with which the night sky drapes the stars unaffected by the presence of moon ;
    the unwavering fragrance that Jasmine carries for being ornamental on women's hair to being an olive branch at the graves;
    the undaunting faith of growth in Autumn for hugging the fallen crimson leaves;
    the persistence to carve the questions of life into enunciate caves of victory;
    are the fillers of a void that humans secretly adorn.


  • san_wordzz 32w

    Wrote something after a long time. Please share your honest feedbacks.

    Reference behind writing this piece :-
    People often term themselves as spiritual but they always judge people on the basis of appearance, their financial status and all the other materialistic things. Therefor this piece f they feel free to judge others then they should also feel free to be judged for their mentality coz spirituality teaches us equality and neutrality not judgemental quality.
    #monostich #wod

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    Racial Mindset

    Hermitage built on the land of prejudice tends to store only darkness, for the walls with a weak foundation stone can never be trusted to light the lamp of spirituality.

  • san_wordzz 39w

    @writersnetwork Atleast keep a check instead of giving them reposts and encouraging them to plagiarize even more����

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    To the people who think they can grow by copying others words, you first need to develop your own coiled up senses.
    For God sake, stop copying others words just because they are being polite with you.
    Just came here to be back but then saw my words being copied again despite several warnings.
    PS :- Don't think you can befool a person in her absence. Don't worry even if we do not say anything to you, karma will approach you back.

  • san_wordzz 45w

    Writing has left me.....
    @theinkdomain Since you wanted me to post this one.

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    Even when I take a sip of 'our dead camaraderie' every night,
    I want to reincarnate my mornings with the dew drops of 'our lost memories'.

  • san_wordzz 53w

    The rain that soaks the sorrow of land, also promotes the sorrow of man and sings a ballad of elegies to glorify the separation of forever in its dulcet rhymes to rectify our vision of its connotative powers in life.

    Will read you all soon ♡
    A little busy these days.


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    The distance in our relationship was, the only step of loyalty which he refused to take.

    And now the dangling forever lies estranged on the wall waiting to fall like rain and transfer the sorrow of its separation.

  • san_wordzz 54w


    Oh dear zealot of Kenopsia,

    I wish I could tell you that ,
    I have a hippocampus pouch of miseries hung inside my heart,
    Which stores the secret of my fading appearance,
    Propelled by my saliva containing the explosives
    Of your sweet axioms,
    That sabotages my emotions,
    And transforms the magnanimity into the sapphire icebergs.

    I wish I could tell you,
    How my Sundays do not feel the same anymore,
    After the scorching sun burns the paper of my rights,
    After which the discriminatory cirrhosis scars my mind,
    Paralysing my very thought
    that the chasm between haves
    And have-nots will
    be sealed with
    Mutual respect for brotherhood.

    To grow your hydrangea,
    You trample my tulips
    As they stand last in the list of aristocratic flowers,
    Although both could be grown together
    to concoct an orchard of heterogeneity,
    Instead of plotting
    Shallowness on a sun -baked land.

    I wish I could tell you that,
    The trousseau of occhiolism
    that you carry,
    Unloads the small box of rationality,
    And makes you a
    Graveyard of stereotypes,
    That becomes oblivious
    To the equality
    That the azure nimbus sky,
    And verdant field distributes
    Within all the humans
    By manifesting them with
    the same five elements
    And filling them with
    The same crimson.

    I may not be able to tell you all of that,
    But I know
    A rebellion of sanctity will surely reincarnate one day,
    To change the system of first among equals,
    And that day Karma will befall you,
    And invert those seven colours
    That you claimed to be yours,
    Into the white light,
    That was supposedly ours,
    from the prism of utopia.

    This is a POV of a person who belongs to a secluded section (poor, untouchables, servants) of society.


    Note :- Hippocampus is a part of brain.
    And cirrhosis occurs in the liver. Yet they have been used with different body parts to convey how disfigured things are. Also they have used symbolically to explain certain things.
    Read this in a figurative manner and you'll understand what it tries to convey :)

    I know this isn't good, but I still tried for you @theinkdomain

    A lil busy these days. Will read you all soon ♡

    @themoonandthesun Here you go!!

    #temp #farcry

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  • san_wordzz 55w

    Autumn warbles the,
    Songs of countless emotions,
    Through its diverse hues.

    Cocooned vividness,
    Through Chrysanthemum's petals,
    Reveals its radiance.

    Rustling crimson leaves,
    Quaffing sunrays to gain glow,
    Glossed o'er poet's snow.

    Tangerine dewed orb,
    Soothes the harsh sizzled summers,
    Concocts paradise.

    Autumn's kiss, An ode;
    Resurrection of dead hopes,
    Breeze of aster blows.


    Glossary -

    Glossed o'er poet's snow ~ Here poet's snow means his/her frozen heart. When he sees the beauty of the autumn leaves, his heart melts and thus composes a poetry

    Breeze of aster ~ Aster is a symbol of love , wisdom, and faith. Autumn brings together all of them to revive the dead hopes and teaches us the importance of growing these values in our life.

    Wrote haiku for the first time.
    Writersblock ://
    Hope it makes sense :)

    #autumn #wod

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