Writes to have serene in my soul����

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  • sanctifiednotes 60w

    सफर कोई भी तय कर लूं मैं मकाम अगर तुम बन जाओ
    राधा बन ने को तयियार बैठी हूं श्याम अगर तुम बन जाओ।

  • sanctifiednotes 61w

    Thankyou @someshsoni for the kind repost.

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    Sometimes you don't even realise that, you own the table and you inspire people just by being yourself. You are literally magnetic you don't even realise it.

  • sanctifiednotes 67w


    Well skeptical me!
    Humans who promise to make you smile, laugh hard with you, cares for you the way only your family can do, you can show your stupidity but you won't feel stupid, can share memes and feelings without getting judged, will claim that this hooman is mine; don't you dare hurt her, on your worst days when you are irriated till your toe that person will hold you like a child roll up in his arms and listen to all your mess, underneath your makeup; your not so perfect skin will seem absolutely beautiful to that person and will even love you more everyday. Do this really exist?
    Is he the one for me ?
    Urghhhh... These questions I guess cross everyone's mind atleast once.
    Happened with me.
    I never thought it happens for real and even if it does very rare people are this lucky and I thought back then surely I am not one of them.
    But I encountered this in the most unexpected way!!
    And every bit of me already knows he is the one

  • sanctifiednotes 87w

    Thankyou @inked_selenophile and @toshuu for kind repost.

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    First meet

    It was the day they were finally meeting.
    She texted him "Good morning" and went bck and rolled herself in blanket . He called and asked "kha gayab ho"? She answered "dharti pe hi hu bdw 4 hrs to go." He said "don't do this now I am getting anxious. "
    Finally she was all set, she went to several marts for his fav chocolate and finally she got. Both of them reached the venue at the same time he was all sorted she was a mess, holding chocolates in one hand plugging out earphones and dropping mask and mobile at the same time. He recognised that's it's her bcz no one can be as messy as her. They went inside the restaurant. He was li'll awkward but she was fine and she knew he is. And then she said silly things and he laughed. She was successful in her mission. She was telling him to look at other girls but he was just looking into her eyes and enjoying her presence. She was not making eye contact bcz his feelings were intense and she knew it was for her. They went to park sat next to ech other sharing his favourite chocolate and talking. She is very talkative but even if there was silence it seems beautiful. He expressed wat she can clearly see in his eyes and it was making her heart race faster. Hours passed like minutes and finally time to say bye he handled a handwritten love letter, both of them hugged awkwardly and that's how they first met.

  • sanctifiednotes 92w

    I have started terpsichore to your melodies,
    It's as picturesque as Pleiades.

  • sanctifiednotes 96w

    A phantasmagorical planetary where all greens (trees) efflorescence and idiosyncratic sapience fades away.

  • sanctifiednotes 103w

    एक अजीब सी बेताबी है तेरे बिन
    रह भी लेते है और रहा भी नहीं जाता।

  • sanctifiednotes 115w

    बन जाऊ किसी लेखक की मोहब्बत
    की वो मेरा नाम लिए बिना मेरे नाम को खास कर दे।
    जब बात करे वो मेरी तो पन्नों पर मेरी खूबियां और कमियां तराश कर दे।
    जब वो सजाए लिखे शब्दों को तो पढ़ कर एक फितूर हो जाए
    उसके नज़रिए से खुद को पढ़ कर खुद पर गुरूर हो जाए।

    @निधी सिंह

  • sanctifiednotes 118w

    वो माँ बिलख के रोई, उस पीता की हिम्मत टूटी थी,
    ये हाल था परिवार का क्यूंकि कोख से बेटी छुटी थी।
    बेआब्रू खुद को महसूस किया उस कुटुंब के लोगों ने,क्यूंकि पैसे और इज्जत से नवाजा ना था,
    और ऐसा इसलिए क्योंकि उस गरीब के घर में बेटी तो पैदा हुई लेकिन उस घर में दरवाज़ा ना था।
    इसलिए हे प्रभु ! जब कभी गरीब का बेटी देके इम्तेहान लेना,
    उस गरीब के घर में एक दरवाज़ा ज़रूर देना।।


  • sanctifiednotes 118w

    मां बाप एक दिन अचानक ही बीमार पड़ जाते है,
    पर उनको तकलीफ ना हो परिवार की ज़रूरतें कैसे पूरी होंगी ये विचार उस बच्चे के हृदय को कचोटते है, सताते है।
    ऐसे मंज़र में नौकरी था एक मात्र उपाय,
    इस तकलीफ से लड़ा वो कच्ची उमर में नहीं मंज़ूर था उसे रहना असहाय।
    दिन बीतते गए मैंने हर दिन उस बच्चे की समस्याओं को लोटा से घड़ा होते देखा है,
    परिस्थितियों से लड़ के ज़िम्मेदारियां उठाकर मैंने कच्ची उमर में उस बच्चे को बड़ा होते देखा है।।