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  • sanjay_writes 7w

    In the form of a flame,
    In the hue of the ripe bloom.
    You, my love, slowly came to me.
    Your eyes went in my heart,
    The gleam, the fire, their beauty,
    Wide as a spacious moon lite night.
    Your passion brought back in my body,
    The extinguished flame I once had,
    Burning with a roar.
    Came alive,
    Of passion,
    Of strength,
    Of you.
    With your incredible body and
    indescribable pleasure it brought,
    Your laugh echoed once my silence,
    back to me in my smile,
    Of heart, flesh.
    Wearing your gown of tenderness,
    To the edges of shores of passion.
    Glow in my flame started by yours

    As the midnight sun blooms,
    In your eyes, of the wide and deep,
    My love, my woman, we share bonds.
    One of the flower one of the roots,
    One of the air of love, we become.
    So it is:
    Each we give, to one another.
    A kiss of the ages ripens,
    Fused we are in the heart and flesh.
    My love, you,
    the flower of the garden in my life.
    Temptress of the forbidden passion,
    I seek.
    Lands upon we stand, showered with fires,
    Rained in the softness of your soul.
    We are, one of the same.
    Heart of the beauty you are.
    Let your kiss ripe on my lips
    Harvests the coming love,
    Cemented in my bones.
    For in the garden of tonight,
    You are the flower, you are the fruit.
    Carried me away your beauty,
    My little dreamer.
    Bare, you, of the body,
    soul of the saint and sinner.
    Form of the Queen of the twilight.
    The flower in bloom ready for my harvest.
    In your nakedness you wield power, softly and deadly.
    The cutting edge of razor in beauty,
    The feel of silk from the morning sunlight.
    You and I, fields of the lovers, bones and flesh to connect in a kiss.
    For not only do you posses the fruit of the fruits, sweetness and moistness,
    My love grows as the plants in the field.
    Innocent of the pleasure I am, guilty of wanting you, I plead.
    Winds of time blows upon your skin, I hear the echoes of your moans.
    Look at me my little one, my own.
    For you are mine, the beauty of the shores, the air.
    Unmasked, your beauty comes out to awaken me.
    Love is the harvest tonight.
    Ripe is the fruit, you are.

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  • sanjay_writes 9w

    Upon the seas I walk
    my love has no sound
    she is somewhere else
    home and of solid ground

    Upon the seas I in pain cry
    my love its sorrow has no name
    I know her face
    her love is different, not the same

    Upon the seas of time
    my love, she will be mine someday
    I know her heart
    I will walk hiding my heart until that special day

    Upon the life I live
    You my dear
    make it worthwhile and to manage to love me
    Just for me as I just for you
    Now, understand I can live, without you
    but my life will not be the same
    It will be memories of us
    good and bad
    I need you, I feed upon your love and strength
    I live when you are in my heart, my world, my whole world
    I am alive, Very much alive with you
    I breathe your love, your soul, your tenderness
    I see the grass is greener right where we stand, where we are
    In our home, in our bed, in our life together, in a big warm hug from my heart
    You, alone believe in me, that is all I need to succeed
    to breathe free
    You are the best of my life, you are my life
    Thank you my love, thank you for being there
    for me and us, I love you
    Upon the life I live
    I live with and for you

    In the rains upon the waters
    Drops of my blood falls.
    I am who I am
    For I was nothing until I
    Was born in my mothers womb
    I shall persist in life
    Day by day, smile by smile
    Tear by tear
    Then persist back to nothing into
    The earth

    For in my life, out of nothing
    I came, to something. A soul
    I seen the death of the life and the
    Rebirth of a dead in humanity
    I understand
    Ways of smiles, cried underneath in pain
    The walk barefoot in life of hardness
    The language of the flowers
    The beauty of the child's eyes in laughter of innocence.
    Out of the nothingness, I became
    Sinner of the saints
    Upon these lands I walk
    Hour after hour with only my heart and soul
    For the worth of the man who lived
    As the sun dies and the night awakens
    To rest finally into the nothingness of earth
    My home
    my body

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  • sanjay_writes 13w

    Poetry is about life
    Many think I write just about love
    I cover all .. love and hate, joy and pain.
    enjoy folks
    Seems like you want peace
    little girl inside that cries
    Pushing and pulling for sanity
    trying hard not to believe in life's lies
    Where have you gone from yesterday?
    you sing without a voice
    cry with no tears
    laughter with no choice
    Spirits that flow in the world
    serene is what you seek
    while outside just escaping
    inside I see you strong not weak
    Sing your song without a voice
    nothing will come out just shallow air
    I hear you loud and clear
    it is in your pain I share
    Can you not hear the moon laugh?
    As a couple gets into another fight
    Hear the dark laugh
    As he slaps her in the middle of the night
    Do you not feel the wickedness of the air?
    Two lovers making love by the beach with sounds that are carried
    Two lovers making love cries
    One not knowing the other is married
    Sing the world, for what it is
    No Utopia, no land of milk and honey is earth
    Often I wonder
    Was it better without my birth?
    Majestic skies of blue now of red
    Curl up to the storm of life in its glory
    For life
    And it's dark, dark forbidden story
    Not often said, often thought
    After being burned beyond chard
    So damn wicked and hard

    For the past is the past
    Leaving it behind
    Finding my own destiny to last
    Seeing my future bright for my piece of mind
    Do you hear the golden sound
    Of my future I make in my destiny
    For of a new path I found
    Called my new reality
    Keep the winds of good
    Throw away the echoes of hate
    For I have always understood
    What it is to love and appreciate
    A gentle morning for calm
    Seeking my light
    No more darkness for love has her own sweet charm
    Seeking a path of a future so positive and bright
    See me rise
    See me keep my path, no more of the past as I walk away
    As I walk away in a new sunrise
    Being in a world more beautiful deleting the old
    of yesterday
    Come with the wind
    let it blow my way
    For I love
    for I love
    for a new way
    a glorious new day
    Seems to me I shall never know
    Even if love comes to me giving her hand to show
    Why I am
    who I am even with my desire
    To see love upon my world with her roar of fire
    Disguised as one with many in me
    Is my heart afraid of love even knowing her beautiful reality?
    Even knowing with in the past so little with to live
    Scared upon my heart to share and give
    Seems to me I am scared of love in my skin
    The fragile steps of when love does begin
    Those moments when love takes hold
    Those moments when love gets bold
    Afraid of those heartaches when love gets so cold
    I am just afraid inside
    Keeping a smile in my mask while my heart I hide
    While at the same time wanting to give so much
    Longing and wanting another to touch
    Seems to me these deck of cards I was dealt
    Of love in the past that hurt I felt
    If you love me please show it
    Scared inside, then I will know it
    To receive your love and give it back to you
    So I know your love is true
    Together, I love that word my dear
    Inside of me
    in love
    to be hurt again I most fear
    Sweeping away the day
    Of work, the columns of hurdles
    Resting as night marches in
    My beloved we are life life is us
    Sometimes death summons love
    Others get called for duty in mental misery
    A boulder we carry on a tightrope
    Ready to fall upon tears or worse
    A steady stream of hope I wish to swim
    Protecting as a shield of faith
    You know how it is sometimes the waters are dry of liquid and
    Replaced by thorns painful as they are I swim in
    Flesh is cut from the thoughts and fears I hold
    The roses turn black the clouds become sand to see never ending
    The day was not meant for me a hour becomes a prison a minute each a
    Knife in my soul
    Life goes and in the horizon I seek a glimmer of a sun
    I seek a better I seek freedom from pain

    Most humans that love and feel
    are creatures that just want to live
    Waking up, trying to smile in a world mad
    in world sometimes obscene
    We cry and smile
    We see others on pain, and want to help
    But when we feel isolated and alone
    all the love in the world just can't take away the bitterness or confusion in our thoughts
    Just as a clear day does not guarantee clear sunny days forever..and we forget gray days clear to become sunny again
    Some have everything it seems
    But they really have nothing
    some have nothing it seems but they everything
    Life is not easy
    never was
    Even people with all the love in the world
    all the money
    still struggle
    Kinda like a law of nature
    anything of value
    must be earned
    We all share one thing
    not skin color
    not bank accounts
    not sex
    not all things but one
    We all share love
    some can't..some refuse to
    but love is the power given to all
    Cause in the end...nothing matters...but love

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  • sanjay_writes 14w

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    Where are those hands of yours ?
    Not on my arms, their heart home.
    Tell me my love, do you search and search more?
    Trying to find peace and some light?
    Searching under the sky and over the banners of time.
    My love, in those hands of yours coming heart home to port
    In my care, your safety and wide eyes are missed.
    Oh how this power of your delicate hands on my face,
    Is in everything I do, missing you.
    Here I stand alone, here I dream of two, us, in the passage
    Of today into tonight.
    Your smile in my view, or just your comforted, I calm the seas for you,
    Here in my arms, I love you.
    Find your flowers of reds and greens and yellows.
    Seek the warmth of the sun in your tears.
    Come heart home to me love,
    For what you seek, I get when your in my arms

    Laying down looking at the skies above that tells me about us. .
    As I lie here, Your breathing in my air that surrounds me, If you weren't here,
    I would have no air, No breath, No life.
    I see the clouds,
    So much like your skin, soft, delicate, changing shapes, as if your
    eyes gave hints to who you are. High up there, As a gentle storm.
    Warm sunshine kisses my face, Tender as a smile you give, In the mornings, The smile as if in the night before, We made love, The place where we did, Go onto the skies, Flying from passion.
    Wanting, desiring to become lovers right now, Wanting to ride those clouds, Touching them, Softly, Until they the become loaded And wet.
    Wanting to know, If I made love to you,
    Would I be wanted
    And welcomed, Like a soft,

    The cries of the day in love. .
    As rain drops, falling, floating, dreaming.
    Here the sun goes to sleep covered by blankets of gray tears,
    Some happy, some sad needing to be shed.
    You and I, here, as the sky cries,
    get cleansed of blood and pain,
    Getting nourished for our starving hearts. .
    Over the oceans of time, into the air of emotion.
    As messengers, elegant wet clouds carry our hopes our
    dreams and stories falling on our skin.
    Little bubbles of dreamers landing.
    Upon the drops felt, among the moisture on my flesh,
    Looking at your potent eyes,
    We are vines clinging, climbing, living off each other.
    Tasting the sweet wine on your lips.
    These rains reveal, taking off any masks on me,
    who I am to you, my love for you, Simple, clear and warm.
    Of all the times I think of you and my love for you my love,
    is more then all the rain drops that ever fell.

    Bright eyes my woman of my death and creation,
    Red of red lips, the cold blade and healer of my blood, My fire and calming waters,
    You are the serpent and angel in one, written long ago for me.
    Into the wind across the waters I seek you.
    Into the pits of hell and gates of heaven I desire to enter,
    Wearing your robe of fire, jewelry of thorns and kisses, hiding the fruit of all the sweet fruits,
    I march beating death and birth and my hungry bones.
    You, a snowflake in the summer, a rainbow in a night. Hiding, masked of the Puma and butterfly, carved out of snow and sun.
    Into your valley I enter. Kisses among your garden for the harvest of the moon.
    Glory and fire looking eyes in your eyes, at the moment of my salvation and death.

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  • sanjay_writes 14w

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    Time is measured on a clock,
    The past is a memory today,
    Happiness is not a lock,
    As the future is a dream away.
    Must it be, the way it is?
    Can I change what is to be?
    Is this my only destiny?
    Caught in a fantasy, as I open my eyes to my reality.
    How many times have I just let time slip and wait,
    To say 'I love you' or 'I care'?
    Often before I know it, it's to late,
    Time passes to show for my heart to share.
    Often I am misunderstood,
    Conforming to rules others set,
    As I just try to be good,
    For the flame is over, even before it began yet.
    As it is written,
    Innocent until we go swimming in the pool of humanity,
    Twice as shy once bitten,
    Is just the start of my hearts calamity.
    Scared, in asking, to late to soon,
    For in my life, there is no happiness.

    Strength of the spirit.

    For it came,
    Not at once,
    Birth out of me, from inside.
    As if blood within stood up
    To the fight,
    A bonfire inside me,
    The tip of mountain flew out my chest,
    To stand and be felt in the view of my soul.
    There it stood, tall as the night.
    Beyond the horizon to be seen.
    For my soul needed no climbing,
    As it looked down the mountain,
    Seeing my valleys of my life.
    I know not what was the cause.
    A low point of my life, something inside,
    Needed air, needed freedom, for me to survive, so it could survive.
    Knowing it would all right, knowing a calm,
    Eloped with my spirit.
    Nobody seen my heart bleed in the moon,
    Wanting for better.
    Strength came, slow as a soft light in
    The dark and my hands clasped the warmth.
    Giving me, hope.

    Many moons ago I buried
    my heart, not to be found.
    Encased in cement,
    Soil and roses on top..
    To give a false illusion I
    Still had one...
    Gone are the days of
    Happiness, joy and serenity...
    I never wanted to love again..
    The morning, I saw you...
    The cement cracked...the
    Breakable heart I had in a
    Unbreakable case... brought me
    A smile I forget how it felt....
    Buried underneath humanity in the cold
    Dark heart..started to live..
    In the cracks in the coffin of my heart,
    Your blood, your souls rich red
    flooded me with life..
    Spending time with you, your eyes of beauty...
    My dead heart now comes alive,
    You came in as my dead winter...
    I now feel the hole in my chest where I ripped it
    My dear, with your tiny hands,
    And your blood you gave my heart in love..
    Please put my heart in my chest..
    See, it's yours I am...

    Take my hand
    As you take my life
    I give to you
    Take my heart
    As you take my hand
    I give to you
    Into the night that carries us
    As wind that never stops blowing
    It's your love that blows me into heaven
    Looking at your eyes
    Feeling your skin
    Feeling tour kiss
    Feeling so alive
    Take my heart
    It pumps for you
    Take my kiss
    Passion into the fire
    Take my arms
    Wrap them in your soul
    Take my love
    For I would give
    My life
    For the one I love
    I see you, hidden in the smile of others.
    So clear, so crystal clear, my dear.
    Trying not to live in the yesterdays,
    Looking for hope in the tomorrows,
    Giving love today to others,
    Ignoring your heart with love.
    You know how it plays in life;
    You give and give, others take and take;
    Soon nothing is left, for yourself.
    The well runs dry of love giving others drinks,
    Yet you thirst, for the well is empty.
    My love, instead of dancing for others,
    Dance alone in the sunshine carefree.
    You see, if they give a small amount to you,
    You get happy...yet most don't give at all.
    Don't seek, others, seek the dance for you.
    Often the love I give, seems small,
    I ask you see it is love from me to your thirst.
    My love, grab your cup, let's drink to love.
    My well, full of love, for you
    The way she looked
    At the moon.
    Not asking or telling.
    Just listening to
    The language of
    The silver shinning.
    I see her beautiful eyes,
    And see the moon reflect off
    Her eyes...
    Incredible I tell,
    Just incredible.
    It make me understand
    What she does not say.
    She loves. She cares.
    In the madness
    Of the delicate touch
    You place on my face
    Within those hands
    Carry our fire and blood,
    As we have danced in
    Flames of love
    And covered in the blood.
    The night, this night,
    Echoes the madness within
    Your lovely fingers stretching
    To touch me.
    I remember those hands,
    Venom in a passion,
    Delicate in my sadness,
    As they make love to my skin.
    Let my mouth,
    Kiss them, to let you feel
    My fire and cold,
    Let me taste your
    Ice and heat..
    Let those sweet, little fingers,
    Rest on my chest..
    As wings to fold...
    No need to fly tonight my love..
    Rest upon me, with your wings..
    As time is so brief,
    If only for a moment, if only for tonight
    I have been aching for a kiss, a touch from you.
    Give me, give me all of your love.
    If only for a moment in time.
    That moment will be
    sealed in my memories.
    Let love flow in our veins
    come here, right now
    come to me, take me,
    love me.
    If only for a moment, if only for tonight
    show me your love.
    Show me your passion tonight.
    As you and I embrace
    I hold you, I hold you tight.
    Kissing you with fire from inside me.
    If only for a moment, if only for tonight
    make me your slave, make me your knight

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    o̶n̶l̶y̶ f̶o̶r̶ t̶o̶n̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ c̶o̶m̶e̶ t̶o̶ m̶y̶ h̶e̶a̶r̶t̶

  • sanjay_writes 20w

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    "I got scared Yes I admit it
    I got scared the first time I saw you
    Because you looked liked the dream I always saw
    And when dreams start becoming reality
    there's always a part of you that gets scared
    My whole life I just wanted to be loved
    At first by my family then my friends then by a handsome prince.. someone
    But it just remained a wish
    A beautiful
    Tragic wish
    You know the thing about love is that those who have never got it knows it's true value
    Only an unloved person knows how to love the hardest
    I wanted to show the world that I could love too
    Just give me a chance
    Give my heart a chance and I'll love that person with every cell of my body
    But nobody loved me and I had no choice but to lock my heart away and throw the key somewhere
    How was I supposed to know that the key I threw away was caught by you?
    You were standing there
    looking like a handsome king in your uniform gawking at me
    I was on the floor and you gave me your hand and I got scared
    So I did one thing that I had perfected over my life
    I ran away
    But you didn't give up.. the stubborn mule that you are
    You came after me
    You were so persistent and filmy and cheesy and.. and so you
    But my heart couldn't accept it
    Why would you love me?
    A person so beautiful inside out and who had everything in the world was on his knees in front of me
    Asking me to become a part of his life
    It felt as though the sadistic universe was playing a joke on me and any second now everything would disappear and the lights will be switched on and I would find myself in the middle of the room... center of everyone's amusement and joke
    So I ran away again but this time
    you were faster Maybe because you were expecting that reaction from me
    You had learnt to read me from the very beginning
    You knew me better than I knew myself
    And you caught me
    You caught me in your arms and I remember myself screaming and yelling and hitting you but you didn't let go
    You still haven't let go
    And I loved you
    I loved you just like how I imagined loving my soul Passionately,obsessively,beautifully.
    Come back to me soon
    Come back so we can start the family you promised to me
    I can't even imagine what it must be for you right now... out there on the border
    But I know it in my heart that you'll come back to me Even God can't be that cruel can he?
    I love you so much,my darling,my cutipie,my future wife,my saviour,my world,my everything.
    except from the letter to my love

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  • sanjay_writes 20w

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    There was no foreshadowing written in my blood
    Nor the handwriting on the wall of my heart
    As the seas cast the net to catch me
    goddess of flesh
    worker bee of sensuality
    at that time as a pool of desire to bathe in.
    In the moment of your surrender
    the moment you took off your veils
    of protection
    my heart was doomed for another
    My love, here in the petals
    the nectar of you
    I build my nest
    My feet stand with yours
    my chest is
    with your chest
    my eyes look in you
    and I see me
    I did not know at that time, what you would mean to me
    we as one
    Passing glory faded away
    your seeds planted in me
    Through the walls of my heart lined with stones built from pain
    you, your love, your blood mixed with mine
    Your roots grew, deep as deep, wide as wide
    And came to stay as my own blood, as my own flesh
    I am the bark, you are the tree
    flesh fades fast
    Needing of the heart silently sinks in slow
    I know not from where
    nor how
    silently and tenderly you became
    alive in me
    My precious with your spacious eyes and soul.
    You breathe in me
    I need you as my lungs need air
    as my lady
    Come to my dreams dear
    my heart is yours
    where we
    So in your pain, in your absence
    I long for healing of you love
    Oh you must suffer in the darkened flowers
    In the shores of the Dead Sea
    Come my love
    come to me
    For dreaming is free
    dreaming of the smile
    In the garden
    In the story of the night
    As my hand reaches into the night sky
    My fingers touch the moon as if they
    Touch your face
    with your eyes of the brightest stars
    Your skin of the delicate twilight glow
    And your hair now in my grasp weaved tenderly from
    The fabrics of dreams
    Looking at the stars that
    Carry your body onto my eyes
    To my desires
    I silently whisper
    your mine
    to be carried to those stars
    As a net to hold your light and beauty
    My net
    my love as wide as the night sky
    Deeper then the regions where love and hate begins
    Holding them in
    As the music of the night sings her beautiful
    Reflections of perfection
    you shine in the mirror
    For tonight your mine
    a prisoner is set free where dreams begin of
    The crying angels speak of the moon
    As the silver is hidden
    Only for the moment does it shine
    For the shine is full for her
    In the passage of times past
    Lovers united in a passions dance
    The beat of two hearts was the band
    The singers where their hearts that sang love
    I heard my heart speak that story
    Wondering if we where them
    To become one?
    Upon the night I gaze
    Into the night dark
    Wondering what she does
    Thinking did she ever love me at all?
    In the silence of my shadow
    A remembrance of her face
    The smile the curves
    The brightness in her eyes that lite the night
    A dreamer I am
    To dream of her hand
    In shared smiles for time forever
    In life for the pain and joy
    her and I
    A smile is born with a tear
    As the moon seems so far and dark
    But will be will be
    And things tell themselves
    So wait for the moon
    Sitting thinking of her
    The story of the past
    Told by my heart
    Come upon the night
    I found a truth
    Hearts in love lie

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  • sanjay_writes 21w

    Its difficult but its possible to overcome the pain when you breakup with the person who you loved the most
    During breakup you wont feel like talking to anyone and if you talk you wont get the answers which you are expecting since you are still in love and it takes time to be able to fall out

    You feel like crying?
    Cry as much as possible because you will stop somewhere by your own since questions start popping up in your head and the first question would be
    "is it worth crying for the person who was not even loyal?"

    You feel like listening to sad songs?
    Listen to them but sing along as loud as you can since you will gradually develope a habit of singing which will surely help you to forget your past
    Keep music on loop

    Share your thoughts with the person whom you trust
    not easy to find right?
    But there are people specially the ones who grew up with you
    neighbour or friends
    I am certain that they are true because when they became your friends they did not inquire what benefit they would get if become friends as they were immatures

    Before falling in love what was your dream?
    Are you still following it?
    If not
    follow with all your heart and believe me success will touch your feet

    Everyone loves going shopping
    go and get yourself a new look
    admire yourself and pamper your cuteness

    Join gym because it will boost your confidence and you will surely start loving your body
    Within some months you will love to see the changes in yourself
    Stay blessed
    stay positive because there are people who love you more than your fake lover your parents are proud of you
    your niece and nephew who make your world a beautiful place your brother and sister care for you
    they take stand for you even if you fight with them
    Life is beautiful
    bless you.
    Loads of love

    ( ��︎��︎��︎��︎��︎��︎ ��︎��︎��︎��︎ ��︎��︎ ��︎��︎��︎��︎��︎��︎��︎ )

    Do you think you live the most painful life after breaking up with person whom you loved? .
    If so, then have you ever thought how a mother feels when her son lies on the death bed struggling for his life, the son dies out of pain and mother becomes lifeless. Is it painful?
    A boy visits a brothel, sees a girl, falls in love and gets married to her, live lovingly and swimmingly together but one day the boy gets killed for an unknown reason but the society blames the girl whom he was married to, in their eyes she is still a prostitute, she already had a deep pain in her heart and society words are like bullets which are shot everyday on her soul, was that her fault when she was compelled to prostitution? Was she the reason she lost the love of her life? Doesn't she have a heart? Feelings? Sentiments? Emotions? I guess her story is not painful? What's your take on it?
    A baby girl is born, she is 1 day old and threw in the bin? Will she survive? Will she have food, parents love ever? Will she have dreams, desires or anything? Will she ever believe that love exists if she survives? .
    A man loses his family in the war, his wife, his children and saddest part was that one of his children had not learnt how to speak lost his life, the man of the family survived but he had to walk without legs? Is it possible? can he cry? If so, can you feel his pain? .
    If someone has broken your heart, don't think you can't survive, you are just injured, not murdered or killed, you have a beautiful life ahead, its totally up to you whether you want to heal yourself up or not?

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  • sanjay_writes 23w

    ��︎��︎��︎��︎��︎��︎��︎ ��︎��︎��︎ ��︎��︎ ��︎��︎��︎��︎��︎��︎��︎ ��︎��︎��︎��︎��︎��︎��︎��︎��︎ ��︎��︎��︎��︎��︎��︎��︎��︎ ��︎��︎��︎��︎��︎

    I am the song
    Of her soul
    She will never hear...
    I am the light
    In her darkness
    She will never feel..
    I am the dancer
    Of the dance she will never dance with...

    Cloudy whispers she thinks
    She hears
    Echoes of her past..
    Haunts her.
    Looking all around
    For love..
    That's never found..
    For she never looked at me.

    She sees the flesh,
    Not the soul
    She feels the skin..
    Not the tenderness

    I am the best for her
    She will never..have.
    For she does not even see me..
    Right in front of her eyes....

    Tears not cried to my soul,
    Waters hear me yell my thoughts,
    Life to live in part or whole,
    It's the life of have and have nots.

    A serenade for the ages,
    Where did the love go we had?
    Where was love written in our pages?
    Where did my life go bad?

    Waters misty waters calm,
    Hear the beating of my lovely heart,
    As love was in my palm,
    Calling the waters to not let me fall apart.

    Missing you I often think,
    Lovers and friends we were at this tender life,
    Sometimes we might not come back at a blink,
    Waters heal my strife.

    Take me back to when life was simple and free,
    Take me back to where I want to be,
    Waters let me see,
    Who I used to be.

    So, so it is.
    I have loved, and still love you my beloved.
    Tonight the love of a thousand moons dies.
    In the air over the seas of dreams :

    Glory in what was once love in the ocean.
    Heard soft as waves from her lips singing
    The foam that rippled by the shore,
    The night birds flying masked in the clouds.
    The moon once hung in the sky as
    Watercolors of our passion.
    In the night, gentle and serene.
    Hanging in lands of forever, to be admired.
    For the stars became the witness of our art.
    The crest of the moon carries my tears.
    Dropping into the ocean, silently.

    Once the night was silver, shinning with a
    smile as she reflected off the waves forming.
    Now, blackness in the sky where the moons
    Used to hang, darkness now sings the melody
    of a thousand moons of love that died.

    The pale moon seeks her face
    Nth degrees of her isolation
    Softness feels the disgrace
    Gentleness feels the frustration .
    Where are you, why do you hide?
    Silence is your vocabulary
    What are you feeling inside?
    Are you waiting for a coming of some peaceful sanctuary ?

    Let not the night pass without my dear, a kiss
    Let not heart worry do I think of you ?
    It's you my love I miss
    I do. I honestly truly do.

    Let the moon ride tonight
    Show yourself and reveal
    Kiss me,
    So way may seal..

    Our love tonight,
    Under the now bright
    Forever, tonight.

    Possibly the air gets hurt,
    As the blade of grass slices her moving in the wind.
    Unexpected my dear, results of the way it is.

    The way of the fires that burns, melting the frozen ice,
    Into waters of pure.
    Possibly the water hurts wanting to be solid to be one.
    Unexpected my dear, results of the way it is.

    I have tasted my whispers that died deaths in wishing love.
    The bones in me tired of calling to false love.
    I have danced alone in the moonlight with dreams as a partner for life.
    Thinking love was a friend, only to to be disguised as a phantom.
    Unexpected my dear, results of the way it is.

    Unexpected my dear, results of the way it is.
    Bright eyes of yours looking at vistas of the world,
    Telling each of the growth of love.
    Finding out love does not grow without hurt and compassion.
    So, I find In me,
    That I love you blind, I love completely.
    A measure of my smile kissing yours,
    I am in love with you,
    Unexpected my dear, results of the way it is

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    She will never hear

  • sanjay_writes 24w

    Gentles mornings softness sings and does come,
    Alone and able to think at last,
    Thinking of she in the way we were,
    In my different past.
    Feeling echoes inside,
    Love, not love, love, not love and they never seems to stop,
    Back and forth they spin, for this is my life,
    As I hit rock bottom and now made my way back to the top.
    They say love is eternal,
    That may be for someone else to have in their life,
    Not sure now if I want to be she's boyfriend or even husband.
    Am I afraid I don't love?
    Am I just of being alone at night?
    It's hard to understand,
    She treats me right.
    Mornings we say hello,
    Nights we say goodnight,
    During rest of the time,
    He just is not in my heart's sight.
    Do I fear being alone!
    Do I fear no one to hold my hand?
    Even if I don't love,
    As I walk on a false land.
    I don't know if I love her any more,
    Was I really in love with that women,
    Yet I need to go on with the rest of my life,
    The best I can...
    Wondering if I just want someone to love me?
    Even if I don't love them anymore,
    Do I pack my things and start over,
    Just leave from the front door!
    Wondering can we make it?
    Living my life now,
    Faking it.
    How do I tell her?
    Or should I keep my mouth shut?
    For I know if I tell she,
    It would be the same as a punch to the gut.
    But I cannot go on,
    I cannot love this way,
    For I have changed,
    And I am not the same boy who loved she, yesterday.
    As the night goes into dawn,
    Night comes, blackness reigns,
    Inner struggles,
    Felt with pains
    As the night goes into dawn,
    Now wings of black, the butterfly lost her colors,
    Whispers of love, I hear no more,
    Passion dead in our home,
    Not wanting to know what tomorrow has in store.
    As the night goes into dawn,
    Keeping a flame alive,
    Blowing so delicately,
    Not wanting to see it extinguished,
    Loving and caring to tenderly..
    As the night goes into dawn,
    As we made love,
    Nothing felt, nothing said,
    Seemed as it was as silent as a graveyard,
    In our bed.
    As the night goes into dawn,
    Do you not love me anymore?
    Do you not want me?
    As the night goes into dawn,
    As a butterfly once flew with colors,
    Love in all her majesty,
    The beauty of the red, white, yellow and the vivid spectrum,
    Turned black in a love travesty.
    Now when I see your eyes in a kiss,
    There is nothing there, gone is the person I miss,
    Cold are your lips, cold are your hands,
    Cold is your heart now with your demands.
    As the night goes into dawn,
    Long gone the colors of love that flew,
    Long gone our love that gently grew,
    I can't help but cry, I still love you...
    As the night goes into dawn,
    Away went our talks,
    Away went holding hands in our walks,
    Eyes from tears from my heart,
    Piece by piece falling apart.
    As the night goes into dawn,
    Another damn day, alone again today,
    As the night goes into dawn,
    Our love is gone, with black wings, she flew away.
    Tears not cried to my soul,
    Waters hear me yell my thoughts,
    Life to live in part or whole,
    It's the life of have and have nots.

    A serenade for the ages,
    Where did the love go we had?
    Where was love written in our pages?
    Where did my life go bad?

    Waters misty waters calm,
    Hear the beating of my lovely heart,
    As love was in my palm,
    Calling the waters to not let me fall apart.

    Missing you I often think,
    Lovers and friends we at this tender life,
    Sometimes we might come back at a blink,
    Waters heal my strife.

    Take be back to when life was simple and free,
    Take be back to to where I want to be,
    Waters let me see,
    Who I used to be.
    How do I sing,
    When there no more songs to sing?
    How do I dance,
    When no more music in my heart that make makes my world tenderly ring?
    After the misty dawn,
    Rings of sweetness seem asleep,
    Early morning has drawn,
    Wanting and needing a love to keep.
    Away, love it does seem,
    Far, no more is she sweet and near,
    Once of a lighter shade of red Rose,
    Now, I would just like to hear...
    The breathing of your love,
    The caress and touches of your heart,
    Your kiss of fire and your soul so full of life,
    As I am from you, apart.
    Melodies unsung,
    For I am ready to rejoice,
    You are my one and only,
    Life's choice.
    Where did you go?
    Calling to the world I ask in a many sorrows
    Will you be here today with me,
    And for all of my tomorrows?
    Union of of love,
    For it takes two,
    Splendor of divine destiny and my twin flame,
    Me and you.
    I wear my heart open for you to see,
    Come home dear, come home dear,
    Come home to my heart and me.
    I don't know the sound of music right now.
    Nor the birds singing in the trees calling each other.
    I do know the sound of you, in your silence.
    For my dear, your soul is silent.
    The days sun swimming in silence around you.
    The flowers try to speak to you, my love, yet,
    Your lips have words that died in vain from love.
    That bridge between your heart and mine,
    Are empty walkways, as I wander on theses paths.
    I see your shadow, your form and I chase for you.
    You don't hide, but your there.
    Masked in words only you dance too.
    I reach for you, open heart,
    To see your jeweled eyes,
    I see your form, not of here, but, over there.
    In worlds you go to.
    Does the silence sing to you,
    With words I can never say?
    Does the silence sing to you,
    With words you never want to hear from me....
    'I love you', 'I need you', 'let me hear your deepest thoughts'.?
    As the sun wraps her invisible arms around you to hold you.
    As the trees and flowers dance to your music you play inside.
    Come home, come to me..
    As I wrap my love around your painful silence.

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