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  • sanusan 2w

    पहला एहसास

    पहला एहसास सुना कई बार था
    मगर हुआ पहली बार है।

    कुछ कशमकश सी है
    जाने कैसी उलझन है
    क्या यह वही एहसास है
    जो सबसे खास है।

    यह मेरा बेवजह मुस्कुराना
    बिना बात की शर्माना
    क्या यही वो एहसास है
    जिसकी सबको तलाश है।

    पहले बहुत झगड़ती थी तुमसे
    पहले बहुत नफरत थी तुमसे
    पहले बहुत शिकायतें थी तुमसे
    मगर अभी बातें बदल सी गई हैं।

    जबसे तुम्हें जानने लगी हूं
    बस तुम्हारी और खिंची चली जा रही हूं
    क्या यही वो एहसास है
    जिसकी सबको प्यास है।

    पहला एहसास सुना कई बार था
    मगर हुआ पहली बार है।

  • sanusan 4w


  • sanusan 4w

    Once again happy birthday dazzu doll @dazzolis

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    Dazz shines like a blueberry
    Her cute smile is a strawberry
    My doll I love you cause you are my little dairy❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • sanusan 5w

    I saw you in the pure sunny morning
    The new hair style was daam...❤️
    The glory of your face speaks the truth
    The arrogance splits my anger.

    The days passed there was nothing
    One day I found you in different way
    That way brought a thousands of mestries
    Slowly started to broke those mestries
    To build a fine chemistry.

    It wasn't ease, but I didn't give up
    You where suffering from several
    Unknown facts , unknown nature
    Unknown creatures and unknown depths.

    I constantly been like child
    But your over behalf maturity locked
    The Kid inside me forever.

    I started realising that being good
    Is good till the limit but when it breaks
    The limits it breaks the heart.

    Every person has a age to get mature
    But for me u got the maturity
    When I was unaware of it.

    The certain parts of way
    Where daam difficult and different
    I lost my temper,I lost my self control
    I lost myself and I lost my relations.

    Each and every word of anger
    Used to piss me off
    My calm nature turned into horror show.

    There where certain situations
    When we both had lots of misunderstandings
    Enemies damped into it.

    Moron qualities improve the uncertainty
    Of each ladder.
    I was too depressed
    Anxiety took me in deep

    To be continued......

  • sanusan 7w

    Lost will lost you when u will lost urself

  • sanusan 8w

    @_villanio_ u have such a lovely bond with this app �� . Welcome back dambo .

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    . Umair. Miraquill

  • sanusan 8w

    No wonder how people would treat me
    No wonder how people would teach me
    I have always been good to them that's how I realise things may not be in our control but still hope is only gateway to find all the best possiblities.

  • sanusan 9w

    Happy Birthday yaara ❤️

  • sanusan 15w

    Maine zindagi khubsurat saye mai guzari hai choti dhoop mera kuch bigad sakti

  • sanusan 15w

    Sometimes you just need to be quite to listen jealousy and frustrated sounds which you where unaware of.