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  • sanyogita 76w

    The colours inside me are fading into oblivion.

  • sanyogita 98w

    The longing resting in my soul has been wandering on your doorstep,
    It has been peeping through the cracked windows of your house,
    The climber is dying and those orange flowers which used to be our favourite picture spot have been cut into tiny pieces,
    I am unable to figure out why did you use the scissor,
    Uprooting its existence was enough.

    The smell of your perfume is lingering near the bell which you bought from an exotic store,
    Why did you leave it there?
    It doesn't ring anymore
    It's broken just like me.

  • sanyogita 125w


    Damp rooftops witnessed the honey dipped tequila shots that we made,
    Stardust fell like rain,
    Every time you caress my cheeks
    my eyes sink in your eyes,
    And I can see a thousand sunsets together.

    My hands have given up on the sweater that I started making last winter,
    Sipping the skies and then craving for stars is my passion.

    Leaves crack when you murder them,
    Pool of memories which inhale my breaths are now feeding me to demons,
    I do not want that glass of wine
    I'm floating in its ocean.

    Concealing the stairways will not contain the autumn,
    I just hope that plain canvasses do not splatter the color,
    It will ruin the monochrome of my life.

    Every time you hold my hand,
    The distance between us suffocates and disappears into nothingness,
    The traces of your fragrance linger in my bones.

    Meet me before the fall and don't weave a betrayal dipped in honey,
    I would rather die in your arms.

    But if you still decide to leave,
    Don't forget to add poison in my morning coffee.

  • sanyogita 157w

    The sky turned from ochre to lavender,
    darkness and cold met that day,
    shreds blew in wind all along the way,
    lay me down and I'll crawl back to him, because I can't help but fall for the november rains,
    the carriage is waiting and the island is subject to strong tides today,
    I know it's difficult to hold the burning candle, but I want you to see how darkness looks in the light.

  • sanyogita 162w

    Cards in my drawer were shining victoriously today morning, they could dip my eyes in nostalgia again,

    Flowers preserved in the wine bottle were not paper cut, their originality pumped life in me,

    Candles that burned have fulfilled wishes that never rolled out of the palate, canvas was white, painting a rainbow all along with the mirror of our hearts,

    The sky was blue and the air whiffed our love to the unicorns, they passed the legacy to waters, every drop in the ocean trips on love and every ripple leaves an echo of our names,

    Leaves that fell down in autumn covered mosses and meadows, it made me feel winter and spring at the same time,

    Our hands played shadows with the light that caressed our legs and the window was open to curtain our night,

    And since that moment, I've loved none but you.

  • sanyogita 165w

    When every flower in the casket of my garden will wither, I'll call you to sow the seeds again,

    When every leaf will lose the green off its surface, I'll call you to shower some light,

    When orchids and lilies will make love, I'll call you to impart fragrance,

    When the moon will come out, I'll call out for my star to cover me under the vast sky,

    When the sunshine will knock on my window, I hope that the shadows falling behind us never leave hands,

    When rain will leave the clouds, I'll hope for their reunion, even if it is after hitting the rough ground.

  • sanyogita 166w

    We all bequeath ourselves to things which we seek as an escape.

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    In the silence of black
    I can hear the white screaming for a breath,

    In the noisy dreadful storm
    I can hear the clouds roaring for the lost blue,

    In the spring
    I can hear the fall of autumn,

    In the glitter of gold
    I can see iron and rust, their blood and life's thirst,

    In the chaos of life
    I can hear words screaming from the insides of a hidden envelope, the stamp stuck on it cries for some place,

    I can hear the lilies withering under her skin and I can see the wax dripping off her eyes as the memories within, cry hard for the dead petals.

  • sanyogita 166w

    I am nothing but a catastrophic island of possibilities, held between drowning and floating.

  • sanyogita 169w

    A tear tumbled down from the corner of my eyes onto a rose petal,
    It burned and that night, I was in fumes.

  • sanyogita 171w

    I thought I'm leaving a legacy behind as the keys fit in the lock leaving sand filled shells on an island of waves that held me a little longer before I touched the edge of rock bubble,

    Wrapped kisses in bedsheet will impart fragrance and my wet footsteps will still dance in your empty basement where rain immersed in us,

    Some shadows on the ceiling of my room ask me how can a reflection cast a name in the heart, how can fingers not hurt by weaving a noose for your own heart,

    They hurt, they bleed and then they repeat.