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  • sanyogita 189w

    I am painting a cry from the past into a rainbow of today, white canvas from the future awaits for a masterpiece.

  • sanyogita 192w

    If I could paint the sand red velvet, I would ask for colors from the sky and evidence from the rain.

  • sanyogita 197w

    Spring to autumn,
    Life to death.

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    Bougainvillea sprinkling white buds
    from the pink cusp
    falling in a spring melody
    and mahagony cut for the window
    of our house
    where I'm sitting right now
    and looking at the white dust in the sky
    they say it's you
    a burning star
    now pink cusp is falling like an autumn melancholy.

  • sanyogita 200w

    Fallen things often fall in our eyes.

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    Fallen twigs climbed the sea horse and crossed the lake,
    Fallen eyelashes climbed upto the eyes and crossed the heart.

  • sanyogita 201w

    Burned herself in dark,
    Unable to hear howling demons,
    There she died dead and dark.

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    I saw a tear drop on my mirror this evening,

    Sitting in front of the mirror I heard her screaming from the other side,
    Her eye sockets were glued to a pale face, she didn't blink her eyes even once.

    Vacantly looking into hollows of the past she sat just opposite to me,
    Her hair were decorated with weeds,
    And she was playing with wooden masks tied to ropes.

    She got up and tried fitting herself in a box
    Seemed as if she's creating a dungeon to sleep,
    And before shutting the lid of box she said I fear light too much and I can breathe only in dark, that's where demons don't howl.

    And suddenly there was darkness all over the mirror she went inside to give herself peace,

    But the tear stuck on mirror fell through my eyes .

  • sanyogita 204w

    Rags of time shall burn in that sun whose glory touched the raw. Amen.

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    When you won't give me anything to keep,
    I will bury you in me.

  • sanyogita 204w

    Walking barefoot on the ashes
    of blues we had
    ones which felt cold in summers.

  • sanyogita 205w

    Paint me a wish on the velvet sky
    Gradually the colors will elude from marine to grey,
    Paint me a wish on the sand
    It will merge with gravel,
    Paint me a wish on the water
    It will burst into ripples,
    Paint me a wish so that I can immortalize you in me.

  • sanyogita 208w

    White but red
    It was never a choice
    An oyster's life is not emblazoned with pearls after all.

  • sanyogita 209w

    In the cradle of nightmares
    You seem distant as I inch closer to death every second.