I can write for or on you. 27november A malyali's daughter!

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  • sapnapulikal 28w


    It's the favourite job,
    I run ,skip and hop
    Be it the night or the day
    He's my resume.

    It's wanted and it's pure
    It's the essence and the cure,
    Be it the night or the day
    He's my resume.

    It's straw and the pulp,
    It's law and the gulp
    Be it the night or the day
    He's my resume.

    He's my resume
    He's the runway
    He's mine
    Until the sun we see are nine.


  • sapnapulikal 29w


    Reading her was never the subject
    But she became one of it
    And the classes were enjoyed
    Been the favourite one
    Till being the everlasting one.
    It' was full of chapters
    Chapter's of love
    Chapter's of intimacy
    Chapter's of craziness
    Chapter's of sweetness
    Chapter's of beautiful moments
    Chapter's of being less bothered about others
    Chapter's of serenity by their gestures
    Chapter's of being strong for one another
    Chapter's of lies
    Chapter's of where love lies
    Chapter's of dreams
    Chapter's of their Affair.
    Words were like butter of him to her,
    Eyes were like radio of him for the announcement of his love,
    Hands were like the compass of his compassion for her,
    And kisses were the gifts of his heart for her.

    (From afar the love affair)


  • sapnapulikal 35w

    And I want to feel the heartbeats when I see him. I want the best way to treat him.I need his hands on me when I want to dance. I want my ears at him when he is describing his day.I want to see the most of his heart and none of his tears.

    I want to be the able's of his heart,
    And just all the fables he would never forget.
    Can turn the tables,if I want him near,
    Cut all the cables if he's not connected to me.


  • sapnapulikal 43w

    There's a reason
    why my heart aches,
    a beautiful scene
    and restless arms,
    his touch and kiss
    and my heart warms.

    Warms In every season
    the wines and cakes
    the room in silence
    the fragrance of two bodies
    nothing so soothing as such!
    © Sapnap ️

  • sapnapulikal 57w

    Unse Mohabbat kuch aisi Hai
    Ki Dil roye bhi toh gum Nahi
    Unse Mohabbat kuch aisi Hai
    Ki Dil roye bhi toh gum Nahi,
    Unke hum hai aur baaki saare Apne Nahi.


  • sapnapulikal 57w

    You are the reason
    of my heart's
    favourite season

    © Sapnap

  • sapnapulikal 57w

    Unhe dekhne se kabhi dil bharta Nahi
    Abhi toh vo sukoon kahi milta Nahi
    Unhe Dil humara dia Hai
    Aur unke pass Hai Kisi aur ka bhi!


  • sapnapulikal 62w

    Felt the need
    For the deed
    Meant the emotions
    Sent the emotions.

    Words were all
    That they had
    Confessed and
    Now they are glad.

    Such as them
    Will be none
    Thus they should
    Be the one,
    Who sails their relation-ship
    Till the end and the anchor
    If they use should be of love.


  • sapnapulikal 62w

    Keh dia tha..

    Kisse Sune honge tumne kai
    Par aisa nah suna hoga,
    Baatein krte krte
    Lafzon Ko bhi pata nah Chala
    Kab vo ek dagar se dusre gae
    Aur kab unhe jodna pada
    Ishq sunane.

    Raha bhi Nahi Gaya
    Aur Kaha bhi Nahi Gaya
    Par kehte kehte
    Keh bhi dia.

    Anjaan Nahi the anjaam se
    Par anjaan bane the
    Kaha vo the ,kaha Hum
    Par Kaha koi roke is Dil ko
    Hua Jo Hona tha inko.

    Waqt Kabhi thehra hi Nahi
    Par theher jaata ,
    Jab vo nah baat krte
    Toh peher Tham jata.

    Kabhi puchoge toh bataenge
    Pyaar ajeeb Nahi janaab
    Ajeeb hum the,
    Sitaron Ki khoj mein
    Chaand le Laute.
    Jahan Nishan srf baaton ka tha
    Waha ab Hai pyaar k mukhaute.


  • sapnapulikal 63w

    Unsung Love

    She heard it now
    When she met him
    That there's a man
    Who looks into her eyes
    And the pain flies.

    She felt it now
    When she met him
    That there's someone
    Who can hold her hand
    and to have a bond,
    tie the band.

    They never were supposed to
    But now that they are used to,
    They are in love or not
    But it's a beautiful shot.

    Sniffing love,
    Clipping hearts
    Pains are sliding,
    Joy is gliding.

    Both are not next to each other
    Unsung love is their favourite rather.

    He is the sugar to her tea
    And she can be honey if he wants her to be.