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  • sarbari_thinks 6w

    N O P H I L O S O P H I E S

    I want to write about more tangible stories

    Those which are closer to me

    Those I stumble upon everyday

    Which are countable

    Which I can actually feel without making an effort

    That would unravel my encounter with life

    Raw, so much so that it would make people shiver but, by the reality....

    Sophisticated efforts to make things right

    Realization before making mistakes


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  • sarbari_thinks 7w

    Quite sure, you would know
    Your touch feels like snow
    On my bare body

    You dimmed the light
    I felt fright
    For a second

    You came closer
    And I sensed closure
    Distanced your signature scent from me

    Things ending,
    where I expected, everything to begin
    Sighing away my consciousness

    You cupped my face
    Let my heart race
    For a bit

    Eyes have seen tragedy
    But this parody
    Of love

    I wanted escape
    With the last take
    Of hope

    You kept filling the gaps
    While I was taking naps
    In the afternoon

    While I was writing the words
    You were making my poetry,
    mean YOU


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  • sarbari_thinks 25w

    Even when you say,
    I did it,
    it just means that you've done
    what you were supposed to
    not what you intended to...


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  • sarbari_thinks 29w

    I thought not to write something soon,
    then YOU happened;
    I was going through a tough time,
    then YOU happened;
    I always wondered what is so
    fascinating about not existing?
    But then YOU happened.

    I have never known YOU
    but YOU stole my peace.

    While YOU were there
    unaware of the consequences,
    your whereabouts went missing.

    I always thought about easing the knots,
    releasing all the pain,
    giving myself away to an eternal void,
    but only until I came across the people who love me, and also the people who loved YOU.

    I can see your family in your backyard,
    trying their best to keep YOU with them, wanting YOU back.
    They all are ready to get away with YOU,
    only if that was in their hands.
    Knowing that ain't gonna happen they'd now only be surviving in a world YOU created for them where YOU don't exist.

    YOU left for the people, who weren't even yours.

    It's strange, how I didn't know YOU until you're not around anymore.

    I can see your flesh going with the flow,
    not caring about what others would do,
    not caring about a last goodbye,
    not caring about what you're leaving behind,
    or taking away.

    See, what you've become,
    a bitter-sweet memory?
    No! A haunting one, to be precise,
    that would cling on to those who loved YOU,
    until their last breath.

    I wish, YOU could take away the endless sufferings from these people.

    Did YOU just want to know,
    who would actually grieve and mourn for YOU?
    Who would care, even after YOU decided not to?
    See, there are enough of them, right in front of my eyes. Now what?


    #ceesreposts @writersnetwork @miraquill #wod #pod

    Narration inspired by the Netflix series "YOU"

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  • sarbari_thinks 30w

    What if, disobeying is just disagreeing

    What if, restrictions are just precautions

    What if, discouragement is just for the fear of the outcome

    What if, losing something is actually remembering it forever

    What if, leaving is just being distant

    What if, I cannot is just you do not intend to



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  • sarbari_thinks 30w

    What if the world ends tomorrow,
    will you be my fortitude?


  • sarbari_thinks 30w

    What if, it's just how we feel about it

    What if, there's nothing as "good or bad"

    What if, the good is just "okay"

    and the bad is "not so good"

    What if, "what went wrong"

    is something that didn't went according to you.

    What if, "everything is alright"

    is just "things under your control"

    What if, "you knowing everything"

    is just "everything knowing you"


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  • sarbari_thinks 31w

    If this makes sense..

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    When I say,
    I am back,
    I do not only mean
    what I said
    what you would make of it.


  • sarbari_thinks 41w

    Can't explain myself better

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    Feels like I'm stuck in time
    Ages after ages passing by

    I've surrounded myself
    With chant of tears
    vulnerable generosity
    sadistic laughs
    mocking ironies

    They let you breathe deep
    as they wrap you tight


  • sarbari_thinks 54w