Welcome to 2050. No Sarcasm Not a prince charming.

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  • sarcasticbong 4w

    Bong says death was never an answer neither there were any questions to answer. It's just you trying hard to fill the void with something that never existed. EC🤤

    #wod #moment
    \ Yuh shayar bane ki maut nasib na huie
    Ishq hame taakte rahi aur hum uske huya na kabhi. \

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    M O R G U E

    I killed myself at the young of the night. Not because I failed to love someone, or because the weight of thoughts were too heavy to carry the lane, neither was it because of the howling nights that kept me awake chained inside the Brazen bull as they burn my poems underneath it.

    I killed myself at the doorway of the fancy facade, not because I had lost the appetite for what it means to be being alive, or because the crowded room of laughter had been fallen quiet, neither was it because of the emotions that I used to wear like a suit which is of no use in a hunted house.

    I killed myself out of pure curiosity
    White odourless numb me laying astral self following the ambulance to the morgue, they are going to cut me up. Nothing new I suppose but, they are going to stitch me back this time, aren't they?

    Did they see the organ donor card poking out of my wallet? Is it of any use now? Will they help someone with my mournful eyes? I still have questions, I'm still curious, I'm still in pain.
    Why haven't I ceased to exist?


  • sarcasticbong 9w

    Bong says when the world seems boring, come read ‘Us’. It's not hope we can give but a charade to disappear for a while.

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    It's cold inside out
    Bare feet stuck to the ground
    Exhaling cloud like an exhausted dragon
    Broken pieces of gloomy thoughts circling
    Questioning the flaws of existence
    Silence had crippled the air around me.

    “What is that you desire?”
    A doobie in between the fingers
    Saturday night crying breeze passing by
    A Rocking-chair at the edge of the terrace
    Eyes numb, clouds over the head raining
    Babbling about philosophy, what a moron.
    ‘Desire is the root of suffering and a dead men has no desire’.

    Burning houses, no home to call mine
    Uncanny lies, Bong says time never flies
    I have touched love, yet I can't say how it feels
    Still searching for that muse,
    So I can write and sing about the love you keep talking about, under the bright moon.


  • sarcasticbong 10w

    #hyperbole #wod

    Hyperbole is the use of over-exaggeration to create emphasis or humor. It's not intended to be taken literally.

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    Sun melting crying aloud
    Watches me breaking apart
    Writing name on the moon
    Drunk on thy hyperbole aura
    I taste lies dipped in bourbon.


  • sarcasticbong 11w

    #todo #pod #wod
    Bong says He hasn't seen such terrible bullet points before. EC🤤

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    21st June / Saturday

    • Remind to rewind her playlist.
    • Carry faded love notes.
    • Scribble pain; don't cry.
    • Wash blood-stained bottle of Aberlour.
    • Call The Bong, talk for a while.
    • Fill the cookie jar; she could visit.
    • Burn the Polaroid; say no one.
    • Search yourself in a different sky.
    • Parallel flight; new kite; knotted soul.
    • Ask the night, not to leave.


  • sarcasticbong 12w

    A C M E

    Words are frauds
    You, me, they, them all we
    Lost under the same tree.


  • sarcasticbong 12w

    Bong says, love for death is a weird thing are you sure a Human?
    #simile #wod

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    E D G E

    Skyscrapers calling me
    like their lost lover,
    Every time we meet
    they push me to the edge
    It's me falling for Death.


  • sarcasticbong 12w

    #writersblock #end
    Bong says, Added a line in a parallel time.

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    The pain didn’t wash away
    Standing still in the rain
    Trying to cry out all the pain
    That hold you so near
    Memories crystal clear
    The bus rides, the seaside
    The view bright and you by my side
    I can't forget.

    // What if, I could rhyme
    You with me,
    How beautiful it could be. \\
    I can't, can't be a poet\


  • sarcasticbong 12w


    Flower-o-flower, how you bloom!
    Shining bright under the moon
    Sorry for taking your beauty with me
    She lays in the grave calling for me.


  • sarcasticbong 13w

    Bong says I can’t brag, I still have a few lags.
    Celestial Vibe #18

    // The Celestial Vibe, we belong to the facade tribe, where monkeys fly in the sky, fluffy clouds over and over again cried,
    It's a journey of the multiverse ride where I 
    Play all these fictitious lives, their principals are different their earth rotates anti-clockwise
    No tide, their moon got frostbite tilted slight,
    they are drunk on emotions and talk about unimagined creations.\ 


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    Stuck on a loop hammered brain, 
    Bong calling out his other-self.

    Raccoon the Nuisance fate did you pour me the caffeine formulate?

    “Oh, No Sir, I have been working in rounds, taking some pauses, walking some roses,
    Feeding some lies, killing some whys,
    Falling not climbing, thinking not speaking.
    Is this a priming, I don't call it rhyming
    Yet readers are rereading the lines, maybe some hidden answers arise. 

    Stop your blabber, you Raccoon chatter
    You make no sense amateur, my brain rejects the priming like a Built-in poison detector, I am speaking to you are you here, have an ear made any sense clear? 

    “Oh, No Sir, Ears make no sense
    Air is noisy humans are skeevy, 
    Barking cars drooling pockets so heavy,
    Talking crickets asking tickets weird anomaly,
    Raining words aching caskets alive barely,
    Walking cupboards firing bullets brutally.“ 

    My brain went dizzy you Raccoon pygmy,
    Can't you give a cautionary, people here are butterfly evolutionary prissy, stop hiding the words they can't read if you remove the Clause, you got me thinking those lines are chilling, that empty feeling.


  • sarcasticbong 14w

    Bong says, write a song don't feed people things wrong. #wod #combination EC🤤

    Set A - Emotions, Words
    Set B - poetry is my last hope
    If my poems doesn't rhyme

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    R H Y ME

    If my poem doesn't rhyme
    If my words leaves without a chime
    Tell me, I will get you back in time
    Where my poems are seasoned with thyme
    That keeps you in a loop of methamphetamine.

    Every line stuck so hard, lighting strike
    People scratching heads
    Glittering eyes in search of metaphor threads
    It's okay calm down,
    just read the feed clean the greed.

    Poetry is my last hope
    Better than the hanging rope
    My emotions are tightrope
    People performing acrobat lope.