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  • savio121 6w

    Missing You

    Yeah I'm Missing You....Don't Know How to say It
    Coz Showing the Side of me Makes them think I'm weak for you
    It's Rather Not the reason to be Afraid About Loosing To you
    It's Something that Makes Me Genuine And stronger through

    From Concentrating On Games
    Cutting Calls That Came through
    To Concentrating On People
    By Stopping those same apps In order to talk to you

    Waiting Everyday For The Text On Socials
    Wishing that There were such powers
    Could we wait more time and Chat with Each Other
    And Having In a Day more Than 24 Hours

    Sneaking at The Notification Bar
    These Eyes Search For A reason to Get wet
    The Text received when it is sent by you
    Eagerly Texting back As Everything is Nicely Set

    Yeah I'm Missing You. Don't know why
    I Know That Your As Busy as A Fly
    But Since you always Text me back
    The Hearts Content Right up Till the Sky

  • savio121 8w


    The Last Moment of everything Memorable in your life
    Does it have to be heart bending?
    Come to and end when we don't want it to
    Leaving us sad with such an ending!

    The true and Happy Instincts
    Out of the heart so True
    Making you feel like weeping as you think back
    On how each moment slowly and happily grew.

    But as this Special Moments come to pass
    During all the time left behind by us
    Reminiscing back on the people that made these happen
    Clog the mind and leave us with tears

    With these Memories that Will always be special to each of us
    Will be held in a place no one can erase
    We know the type of people who we can trust
    No matter what type of mask they put on their face

  • savio121 9w

    A wonderful evening

    When The Sun Sets slowly
    Getting Darker Hour By Hour
    And you can see the Sky shifting Colours
    The Clouds Disappearing and Birds Flying Afar

    The Wind Changing Patterns
    The Trees Swaying Away
    The Mild Dust Swirling In Patterns on the ground
    Like Designs Of Black And Grey

    The Orange Yellow Sky
    Silver Lining On the Clouds
    The Birds chirping in the Skies
    And Insects Humming In the Grass on the Ground

    What a Beautiful Evening it is
    When Everyone's Work is Done
    Going Home Happily After
    After Toiling All Day In the Sun

    Getting Darker By The Hour
    It's Dark and everyone Calls it A Night
    Everyone Happy At the End of the Day
    Wondering What The Next evening Bring Might

  • savio121 10w


    What is Silence as we know it?
    Is it the stillness of the breeze?
    Or is it that feeling which makes us long for people
    when we are sad and when we're in need?
    What's Silence When You feel Like hell
    Broken and Going through Pain?
    Or How Your Heart feels When your The Utmost Happy
    And Go and Get wet in the Rain
    What's Silence As You all say?
    Is It A Day Where Everything is Quite
    How Your Head Feels sad after a long day
    And How You Feel after Sleeping Peacefully Through the Night
    That Time where your not Getting uneasy
    On everything That's Making you High or Low
    That's The Thing We Call Silence
    Coz it's Special And helps You Grow

  • savio121 10w

    That Special Person

    Have you ever fallen for someone
    Not just Beutiful in looks but in something more than words could ever describe ,not now ,not ever
    Having Long talks With that particular Being on any topic ...
    Even if it's Intuitive or you??
    That Very amazing and Wonderful Laughter Just by Some Funny Vibes or Nostalgic Memories...
    Even In that Moment You Forget Utterly everything And Just Have that secretive smile- On your face....Coz you know that Beutiful Sound of their laughter Means Nothing more than anything In the world at that very moment..
    And you would totally kill to have the Best Talks With ....Even if it allows you to Make yourself small in their Eyes...
    There's Nothing More When I say I wish there were more then 24 hours in a day....where we could just talk and talk without looking Out at the sky saying I'm Gonna Go Now....Good night and stuff..
    But Even Tho those few hours of talking can never ever be the one thing you always wanted...but the one thing you need just to be yourself..

    Enjoy the Moment at its best ...
    Coz everything Has to end In order to rest..


  • savio121 10w

    That Vibe

    Do you feel that Vibe At The Start of the day?
    Or at the end of The Night???
    Or Anytime During Your Happy Hours
    Or When Your Sad and in fright..

    Don't you feel thet Special Feeling when it's way to early
    Or All the way too late?
    Doesn't Matter when it gets kicked in...
    As Long as it makes you feel great..

    And I end This Poem Not so eagerly
    As when I would Like to write...
    Coz writing Things make me feel happy
    Even tho I'm striding with strife...

  • savio121 43w


    Why is That The Ones Who are close to you always matter how good they are will find a way to make you sad...either Intentionally or unintentionally...But Have You ever come across a Stranger.. in you life?

    You May Have met that particular person anywhere....But I would say social media or party or many other instances ...But have you?

    That Stranger may not know who you are .. where your from?..
    What you like...what you do ....and Many other what's . ..
    But He will always try to find his answers in a very loving chatting Nicely....with you..........
    The best thing about these people are that they'll never put you down...even if you think they are creepy people..they are not...give them a chance... And you'll be happy for coming across this person.
    I'm Not saying Strangers are always good...Some Are wierd...but I guarantee you that once you get to know him and he gets to know you ..oh ..You'll be in a different Position to him and him to you once you'll open up slowly and mildly to each other...

    So....Have you found your lovely stranger today?..
    If not don't worry...He or she will message you shortly......

  • savio121 43w

    When It's Warm On A Hot Day ��

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    The Hot Day

    The Day so Hot and Warm Today..
    Miss The breeze so warm and Fresh...
    Got Up to see the day so bright...
    With sweat all in my flesh...

    The Fan Is On But It feels as Though.
    It's circulating the warm air....
    Now I feel Like Having A bath...
    So I feel cool because of my Hair...

    But the day Oh so Bright That it is...
    Gives you the one thing you need...
    You feel everything around you slow...
    As the thoughts move in speed...


  • savio121 44w

    For That someone special you girls have in your heart...

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    Someone Special with a Charm.

    My boyfriend has a special skill ...
    That no one else can possess....
    It's nothing else then his charm...
    He's face so loving and fresh.....

    He's charm will make you fall in love...
    Once You see his pictures clicked...
    Oh But Oh When I saw he's picture...
    The Heart out of my body Flicked...

    Now that his charm is mine to keep ..
    I'll keep it safe and sound....
    For like him there is no other person...
    In this world for me to be found...

  • savio121 44w


    Take a couple of minutes to just sit down....n listen
    Dea teenage girls
    Check in,in what your feeling at the present moment.
    I know that life can seem so dark at times that its almost too hard to find the light.
    I know that u can feel so lost and so confused that you feel as though you are the only person living on this planet...well this is me telling you that you are not.
    Your not the only person whose insecurities haven't turned into perfections yet....your not the only one who is constantly worried about not showing your true self to others ....your not the only one who spends hours a day critiquing her body in the aren't the only one who feels lost....TIME HEALS ...
    Let it be ...its OK to not have everything perfected .its OK to feels like you are alone,even if you are not....BREATHE ....thus life can take us miles,but can also take us millimeters,which road would you take?at the end of the day boys,teachers,friends or(sigh)"friends" won't matter.