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  • sayan251 8w


    মনটা দিলাম তোমার হাতে,
    যত্ন করে রেখো।
    হ্রদয় মাঝে ছুট্ট করে
    আমার ছবি একো।
    স্বপ্নগুলো দিলাম তাতে
    আর ও দিলাম আশা।
    স্বপ্নের মতো সাজিয়ে
    নিও আমার ভালবাসা।

    স্বপ্ন আমার নীল আকাশে উড়ে,
    আজ গান বেধেছি তোমার দেয়া সূরে।
    জানি আমি তুমি এখন অনেক খানি দূরে,
    তবুও তুমি আছো আমার অন্তর জুড়ে।

    ভালোাবাসা বাগানের ঝরে যাওয়া ফুল,
    আর, ভালোবাসি মেঘলা নদীর কুল।
    ভালোবাসি উড়ন্ত এক ঝাঁক পাখি,
    আর, ভালোবাসি তোমার ওই দুই নয়নের আঁখি।

    রূপকথার রানী তুমি
    ২ নয়নের আলো
    সারা জীবন এমনি করে
    বেসে যাব ভালো।
    তুমি আমার জীবন মরণ,
    আমার জীবন সাথী
    তোমায় ছেড়ে একলা
    বল কেমন করে থাকি?

    ভালোবাশি ভালোবাশি ভালোবাশি !!!


  • sayan251 92w

    Just Saying..❤

    Na Haro Housla Zindegi Mae Kabhi

    Humne Footpath Mae Sone Wale Ko
    Yaha Mannat Basate Dekha Hai♡

  • sayan251 101w


    I had long way to go,
    There was nothing I owe.

    The journey of my life
    To achieve the goal, to survive.

    Trees are planted by the people,
    Which has roots of discourage and leaves of evil.

    In the journey I found a river,
    Of my mistakes, which always trigger.

    It wasn't the complication to my journey overall
    The chief problem was the WALL.

    The WALL of fear.
    It was Towering, well built so that no one could bare.

    I perceive that the WALL has no existence in the real world.
    I hunt the origin of the WALL, but I found no where except in my imaginary world.

    I climb the WALL, and saw world behind the WALL.
    As soon as I entered the world behind the WALL,

    Wow! I realize how strong I am, I can achieve my goal,
    Because I saw MAGIC BEHIND THE WALL.

  • sayan251 102w

    Just Saying(2)...

    Sometimes the
    people you
    wanted as a part
    of your story are
    only meant to be
    a chapter

  • sayan251 102w

    Just Saying(1)☻

    Learn Who's Gold
    Who's Simply Gold Plated


  • sayan251 102w

    Journey Of Pawn To Queen♟️

    He said it's just a pawn
    It's ok if it will be gone
    But only in the end
    Did he discover what it meant

    Just like you'll never realize the value of "SoMeOnE"
    Not until you'll discover that they're gone
    But dear, there are no takebacks
    You should had thought about that perhaps

    Sacrifices are waiting to be made
    Only if you're unafraid
    Make sure you think clever
    Or else you'll regret forever

    It's good to remember
    That you don't have forever
    You could lose by timeout
    In case you're full of doubt

  • sayan251 103w


    Yesterday Night
    When I was sitting in my terrace
    adoring the beauty of the moon,
    A gentle zephyr touched my face
    and all your old memories flashed back
    and left me in tears.

  • sayan251 104w


    In the scorching heat of summer 2020
    Nature had so many surprises in her kitty
    Worst hit cyclone maybe after Orissa 2019
    City of Joy teared apart during quarantine

    Trying to cater two disasters at a time
    Nature paints the town red like a meme
    The monstrous wind play it's part
    City gets severely hurt
    Falling like a house of cards

    Proud trees and poles uprooted easily
    Poor searching for a home readily
    Scale of destruction is magnanimous
    Will central and state finally join hands?

    Today we surrender to nature's wrath
    Helping people to reclaim their worth
    Disaster unites a nation during crisis
    Like Phoenix arises from it's ashes
    Bengal will rise again through this debris

  • sayan251 104w


    In summer autumn winter rain,
    You and your dearest sharing the pain.
    Jokes giggles care love in the family,
    When it is the only reality.
    Money is not the tool to get peace,
    Hug of mom is ready
    when you are at your least.
    Siblings sharing the secret,
    Father been the loveliest.
    When you can heart out yourself to friends,
    Without any doubt of getting drained.
    Oh humans, when this is actuality,
    Your mind will be at tranquility
    Your heart sings songs of bliss,
    And your soul is free of glitch.
    That's how heaven feels like.

  • sayan251 104w

    Kya Fayda

    Kya Fayda Aisi Izzat Ka
    Kya Fayda Aisi Muskan Ka
    Jo Dil Ki Bat Nahi Keh Sake
    Dil Hi Dil Mae Ladd Keh
    Zindagi Se Hargaye

    Farak Nahi Padhta Hoga Kisiko
    Shayad Yeh Sochke
    Mann Hi Mann Se Haargaye

    Kya Pata, Baatein Apne Keh Ke Toh Dekhte
    Kya Pata, Aakhir Zahir Karke Toh Dekhte
    Waqt Bura Hoga Shayad
    Taal Bhi Zaroor Jana Tha

    Gehri Soch Hai Yeh
    Sabak Bhi Hai
    Khush Raho
    Khush Rakho
    Suno Uski Baatein
    Waqt Rehte Bat Karo
    Kya Pata Apki Ak Koshish
    Kisi Ko Apne Mae Jeena Sikha Jaye
    Kisiko Apno Ke Beech
    Apnapan Mehsoos Karajaye